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But… The Camera’s On!


By Chris Carr


April, 2014








When Glen first saw him he was standing outside the burger stand, his hands in his pockets. He wore green plaid shorts, a green shirt and a green ski cap, stylishly cocked back on his head. What caught Glen’s attention, however, was that cute, bubble butt. As he drove into the parking lot, he almost bumped the car ahead of him, staring at the boy’s cute little butt.

Making his way inside he caught sight of the boy playing around with an older boy. Subtly observing, his heart raced when the boy’s cute little butt jiggled as he cavorted with the older boy. Heart in his throat, Glen imagined his face gliding about those smooth buns, a familiar sensation passing over his midsection extending his dick…

“Next… Next!” Distracted, he hadn’t heard the woman at the order window. Placing his order, he stood opposite the boy and his friend. Waiting off to the side with his friend he seemed fun-loving and personable. Just Glen’s type!

The burger stand busy there were plenty of customers waiting their orders, including an impatient 20-something that kept walking up to the pickup window and complaining about how long his order was taking. “Dang, did they have to KILL the cow?” He taunted, peering through the window. A couple of people laughed which only encouraged him to complain more.

His eyes still on the lovely boy, Glen hardly heard them. Taking furtive glances, he was struck with a realization; His curly hair, those big beautiful eyes, Dominic was probably African American with some Pacific Islander mixed in. God, this boy just gets lovelier by the minute he drooled, a serious surge in his groin as he imagined himself cuddling the gorgeous teddy bear. His eyes stealthily passing over the boy’s body, he was making his way over his concealed package, down his green shorts and was about to savor his lightly fleeced calves when suddenly they disappeared.

“Where you going?” The older boy asked, Glen’s boy dashing for the door. Glen was equally interested in where the caramel complexioned cutie was going so he listened closely as the boy called back,

“To the bathroom.” Doing a little ditty, he grabbed his hidden package, then dashed away from the door. His heart suddenly in his throat again, Glen looked longingly at the door. Quickly glancing around he determined that no one seemed particularly interested in the boy or his sudden disappearance. Even his older friend was busy doodling with his phone.

His heart thundering in his ears Glen quietly made his way towards the door. Exiting he went around the building, silently praying the door wouldn’t be locked. Walking to the door, he glanced around once more. Satisfied no one was looking he held his breath and turned the knob.

When it opened, he quickly dashed inside, closing it behind him. Turning around his heart skipped a beat, the cute boy at the far urinal. His groin pushed forward, his dick was hidden from view as he stood before the urinal. Nervously walking to the other urinal, Glen drooled at his shock of curls, darting from beneath his ski cap.

His eyes quickly flashing up the boy focused on the task at hand, his head lowered, his feet wide. After a long silence, neither of them urinating, Glen chanced glancing at the boy again. His head still down he didn’t seem to notice.

Time passing, Glen’s heart thundered loudly in his ears. His mouth dry he nervously croaked,

“You’re a pretty good dancer.” The boy looked up at him, his beautiful round eyes scrutinizing him.

“Why you say that?” He finally retorted, his face a question mark. With a knowing smirk, Glen returned,

“Your video…. On Tumblr?” Confused, the boy blinked.

“What video?”

“This one,” Glen said, pulling out his phone. Both of them still standing before their urinals it was a real rush knowing that their dicks were still out. Starting the video, the boy and a friend bounced to a snappy tune, both in t-shirts and shorts. The entire video shot from below, it gave the titillating view of open shorts legs, boy bulges and cute butt shots. The shorts of Glen’s cutie a bit shorter and more opened leg, it was the chance possibility he might glimpse something up the leg that made it his favorite.

 “The fuck,” He muttered, still holding his dick inside the urinal.

“You didn’t know?” Shaking his head, he looked earnestly up at Glen.

“It’s one of my faves,” Glen gushed, showing the boy he’d saved it as a favorite. His face a question mark, the boy inquired,

“You liked it?”

“Yeah, it was really cool,” Glen said. “Not as cool as that other one but one of my favorites,” he calmly dropped.

That other one?” Nodding, Glen flipped through another app on his phone.

“Yeah, this one,” He said, starting another video. The video grainy, it was also almost too dark to see what was happening. Many a night Glen had fantasized over the video, his lust running rampant. As it played, his heart beat so loud he thought the boy might hear it.

Just 30 seconds long the video was practically over before it started. Still, Glen couldn’t get enough of it. The camera swiftly moving down the youth's body it passed over his shorts. The lighting dark, you almost couldn’t tell what was happening but Glen had studied it a long time. As the camera passed over his shorts, his cute hands came into view as he snapped his shorts open to reveal the cutest bulge in his red, white and blue striped boxer briefs. At that instant the video ended, leaving Glen’s heart in his throat each time.

He said he wasn’t going to post that,” The boy muttered. Looking up at Glen he inquired, “But how you know that’s me?”

“It had the same source as your dance video.”

 “Damn,” The boy murmured, shaking his head. They were still standing in front of their urinals, dicks out, neither of them doing anything yet.

“Told him…” Glen couldn’t hear the rest, the boy’s head down. Hoping to keep him engaged, he insisted,

“It’s a really good film though.” Shrugging his shoulders the boy smiled a half smile.

“You really liked it?”

“I watch it all the time,” Glen confessed.

“But why, you can’t hardly see anything?”

“That’s what makes it so good.” Shrugging again the boy looked down at his groin a few.

“You gotta Tumblr?” He suddenly blurted.

“Yeah. Cdog55.”

“Oh wow, that’s you?” Nodding, Glen couldn’t believe he was engaging the incredibly attractive youth.

“So you make videos?”

“Sure,” Glen returned. Quickly adding, “My camera, my phone too,” He held it up, his hands sweaty. A nervous minute passing, the boy glanced at the phone then up at Glen. He’s so little, he fawned, the cute mite no more than four or four and a half feet tall, he guestimated.

“Like, what kind?” The boy inquired.

“Any kind. I could do one right now of you, if you want.” Holding his phone up again, he directed it at the boy.

“But… what you gonna do with it?”

“Nothing, if you don’t want me to.” A moment passing, they quietly stood at their perspective urinals. How much time had passed, Glen wondered? How long had they been in there, and did that door lock? He was considering all of these questions and more when the boy quietly reiterated,

“But… what kinda video you gonna make of me?” Quieting himself, Glen looked down at the cute half-pint.

“What kind you want?” Hunching his shoulders, the boy looked down at this groin once more.

“You promise you won’t put it online?”

“Naw, I’m not like that.” Maybe it was Glen’s trusting face or his calming demeanor but, to his surprise the boy stepped back, his semi-hard dick wagging in front of him, a devilish grin on his face. Stilling himself, Glen started the video on his phone, his heart thundering as he gazed at the boy’s surprisingly generous offering.

Paying no attention to his dick dangling in front of him, Glen held the phone in front of the boy as he wagged his dick until it was hard as a steal pole. His own dick extending he never noticed the boy glancing at it, his full attention on the lovely youth’s darting growth.

“The door!” He suddenly acknowledged, heading towards it. Thankful it had a lock he quickly secured it. Returning to the boy he noticed that his unholy hardness had waned, his dick semi-drooping. When Glen held up the camera once more, it quickly hardened, his dick extending until it stood almost perpendicular to his gyrating groin.

Oh my god, Glen drooled, totally amazed at his sudden good fortune. The mysterious boy he’d drooled over for countless nights was showing him his most prized possession. Transfixed, Glen held the camera, the boy gyrating and humping the air, his dick an unholy rigidness in front of his green shorts.

Working up his courage, Glen was about to reach out and touch it when there was a knocking at the door.

“Dom, you ok?” His eyes huge, the boy quickly tucked his growth inside his shorts and headed for the door.

“Wait!” Glen said, afraid he’d never see him again. “Your number?” Grabbing his phone the boy’s fingers flew over the keypad. Handing it back, he headed for the door. Dashing inside the single stall, Glen jumped up on the toilet in an effort to conceal his presence. Sunlight from outside bathing the bathroom, he heard the older boy inquire as to why the boy had been in there so long.

“One of those bad BM’s,” The boy said, their voices fading as they left. Glen barely heard them his face glued to the ten digits staring at him from his phone. Heart pounding he wandered out the stall, still staring.  A few minutes later he sent out a text, just to ensure he had the right number.

“Sup?” He sent. Time passing, Glen prayed he hadn’t been duped.

“This you?” The text came back.

“Yeah, Glen. From the bathroom,” He texted back.

“Cool. Dominic,” The boy texted back. “Remember you promised,” He additionally texted.

“Dnt worry, won’t put it up,” Glen texted.

Their texting ended after that, Glen finally retrieving his order and driving home. That night he played the video over and over, his hardness in his hand. From the instant it started the boy’s dick was out, the head swollen, the shaft wagging as he gyrated. His hand whipping about his aching hardness, Glen tried holding his moment back as he drooled. He’s so fucking cute, he gasped, remembering the boy’s cute face and pint-sized body.

When Dominic’s dick extended to its full length, Glen salivated, his hand a blur about his extension. If he could’ve just licked that, he grieved, observing the wickedly hard head. Standing proudly in front of the boy, Dominic’s hardness wiggled and gyrated, taunting the man. Whooping, he felt himself blast a big load, his trembling hand almost dropping his phone. 





When Glen stopped at his favorite burger joint he had no idea his order would include something more than fries and a drink! 

Meeting the boy of his dreams he's shocked and delighted over how things develop. 




Over the next week he and Dominic texted back and forth, Glen’s head swimming at the unlikely prospect. Somehow he’d stumbled upon the mysterious boy in the videos. Those nights he’d drooled over the grainy video of Dominic’s cute bulge he’d never imagined himself meeting the anonymous youth, let alone texting him.

Dominic seemed particularly interested in his videos. Over and over he’d ask if Glen liked them, to which Glen would readily share his enthusiasm. When he’d praise the boy’s videos, Dominic seemed most happiest. Wishing he could see the boy again he remained cautious. Rather than scare him off, he bided his time.

His patience was rewarded one rainy day. Dominic had skipped school using the rain as an excuse. Glen was working from home that day and he and Dominic had been casually texting since his breakfast that morning. Accustomed to the boy’s inquiries and weirdly infrequent texts, Glen was busying himself about the house when Dominic texted,

“Wanna make another video?” His heart dropping into his shoes, Glen stared at the text for some time before he finally replied,

“Sure.” An inordinately long silence passing, he tried distracting himself with work. He couldn’t stop himself from frequently checking his phone however, his hands sweaty as he pulled it out each time. Waiting for what seemed an eternity, his phone finally sounded.

Picking it up, he studied the text for some time.

“Where?” Was all it said. Fingers trembling, Glen replied,

“We could do it at my place?” Another awkward silence passing, Glen stared at his phone like a fool.

“Cool,” Dominic texted. His breathing irregular, Glen thought he’d pass out.

“Where to meet you?” He hedged. Time extending, Glen was a near nervous wreck by the time the boy finally texted,

“5th and Elm.”



His cute green ski cap atop his head, Dominic danced from one foot to the other against the cold as Glen pulled up. Hopping in the car he blew on his hands, his clothing light. Wearing only a green hoody, white T-shirt and jeans, Glen wondered why the boy didn’t have a heavier coat or clothing. He additionally thought to ask where his mother was and if it was cool for him to be with him but decided against it. Better to not pry.

Frequently glancing at him, he couldn’t get over how little he was. His body well-proportioned, he wasn’t overly thin, just… small, by comparison. Compact, Glen thought, glancing at him once more. His shoes untied, the end of the strings were tucked inside his shoes. Must be some kind of fashion, he surmised.

Winding through the city, the duo were quiet, Glen reframing from peppering him with questions. “You got your camera?” Dominic quietly dropped, breaking the silence. Nodding, Glen pulled his phone out. Without speaking, Dominic pushed his hands either side the bulge in his pants. Quickly firing up the camera on his phone, Glen aimed it at the bulge. Before his eyes he watched it enlarge, the shape of the boy’s dick developing beneath the fabric.

Looking up Dominic inquired, “Should I take it out?” Slowly nodding, Glen’s hand trembled as the boy opened his pants, his nimble fingers fishing in his briefs to pull out his wickedly hard growth. Wheezing, Glen held the camera over the entire proceeding, his hand trembling.  

Eyeing the streets with one eye, he drove as fast as he could for his house, Dominic casually wagging his dick at the camera, a clear droplet forming at the head. As Glen turned onto his street the droplet pearled atop his slit, then rolled over the side, sliding down his unusually large boy shaft.

Quickly turning his car down his driveway, Glen pushed the clicker for his garage. The door opening, he drove inside, pushing the clicker once more to close it. Looking back at the boy he spoke the first words since picking him up.

“It’s big,” He drooled, reaching his other hand to encircle it. 







Dominic is a unique boy with a special secret and it doesn't take Glen long to discover it!  





Longing for the boy, Glen thrilled when Dominic hit him up one lazy Saturday afternoon. “Wru doin’” The text read. Coached in texting lingo Glen knew that “Wru” stood for “What are you.”

“Nothing,” He replied. One of Dominic’s familiar long delays extending, Glen put his phone down. After some time he heard it chime. Picking it up, he felt a rush at the subtle message.

“Who’s turn is it?” His heart racing, he soon deciphered the boy’s cryptic message.

“Mine?” Another long pause passing, Glen nervously held his phone.

“K,” Was all the boy returned. His heart leaping into his throat Glen wondered if this meant what he thought it meant. 

“Come get me. Same spt.” Grabbing his keys Glen almost ran out the door. At their previous meeting spot Dominic was casually skating back and forth on a green skateboard as Glen pulled up. A green cap on his head, he wore a worn green jersey Tee with a pair of khaki cargo shorts and what used to be white boat shoes. Skating up to Glen’s car he opened the door and hopped in. His smooth legs dangling over the seat, Glen drooled at them.

“Sup?” He murmured, seemingly distracted. Playing his skateboard back and forth between his legs, he gazed out the window. Amazed the young cutie was in his possession once again, Glen leered at him, his dick surging. As he peered at him, Dominic softly inquired,

“I gotta do it again?” His face at the window, Glen spied the wicked growth in his shorts. Palms sweaty, he croaked,

“Yeah, if you wanna be on camera.” That growth swelling, Glen almost ran into the car ahead of him staring.

Steadying himself, he thrilled to the warmth writhing beneath his hand.  Glancing down, Dominic’s breathing was audible. Idly playing with his concealed length, Glen glanced up, catching Dominic staring at the bulge in his pants.

As soon as they were at his house Dominic insisted on seeing the videos Glen had posted online for him. Surfing to the hidden page, Glen let him see. Staring at them like a kid in a candy store window, he clicked on the one titled “nasty boy”. Gazing at the image of himself lapping at Glen’s dick, he played it more than once. By the time he stopped, a pinprick of wetness was leaking through his shorts.

Standing next to him, Glen watched as he excitedly clicked on video after video, that spot in his shorts growing bigger. All the while he kept glancing up at the bulge in Glen’s pants. Swooning, Glen pulled his face towards his groin. Dominic didn’t resist, his respirations audible as his face was pushed against Glen’s growth.

“You nasty?” He taunted, pulling out his phone. As he fired up the camera Dominic’s cheeks reddened, his eyes lowering.

“Huh? You nasty?” Slowly nodding, his innocent eyes peered up at Glen. “I can’t hear you,” He taunted.

“Yeah,” He croaked, his dick writhing.

“Stand up.” Slowly pushing the chair back, Dominic stood on wobbly knees. Aiming the camera at him, Glen directed, “Take off your shirt.”

His face red, Dominic lifted his shirt, pulling it over his head. Holding it at his side, he didn’t drop it until Glen told him to. Moving the camera over his body, Glen stopped at his canvas shoes.

“And those.” Prying one shoe off with the opposite foot, he did the same with the other. Toes grabbing at the carpet, Glen moved the camera over the light curls about his bare calves then over his cute, pudgy toes. Looking down, Dominic watched, an unholy bulge in his shorts.

Standing before him, Glen equally had a full growth in his pants. Moving back, he aimed the camera at the boy, waiting to see what he’d do. Nervously shifting his weight from one foot to the other, he kept glancing up at the camera, his head down. What? He finally mouthed, his dick writhing in his shorts.

“You know what.” Waiting patiently, Dominic finally opened his shorts, letting them drop about his delectable feet. His dick making a huge impression in his boxer shorts, Dominic looked away. After a long while he looked longingly at Glen. Pointing his fingers at his boxers, he mouthed, ‘these too’?

Nodding, Glen’s dick almost did flip-flops in his pants as the boy slowly worked his boxers down his legs. Stepping out of them, Dominic looked up at him again.

“You like being nasty, huh?” Hunching his shoulders, Dominic looked down. “How nasty?” After a long silence, he hunched his shoulders again. “Let me see,” Glen taunted, directing him to come closer. His breathing heavy, his dick stood upright before him as he stood. Thoroughly enjoying their little power play, Glen lifted the boy’s hand towards his belt buckle.

Lazily holding his dainty fingers there, Dominic gave him a quizzical look. 

“What?” He mocked. Catching his drift, Glen returned,

“You know what. You have to suck it.”

“But... the camera's on.” Looking at Glen’s phone, Dominic’s dick writhed with excitement. Playing along, Glen turned the camera on Dominic. Equally playing his part, Dominic feigned disgust.

“Come on over here,” Glen insisted, pulling on the boy’s heavenly curls. His fingers trembling, Dominic worked his belt open, then his pants until they dropped at his feet.   

Hesitating again, Glen pushed him down until his face was in front of his groin. Accepting that the boy wasn’t able to take the initiative he reached in his boxers and pulled his dick out. Insuring the camera was aimed at him, he nudged his dick towards Dominic’s supple lips. Like a wind-up toy Dominic responded, glancing up at the camera as he slipped his lips around Glen’s extension... 





Glen's found Dominic's secret, can you guess what it is??


Using the boy's weakness to his advantage, he gets way more than his original order!




“He’s coming along good,” Greg smiled.

“Yeah, let’s see how much of a freak he really is,” Glen taunted.

“Think he can really suck it?” Both of them looking at Dominic, he lay quietly processing what they were suggesting. Raising up, he gazed at Glen’s appendage. After some time Glen offered,

 “Tell you what. Why don’t I show him what to do?”

“Oh yeah, like a practice session,” Greg followed. Confused, Dominic was still blinking at them when Glen moved over his dick. His bright eyes widening, Glen swallowed his wide girth, sucking down to the root. Biting his bottom lip, Dominic threw his head back. Slurping up and down his straining hardness Glen swirled his tongue. A tiny gasp escaping him, Dominic squeezed his eyes shut.

Swiftly moving towards a teen release, he wondered if Glen would let his buddy see how he could shoot? Peering down at him, he was about to tell him it was about to come out when Glen swooped down on his balls.

Swabbing the boy’s taut orbs with his tongue, when Glen took them in his mouth Dominic rasped. Oh fuck! His hips rising, Dominic gawked at Glen. Head reeling, he let out a loud gasp when Glen lapped between his legs, just below his balls. Wiggling, Dominic watched with wide eyes.

Glancing at Greg, Glen leered, his head diving beneath the boy’s balls and over his tight pucker. Slapping his tongue against the boy’s pin tight hole, he heard him softly whimper. The boy’s wares simply divine, Glen was enraptured. After long last he was finally savoring his long desired goal, that cute little ass he’d first seen at the burger joint. The same ass that stood out because he had his hands in his pockets.

His head turning to and fro, Glen danced the boy’s round bottom on his tongue. In sensory overload, Dominic sat on his elbows, his eyes locked on Glen. His legs parted, he writhed, the most incredible sensation emanating from his assaulted boy hole. But wasn’t this faggot? Was he supposed to be letting a dude eat his ass like he was a bitch?  

His asshole overruling his misgivings, he wiggled and writhed, his toes gripping the bed. Fuck! His brain screamed. His dick wagging, it dripped anxious drops. Every time Glen swiped across his hole a certain way, his dick would lunge upwards.

Envious, Greg kept his camera on the action. Were that it was him between the gorgeous boy’s legs. Granted the opportunity to watch he still thanked his lucky stars. What an incredible film this would make, he drooled, anticipating many nights alone with it.

The boy’s legs thrown aloft, his luscious round buns were on full display. Toes wiggling he was struggling to keep up, his head lifted, trying to peer at Glen. Letting out surprised gasps and groans, his dick bounded, bucking upwards and leaking. The strange sensations edging him towards something unexplainable Glen lifted his head and announced,

“Ok, now you try it.” Eyes bucking, Dominic rose up on his elbows.... 





How far will Dominic go? 


A six part story, this is but a glimpse at the complete, exciting, work! 





...Thrilled with the boy’s willingness, Glen slurped away at his hole. There was nothing better than hot boy ass and he was feasting at the royal buffet. Fervently lapping, Glen delighted at how Dominic’s opening involuntarily pulled and tugged at his tongue. Even when he wasn’t munching on his hole, it still winked and clutched at the air.

His mind traveling back to their first encounter, he had no idea it would lead to this. The times he’d lusted after his pert round bottom, that he’d ever get a chance at eating it seemed a bridge too far. Pint-sized Dominic, that boy he’d first seen standing outside the burger joint was in his bed, his sweet little ass on his tongue.

Over and over he slurped, whipping his tongue against the excited hole. Like before, Dominic was soon writhing and whimpering, his ass on fire. Although he never would’ve thought he’d be taking anything up his ass he couldn’t deny how incredible it made him feel.  Whatever Glen and Greg were doing, the way it made him blast a big one (without touching his dick!) more than made up for the discomfort.

Turning his head about, Glen feasted at the trough, thoroughly wetting the boy’s tight hole. Excited to no end he could withhold himself no more. With a glance up at Greg he raised up, reaching for the bottle of lube. His tongue down the writhing boy’s throat, Greg winked at him as he slathered a healthy helping about his eager growth. After long last, Dominic’s ripe little ass was his.

Bending to lap at it one last time, he moved between his wide-splayed legs. His fence-post leading the way, he angled it towards the winking hole... 




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