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By Chris Carr

Copyright © January 15, 2011






I guess I was always curious. Didn’t think much of it though, just thought it was a phase. Like most guys, I played sports, dated girls and hung out with the guys. Early on I started developing, my body changing before most of my friends. I guess that was the start of things. The way I shot up made me extra curious about my body. I’d stand in front of the mirror and watch all the changes with amazement.

By the time I was a young teen I’d already discovered masturbation. Seemed like I was perpetually horny…couldn’t figure it out. I’d never been that crazy about sex before. It was like this whole new desire was awakened in me. Couldn’t get enough of it...



Although I kept girls, I never seemed to outgrow jacking off. Sometimes I’ll jack off two, three times a day. Like I said, I started early and, at times, it seemed like jacking off was better than sex with a girl. I know it sounds weird but my hands know what to do to get me off. They know the right spots and even when girls go down on me, it’s not the same.

Funny thing is, much as I jacked off, I never did it with anyone else. I couldn’t see myself doing something like that with any of my friends and I didn’t need to when I was with a girl.

My best buddy Scott is into sports too. We play football, mostly with guys in the park and he was always at my games. I’m a couple feet taller than Scott but dude’s got heart. He’s pretty muscular with a nice six-pack…but this isn’t about Scott....




So, me and Scott liked playing ball in the park. Mostly we played basketball  but on this day we were playing touch football . It was a nice day and we were playing shirts against skins (we were shirts).

The game progressed, my eye wandering at the sweaty naked torsos of the opposing team but I stayed on my game. One guy in particular kept catching my attention. Tall like me, he was a rich dark brown, his skin flawless in the afternoon sun. His head close shaven he had a killer smile and almost perfect teeth.

Twice I ran up against him, one time as jockeyed against each other near the goal and another when we pushed against each other as I attempted catching a pass. He was solid, his thrusts powerful and it nearly threw me off my game.

Afterward me and my boys were having beers at a nearby table and he joined us. We threw him a cold one and he perched atop the table, legs cocked. The afternoon growing late, one by one my buddies left eventually leaving me and Corbin alone....



We talked for some time, neither one of us wanting the afternoon to end, it seemed. I knew my house should be empty so I kept thinking about inviting him over but couldn’t get up the nerve. The hour growing late, Corbin finally stood, stretching in the late afternoon sun. Stealing glances, I soaked up his toned physique.

Glancing at his watch, he was about to say something when I interjected,

“Wanna come over to my place?” If you ask me now why I did that, I still wouldn’t have an answer. Just curious, I guess.




A normal, red-blooded youth, Carter thought little of his developing "curiosity". Presented with an opportunity like no other, he suddenly comes face to face with his latent desires.




Questions swirling about my head, I couldn’t help wondering if Corbin was thinking the same things. Was this all in my head or was this more than just a buddy massage?

Up and down my back he rubbed, turning me into putty. My head on the pillow I suppressed the urge to moan, Corbin’s hands working wonders.

When he ventured to my lower back, I twitched, my skin extra sensitive. Corbin said nothing, his hands kneading my lower back. The more he rubbed, the hotter it got in my room. A sheen of sweat breaking out on my forehead, my eyes popped open when he straddled me.





His legs straddled mine, he took advantage of the new position, his hands working not only my back but up and down my sides. The oil lubricating his movements, his hands felt like velvet about my torso. Back and forth they ran, moving ever so slightly down until he was practically massaging my upper hips.

In one smooth move, his hands swept up over my back, sliding around the lowest portion of my back, just above my butt cheeks. Sweat forming on my back, my hands clutched the covers as he kneaded the flesh.

Torn, I was both anxious and desirous. His hands so close to my ass, I fought the urge to call him off while, on the other hand, my dick responded, growing inch by inch beneath me. The moment tense, I said nothing, my back taught beneath his hands.

“You’re really tight right here,” He commented, rubbing the knot of muscles just above my ass.

I was so nervous I couldn’t say anything so I nodded my head. He took that as a sign, I guess, because the next thing I felt was his elbow working the muscles just above my tailbone. Oh, did that feel good and I couldn’t stop the moan that slipped out.

He applied more pressure, digging his elbow into my tailbone. Then he switched up, his hands suddenly massaging every part of my lower back. By then I was so worked up, I almost wanted him to pull my shorts down.

“Turn over,” He said… I wasn’t expecting that…



As things heat up, passions are explored...




Unbridled passions unfurling we kissed again, our bodies thrusting madly against each other. Corbin’s confessions warming me to my core, I felt closer to him than any of my best friends. Our kiss breaking, we lay against each other, panting.

“Were you really checking me out?”

He lifted his head, a smirk on his face. “You’re the reason I came over.” Like a lovesick teenaged girl, I beamed, kissing him once again. Lips locked, our hands roved over each other, Corbin’s suddenly shooting between us to grab my achingly hard dick. Slipping his fingers about the shaft, a moan escaped me when they slid over the sensitive head. The boy was rocking my world!

Breaking our kiss, Corbin gazed into my eyes. “Wanna try something?” A little perturbed, I slowly nodded my head....


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