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15 Minutes?


By Chris Carr


Jan, 2015












Taking a seat on an overturned bucket, Victor was looking forward to a well-deserved break. Extracting the blunt from his front pocket he lit it, the acrid odor sweet to his nostrils. Contently puffing, he wasn’t even concerned when a few ashes dropped onto his blue uniform. Fuck ‘em, he snorted, puffing again.

Just as he started feeling ‘tight’ there was a rap at the door. Got dammit, who the fuck was bothering him now? Looking towards the door he didn’t move. The sweet smell of his blunt mixing with cleaning fluids and wet mops, this was as good as it gets.

The knock repeating, it seemed more urgent now.

“Who is it?” Victor called in a gruff voice. When he didn’t hear anything, he became irked. Probably that old lady in 213, he griped, wiping the ashes off his pants as he stood. Dumb old bitch can’t keep a drain clear to save her life, he bitched, opening the door.

A goofy-faced kid greeting him, Victor was incensed. Before he could snap at him, the kid spouted,

“Smoke that.” Confused, Victor’s head cocked to the side.


“Com’on man, smoke that,” the baby-faced kid said. Finally understanding, Victor returned,

“Boy, you ain’t even old enough to smoke cigarettes!” Pushing the door closed the kid slid past it, his slim body easily clearing. Turning to face him, he gave him a silly smirk.

“I’m cool,” He asserted, looking around for Victor’s blunt. Amazed at his spunk, Victor was flushed with a rush of emotions. Anger, indignation and beneath it all, morbid curiosity. The boy before him undeniably attractive, old temptations surfaced. Before he could reel them in, he’d moved past his captivating eyes and inviting lips to peruse his inviting physique. No, he couldn’t do this!

“Boy, I ain’t going to jail for letting yo li’l ass smoke that!”

“Do it all the time. Com’on, just lemme hit it a coupla times.”

He’d seen some pot-head friends feening but never a kid. Assaulted with innumerable possibilities, Victor looked at his blunt then the smug-faced kid. Handing it to him he asserted,

“Just this one time.” His face lighting up, the kid was practically dancing as Victor lit his blunt once more. His eyes dancing, he watched as he took a toke then passed it to him.

“What’s yo’ name?” Victor said, talking around a cloud of smoke. Holding his breath the kid returned,


“Well listen, Ko-ron. You better not tell nobody…” Waving his hands Corahn assured him he was cool with his gesture, his lungs too full of smoke to talk.

Smoking the blunt down to a nub, they said nothing, Corahn solely focused on it, like some kind of junky. As they passed it back and forth, Victor found himself appraising the boy once more. He’d seen him about the building, coming home from school and a couple of times up in some girl’s face. His past holding him in check, he’d purposely avoided observing the kids about the building. He’d got this job on a prayer and didn’t need any trouble.

His eyes traveling over the attractive youth, he couldn’t help it though. Corahn’s eyes a stunning hazel-green they were unusually attractive in this environment. A bit short for his age, he was nevertheless well-developed, his musculature apparent beneath his loose clothing. A light, caramel-brown, he was drawn to his inviting lips as he sucked on the blunt. Full and pink, Victor felt a rush gazing at them.

“Ok, time for me to get back to work,” He ejected, snatching the nub back. His lips suddenly vacant, Victor felt a bigger rush as he sucked at the thin air. Waving his hand about to rid the room of the smoke, Victor finally opened the door.

“See ya,” He said, pushing the obviously high youth out the door. Grabbing his bucket and mop he rushed to finish his work, thinking he’d seen the last of the bright-eyed kid.




All Victor wants is a good smoke in peace...




He was pushing his trash can about the grounds a few days later, picking up litter, when Corahn rounded a corner. Spying him, Victor rushed off, the boy hot in pursuit. No, no, he couldn’t do this!!

Making his way towards the parking garage in back of the building he couldn’t believe the dumb-assed kid was still following him. Slamming the door in his face, he headed for the utility room in back of the building. As he fumbled with his key, Corahn sidled up to him, a smug smirk on his face.


“Sup?” Victor returned, quickly adding, “I ain’t got none, shawty.” Opening the door to the utility room, he was shocked when the agile kid slithered past him inside once more. Greeting him with that smug smirk, he looked almost defiant.

“What’re you doing?! I told you, I’m fresh out, shawty.” Crestfallen, the kid didn’t leave. Frozen in place his face was so sad Victor almost felt sorry for him. Considering the risks, however, he couldn’t let his feelings get the better of him.

“Got work to do,” He said, reaching from a handful of towels and cleaning solutions. Tossing them into his caddy, he was about to leave when Corahn asked,

“So when?” His face expectant, Victor wanted to smack him on his rosy lips. Images of their lips meeting, he reeled. Shaking his head, he approached the alluring youth and spouted,

“Thought we said just one time?”

“Aw, com’on, I know you got some,” Corahn pleaded. Standing close, Victor couldn’t believe he was contemplating letting the little moocher have another round.

“Just one more time, k?” Corahn said, pulling on his uniform. 




Corahn a nuisance, he needs a solution




The next time he started begging, Victor was unrelenting. “No,” He said, walking off.

“Com’on V, thought we was coo’,” Corahn said, following him. Turning, Victor snarled,

“I told you, shit don’t grow on trees.”


Walking off, he picked up trash, en-route to the utility room. An ex-con, he’d barely landed this job, the super reluctantly granting him the position in the old dilapidated building. 79 units and an old, rundown courtyard, the website promised a renovation that hadn’t materialized in the last year. Still, in anticipation of that renovation they’d hired him. Whatever the status, Victor needed the job and wasn’t about to fuck it up over some dopey-faced kid.

He was about to open the utility room door when he heard footsteps behind him. You’ve got to be kidding?!! Spinning around, he came face to face with Corahn.

“Are you serious?!”

“You got some, huh?” There was no doubting it, the kid was of one mind. Opening the door, Victor snatched him by the lapels, flinging him inside. Heart thundering, he wanted to make himself clear.

“Whether I got some or not, ain’t the issue,” He started. “The issue is, this shit ain’t cheap. What you gonna bring, nigga? Or do you think I’m supposed to just give you my shit?”

Arrested, Corahn said nothing. “Told you, it’s too big a risk, lettin’ yo moochin’ ass smoke with me, anyway.” His countenance falling, Corahn looked truly defeated. Got-dam, why’d he have to be so fucking cute? Heart pounding, old urges surfaced, making him weak. Walking away, he mumbled under his breath shaking his head.

“Ain’t got shit, except…” Stopping short, his heart fluttered, images surfacing. Head still down, all Corahn wanted was another hit of his primo bud. Desperate, he was an unwitting victim, willing to do almost anything.

“Except what?” Surprised he’d heard him, Victor looked up.

“Huh? Nothing?” He muttered.

“Except what?”  Corahn repeated.

Entranced by his angelic face Victor couldn’t resist. Approaching him he casually inquired,

“Ever heard of a ‘flash shot’?” Shaking his head, Corahn returned,

“What’s that?”

“I think ya’ll call it a ‘thirst trap’?” Flushed, Corahn blinked. He hadn’t anticipated this, however, his fix at bay, he was willing to consider almost anything. Almost.

“Ok, and?” Taken aback, Victor paused, a surge passing over his midsection. Aw hell, if we’re talking him flashing his cute little… Swooning, he closed his eyes, shutting the image out.

“Yeah, never mind,” He muttered, trying desperately to back away from the fire. Walking to a shelf he started gathering cleaning products. He needed to start on that recently vacated unit.

“You talking about like this?” The voice behind him unsteady, Victor was reluctant to turn around. But his curiosity getting the better of him, he slowly looked over his shoulder, immediately closing his eyes when he saw what Corahn was doing.

Shirt tucked beneath his chin, he’d lowered his sagging pants and briefs to reveal a clear patch of smooth, muscular stomach and the beginning of his pubic hair. While simplistic and hasty, Corahn’s little demonstration was nevertheless powerful. In an instant Victor was viewing something he would’ve gladly paid for, Corahn freely granting him it instead.

“Yeah,” He croaked, turning to face the boy. Unabashed, Corahn faced him, shirt held aloft, his body exposed from his budding boy nipples down to his alluring, curly pubic hairs. Despite all his efforts to avoid sexualizing any of the boys in his building, Victor often slipped, stealing glances and prolonged stares when he felt no one was watching. Corahn almost impossible to resist, he often fell prey to him. Well hell, who wouldn’t? With that cute, baby face and sexy body, even straight guys would’ve been gawking.

Those times he’d spied him, head down, face in his phone, Victor always felt flushed. Just those hasty glimpses enough to ignite a month’s worth of fantasies, it was like he didn’t exist to the self-absorbed youth. Still, every time he passed, Victor would toss him a nod, the boy never noticing. And then the conflict would begin.

Knowing darn well he’d lose, Victor would fight the urge to glance over his shoulder as the boy walked away. Pants sagging, he’d get an eyeful of hot, teen ass, Corahn’s tight briefs detailing every curve and jiggle, right down to the fold between his luscious cheeks. Sometimes Victor almost ran into things, looking back. And while he was thrilled to no end Corahn had granted him a ‘thirst trap’ so soon, if he was honest, he’d rather it’d been his saucy, round ass!



“Gonna take the picture or not?” Heart racing, Victor was still dumbstruck. Finally moving, he reached for his phone, holding it towards the boy. Striking a pose, Corahn lifted his shirt higher as he flashed a couple of pictures.

“We cool?” He said, lowering his shirt. Caught up, Victor had forgotten about his suggestion. Just that small glimpse of Corahn’s body had rattled his senses.

“What, you think that’s enough to get my shit?” He leered, putting his phone away. His face dropping, Corahn looked angry. “Nigga, you know how much one once of this shit cost?” Stepping towards him, Victor held up the packet of primo bud. “More than a picture of your scrawny butt!”

“But you said…”

“What? I said what Corahn?” The fired ignited, Victor could’ve ripped his clothes off and flung him over a shelf right there. Eyes beaming, he openly gazed at his sexy form. Watching him, Corahn should’ve been scared off. Instead he snapped,

“Man, that’s fucked up.” Moving closer, Victor was swooning, his libido on fire. Fighting his urges, instead he offered,

“You wanna deal?”

“Huh?” Right before him, Victor breathed,

“You got your wants and I got mine. So let’s deal.” Silent, Corahn blinked.

“O…k?” Irked, Victor rolled his eyes.

“Damn nigga, you can’t be that...” Stopping short of calling him stupid, he continued, “Ok, guess I gotta spell it out for you, huh?” Nodding, Corahn blinked his hazel-green eyes again. Accepting he wasn’t going away until he got what he wanted, Victor finally submitted,

“15 minutes.”

“Huh?” Shaking his head Victor spouted,

“Never mind.”

“No, tell me,” Corahn said, those puppy-dog eyes arresting. Hoping to give himself an exit, Victor blasted,

“Listen, you got some money or not?” Deer in the headlights, Corahn said nothing. “So you ain’t got nothing? Nothing to put on this?” Holding up the packet again, Victor watched as he lit up.

“I can ask my mom…”

“Never mind,” Victor said, heading for the door.  

“15 minutes for what?” Corahn called, desperate. Pausing, his better mind warned him to stop. But like a train barreling down the tracks, he couldn’t prevent the approaching collision.

“It’ll just get me in more trouble,” He offered, his dick throbbing.

“But we’ll be coo’?” Corahn persisted. He can’t be that dumb, Victor thought, turning to face his innocent face.

“Yeah, I guess.”

K…?” Taking a huge breath, Victor let it out in a trembling exhalation. Here goes nothing.

“Bet you can’t last 15 minutes.” Confused, Corahn returned,

K?” Maybe he was that dumb? “And if I do?” Maybe he wasn’t?  

“We’ll see if you can last first. Open your pants.” His beautiful eyes widening, Corahn looked like he might bolt. Aw shit, he was that dumb! “Aw, com’on nigga, what’d you think I was talking about?” Stuttering, Corahn blinked.

“I… I…” That spooked look still behind his eyes, he blinked again.

“Never... mind,” Victor roared, walking decisively towards the door. He was about to open it when Corahn reached for his pants.

“Lock that,” He muttered, unfastening them. Aw shit. Heart thundering, Victor still wasn’t certain the kid knew what was up. Just the idea he’d get a glimpse of his bounding boy wonder too much to pass up, he clumsily locked the door, his eyes still on the kid.

“Now what?” He said, his pants unzipped.

“Now… you take it out.” Eyes widening again, at least this time he didn’t look like he’d bolt. God, this kid was really some kind of stupid.


“You see if you can last 15 minutes,” Victor said, kneeling before him. The full impact of what he meant finally hitting him, Corahn struggled with conflicting thoughts. Victor on his knees in front of him, there was no doubt what he meant. Although he’d never done anything like that before, at least, not with a dude, he couldn’t believe he was actually considering it.

“Com’on kid, it’s just 15 minutes,” Victor tempted, reaching towards his briefs. Taking a step back, Corahn looked down, eyes wide. Raising his hands, Victor gave him a ‘no problem’ gesture. Pushing up off the floor, he was almost standing when Corahn stepped back towards him. Nervously lifting his shirt he pulled it above his groin... 




A bargain struck, things progress...




“What’re you saying? You’re going to do it for me?” Victor insisted. Hunching his shoulders, Corahn’s heart thundered in his ears. What was he doing?

“No backing out though nigga,” Victor said, approaching the skittish youth.

“No, don’t you back out,” He insisted, standing his ground.

“I’m good for it,” Victor smirked, opening his pants. Shocked, he couldn’t believe the sudden turn of events. Waiting for the other shoe to fall, he fully expected the boy to bolt at any minute, his eyebrows knitted together, his breathing shallow.

Pushing his boxers below his balls, Victor was in a near daze as his dick popped forward, rapidly swelling before the innocent teen’s face. His eyebrows rising, Corahn was taken aback at the size of the man’s dick. Like the guys he often envied in the locker room, Victor’s dick was well beyond average. Afraid he’d bitten off more than he could swallow (literally), he looked up at him, heart loudly pounding as he nervously reached for his near erect man-pole.

“You sure?” He croaked, taking the standpipe in his hand.

“Put that on everything,” Victor promised, his heart pounding just as loud.

Gulping, Corahn nervously pulled Victor’s upright fence-post down, towards his trembling lips. Blinking at the weeping pee-hole he couldn’t believe he was trying something so desperate himself. The things you do for that good-good, he thought, slowly opening his mouth.

His tongue recoiling, he glanced up at Victor once more. ‘Go ahead’, his eyes said, patiently waiting and then, suddenly closing. Shuddering, Victor still couldn’t believe it. He’d seen niggas do some strange things to get their high but this was unbelievable. That cocky nigga he’d drooled over had his mouth around his throbbing inches.

Wet and warm, it was like a wet glove about his excited length. But after a while it dawned on him, Corahn wasn’t doing anything else. His mouth locked around his inches, he wasn’t moving, swirling or licking at his dick. Slowly opening his eyes, Victor looked quizzically down at him.

Cheeks bulging, he held Victor’s dick inside his mouth, his eyes staring at it. “Gotta do better than that,” Victor instructed. Glancing up at him, Corahn knew he needed to do what Victor had did to him, he just wasn’t there yet. Heart pitter-pattering, twice he’d come close to snatching off and running away. Each time he’d think of that primo bud, however, and he’d gain new courage.

With another gulp he eventually started moving, eyes glued to the far wall. Awkwardly sliding his mouth back and forth, his brain screamed ‘suckin’ dick’! Closing his eyes, he paused, his lips trembling as he glanced up. Beatified, Victor was in heaven. His dick throbbing with each downward thrust he’d gasp, the idea Corahn was sucking his dick almost enough to make him blast.  

Opening his eyes, he took it all in. Perched on the upturned bucket, his smooth legs were exposed beneath his shorts. Wondering how he hadn’t noticed before Victor drooled at his flawless skin, the boy’s shorts creeping up his idle legs. Resisting the urge to caress them, Victor followed them up from his worn tennis, over his smooth calves, up his thighs and continued in his imagination to where they met. Would be so nice if he was jacking off while he did this, he thought, his dick swelling in the boy’s mouth.

Distracted, he noticed that, while he was moving back and forth, Corahn wasn’t really sucking. Staring at the boy, he crossed his arms. Really? His face said. Rolling his eyes, Corahn paused, his heart racing. Pulling off, he looked up at him. This nigga really expected him to suck him off? As if answering his question, Victor detailed,

“You want this…” Holding up the tempting bag of pot, he taunted, “Gotta do what I did,” pushing his dick at the boy’s sweet lips. Pulling back, it all hit him. His eyes suddenly watering, he blinked, trying to clear them.

“Ain’t no faggot,” He griped, glancing up at him.

“Ok, fine then,” Victor taunted, moving to pull away. Corahn’s head dropping, he knew he was a straight pot-head when he leaned forward, pulling his growth back towards his tender mouth. 



Just when Victor thought it was over, the unbelievable happens...



“15 minutes?” Exacerbated, Victor turned. Greeted with a vision of beauty that stilled his heart he was immediately arrested.

“Huh?” He stuttered, dumbstruck.

“15 minutes?” Looking around, Victor insured they weren’t being watched.

“Com’ere,” He said, leading the kid towards the remote utility room. Closing the door behind them, his heart skipped beats when he faced him once more.

“Where’d you hear that?”


“Ray-shawn? Who’s Ray-shawn?” Blinking the kid hunched his shoulders.

“I think he stay in 302.” The boy’s answers useless, Victor couldn’t take his eyes off him. Were there ever a kid he’d take a risk for, this boy fit the bill! His hair naturally curly, he had an innocent, clueless looking face. Gangly and younger looking than Corahn, he was a beautiful reddish-brown, his skin flawlessly smooth. With inquisitive eyes and a smattering of peach fuzz above his juicy lips, Victor saw himself ramming his tongue down the lovely boy’s throat.

“What’s… what’s ’15 minutes’ mean?”

“Some smokes?”

“That what they told you?” Nodding the kid returned,

“They said, you last 15 minutes and you get some primo smokes.” Stepping towards the naďve kid, Victor said,

“Last 15 minutes?” Nodding, the boy looked hopeful. Wondering if that was all he knew, Victor wondered what the scuttlebutt was about the apartment. Had the true meaning been lost in translation or was this kid simply uniformed?

“Well, you ready?” He taunted, waiting to see what he’d do. Eyes staring at him, the kid blinked for some time. Eventually Victor came to accept he had no idea what it meant.

“Gone, kid,” He shooed, walking for the door.


“But, nothing.” Reaching for the doorknob he felt the kid tap him on the shoulder.

“15 minutes, right?” His pants open, the boy’s dick was well on its way to a roaring erection. His eyes widening, Victor’d never seen such an incredible sight. His arrow-like boy wonder shooting straight up from his pants, the shaft was smooth as a baby’s bottom, the head an angry knob. Without thinking he fell before the sweet angel, swooping on his eager offering...




While the new development is tempting, Victor searches for Corahn, irked he'd apparently blabbed about their fun! Determined to make him pay, the cocky youth's ass is on the line. 




“Hey V, I’m sorry for causing you trouble. I was high as fuck and I must’ve told Rashawn but I didn’t…” His voice trailing off, he knew his goose was cooked. Victor’s silence unsettling, he was truly confused when he started to smirk. In the mood for some fun, Victor tendered,

“Tell you what. How about we make another deal?” His smirk disconcerting, Corahn was hesitant.

“What kind of deal?”

“Little something for both of us,” Victor said, standing.  




On the way to the room Corahn’s round ass proved too tempting. Walking close he palmed his swiveling bottom, lustfully quizzing,

“So tell me li’l shawty, what do you want?” Victor’s hand on his ass disturbing, Corahn stuttered,

“Soma… soma that good-good?” Smiling, Victor openly palmed his swiveling ass as he walked.

“You a mess,” He chided, shaking his head. As they entered the room he motioned at him to get up on the bed. Hesitant, Corahn looked back at him, edging towards the bed, his steps slow.

“But what’s up, V?” He asked, slowly climbing up on the bed. His ass prominent, Victor grabbed both cheeks, his face a lusty leer.

“Oh, you know what’s up.” Nervously peering over his shoulder, Corahn croaked,

“But… but what I get?”

“Just what you want,” Victor taunted, pushing his face down towards the blankets. His ass raised, Corahn’s heart pounded, clothes rustling behind him. Victor was getting undressed….


Peering over his shoulder, Corahn watched, his heart pounding as Victor boldly undressed.

“Just what you want.” Victor’s words replaying in his head, even in his vulnerable position his mind wandered back to his mind-blowing high.

“Hey V, the whole bag?” He petitioned, Victor wrestling his pants below his ass.

“Up to you,” Victor said, yanking his exposed briefs back. Vulnerable, Corahn weighed his options. His pants and briefs below his sweet mounds, he considered giving up his precious ass for a whole bag of primo bud. Room air on his exposed ass, he felt Victor rubbing his face all between his cheeks. Tucking his face in the crook of his elbow he kept repeating, a whole bag of shit, a whole bag of shit.

Enraptured, Victor swooned when he’d bared Corahn’s incredible ass. Those same bubble cheeks he’d stolen stares at about the complex were now bare before him and got-dayum if they weren’t beautiful! Happily diving between them, he smothered himself with hot boy ass.

Surrounded with utter nirvana, he rubbed his face about, soaking up the sweet, just washed aroma and sensation. Corahn’s boy ass fresh and clean, he savored the innocence, rubbing it all over his face as he parted his loaves with it. He wanted the sweet teen odor on his face for days, he thought, his dick dripping.

Delighted to no end, he whimpered, smashing his face to his heart’s content. Finally deigning to sample it, he whipped his tongue at the tight hole, buried between the tight loaves. Sensing the tight pucker, he lapped at it with his tongue making it pull in.  

Corahn’s buns jiggling as he devoured it, Victor mewled loudly, burying his face between them. How long he’d waited! My cakes now, he swooned, recalling the self-assured boy sauntering about the complex. Up in that girl’s face, perpetrating! What would she think now? He drooled, images of Corahn throwing game at the girl surfacing.

Loudly slurping, his dick jumped when he recalled Corahn’s near exposed ass tempting him as he watched him spit game to that girl. Damn, hot as that ass was, burying his face in it was no comparison!

Feeling the lewd ministrations, Corahn foolishly wondered if sucking his asshole would suffice. Maybe that’d be enough to grant him his desired baggie? If so, he’d gladly offer up his hole, Victor’s tongue doing things he’d never felt.

Quietly moaning into his elbow, his ass was actually pushing towards Victor’s wicked tongue. Damn, this faggot shit turning me out, he thought, moaning into his elbow. Mercilessly ravishing his hot hole, Victor loudly slurped, smothering himself between the boy’s hot loaves. With lustful curiosity he reached benath him, his dick throbbing when he seized the youth’s ridiculously hard erection. Liking this? He leered, lapping up Corahn’s warm valley, making his dick leap.

Mercilessly stroking the youth’s pleading growth, he moaned when he heard Corahn whimper, his dick leaking in his stroking hand. Bringing him dangerously close to release, Corahn’s head slowly lifted, his eyes squeezing shut as Victor ravished his vulnerable hole. Fuckin’ shit was so nasty, it was good, he trembled, Victor’s tongue on his asshole sending him near the edge.

His mouth suddenly gone, Corahn peered over his shoulder. Victor lining up, he tucked his head back in the crook of his elbow. Bracing himself, he wasn’t prepared for the sudden pain. Lurching forward, he yelled into the blankets.

Getting over him, Victor caressed his lovely curls. Leaning close he kissed him about the neck. “No backing out now,” He cooed, pushing forward.

“Wait, wait, WAIT!” Corahn cried out, pulling at bed covers.

“Com’on li’l homey, can’t be stoppin’ now,” Victor taunted, pinning him to the bed.

“Fuck that, deal’s off!” Corahn yelled, “DEAL’S OFF!”

Victor all over him, his exposed ass lay bare, his hole wet with the man’s saliva. Although Victor had lubed his dick, Corahn’s tight hole was snapped tight around the head of Victor’s dick, preventing any further advance.

Kissing him about his sweet neck, Victor challenged, “Don’t fight it. Let it in and you’ll be good.” Yelling, Corahn couldn’t think. Victor’s huge appendage prying his passage opened, his words went unheeded.

“It’s too big!” He screamed, trying to scamper away. 


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