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Butt Dialing


By Chris Carr


Copyright © Sept, 2010







His cell ringing, he answered the call. "This better be an emergency, young man, I was just about to head to lunch …" The sound of rustling clothes then something incoherent muttered interrupting him, he froze.


Confused, he listened as two youths seemed embroiled in conversation.

"Think you’ve gotten bigger." His attention suddenly rapt, Austin held the phone closer. The conversation continued in hushed tones, the boys apparently "measuring".


"Got you by an inch." Hearing this, Austin’s heartbeat quickened.

"Not no inch, nigga." The voice familiar, Austin could hardly believe his dumb luck. Even as the conversation continued, escalating to the clear sounds of sex, he still found it hard to believe.


Listening intently, the conversation waned, two boys apparently trading head jobs now, somewhere on campus! While he was pretty certain one of them was Kaliq, he couldn’t determine who the other boy was.


The festivities continued, both boys smothering cries of ecstasy as they came, then the call abruptly ended. Long after the call was over, Austin sat, staring at his phone.




Pocket dialing

Pocket dialing, pocket-calling, or butt dialing is the phenomenon that a person's mobile phone accidentally dials someone, often unbeknownst to the person whose phone is making the call. The phone is usually located in the dialer's pocket or purse, hence the name "pocket dialing". 








Coming soon to The Studies! 


When young Kaliq's cell phone does some dialing of its own, it gets him into a world of trouble...





"Care to tell me who the other person was?" Perched on a front row desk, Kaliq cast his teacher a troubled glance, then averted his eyes. Walking down the row past Kaliq’s desk, Austin continued,

"Ok, then how about you tell me how long you’ve been doing this?"


The questions greater torture than anything he’d imagined, Kaliq merely gazed at his desk, he and Kourtnei first forays into sexual exploration replaying in his mind…


Both of them at that awkward age where girls and relationships were unfamiliar territory, they were always unlucky at love. Like most teens, they were perpetually horny, however, which lead them to porn.


While watching porn together seemed harmless it was when their budding libidos became inflamed things got awkward. Neither boy willing to expose themselves with the other, they eventually settled on jacking off in the dark. They even placed their chairs behind each other so that one wouldn’t have to be near the other as they did their business.


The arrangement seemed amicable and over time, they grew comfortable. Then, following one raucous session where they’d both got two nutts, Kourtnei flicked the lights on before Kaliq could conceal himself. Spying his buddy’s semi-erect member, Kourtnei walked over and looked at it.
A little embarrassed Kaliq inquired, "What?"

His own dick growing hard again Kourtnei returned, "Not bad, Miller."



In no time they were "measuring", each boy proclaiming theirs the biggest until eventually, they ended up giving each other extremely satisfying hand jobs. After that, they no longer needed the lights out for their "sessions" and, in time, one thing led to another culminating some time later in their fated bathroom incident.


"Well, what do you propose we do?" Mr. Arnaud said, startling him back to the present. All Kaliq wanted was for this to be over. Or even better, to return to the scene of the crime and insure his tattle-tell cell phone was silenced. Hunching his shoulders, he slouched in his seat.


"I suppose we could just report this and it’d be all over for me," Austin submitted, watching the boy’s reaction. His eyes widening, Kaliq looked rather distressed. Sitting up, he watched Austin walk past his desk. The idea that his friends and family might find out about his indiscretion tormenting, he prayed Mr. Arnaud was just bluffing. Hoping to avoid that outcome, Kaliq tendered,

"Yo, Mr. Arnaud, whatever’s cool for you is cool for me."





Bargaining with friends and his ass, Kaliq navigates the troubled waters of indiscretion....




Quivering, Kaliq said nothing as his teacher felt him up. From his sensitive nipples to his sides, his hands were everywhere. Then he shivered even more when Mr. Arnaud passed his hand across his taut stomach, down over the recent developing bush above his dick and around his upright pole. He couldn’t explain it but dude’s hands were doing things to him he’d never felt. Trying to maintain his composure, he nevertheless trembled when Mr. Arnaud cupped his taut balls, heading for his ass again.


Certain his teacher was about to "do the do" when he walked behind him, his heart leapt into his throat.

"You still wanna know who the other person was?" Expecting the worst, he looked over his shoulder, only to find his teacher holding his phone again. Confused, he blinked when Mr. Arnaud flashed shots of his smooth boy ass.


Standing before him, Austin fired more shots of his anxious erection. "Of course," He replied, snapping more shots.

"I…I." Dumbfounded, Kaliq dropped his eyes.

"You thought I was ‘bout to bust your li’l ass, huh?"


Shocked, he looked up at his teacher, his dick deflating. "Still wanna tell me?" Austin said, laying his phone down. Walking behind the boy, he slipped a finger between his luscious, boy cheeks. Jerking forward, Kaliq let out an excited yelp.

"Li’l jumpy playa," Austin taunted, passing his finger subtly across the boy’s twitching rosebud.


Still rather uncomfortable with the direction things were going, Kaliq pondered giving Kourtnei up to save his ass…literally! "I tell you, what happens?" His finger pausing, Austin considered the boy’s proposal.

"Why?" Hunching his shoulders, Kaliq stared straight ahead.
"Who was it?"

"But what’s gonna happen?" Looking anxiously over his shoulder, Kaliq stepped off his teacher’s finger.

"I don’t know," Austin said, glancing at Kaliq’s upturned ass. Cupping it again, he added, "Been wanting this for a long time."


Distressed, Kaliq stepped forward again, turning to face his teacher. Flustered, he revealed he was a virgin. "Me and…my friend… just mess around. I ain’t never did anything like that."

"Makes you think your friend’s done something like that?"


Considering his words, the notion never occurred to him Kourtnei might be a virgin too. Still, his ass on the line, he was willing to negotiate.

"I tell you, can we make a deal?" With anxious eyes Kaliq stared at Mr. Arnaud….






A new story filled with elements of reluctance, seduction and steamy sex....






The sight incredibly hot, Austin finally told them to stop and lay down on the floor. Awkwardly lying beside each other, the boys listened as Austin arranged them opposite each other. "You get here… and you here," He said, finally moving them in a clumsy side-by-side 69 position.


Each faced with the other’s throbbing post, the boys lay frozen for some time. Hovering over them, Austin held his camera poised, waiting for the anticipated moment. Aware they were being watched, the boys were reluctant to "perform". When Austin began taking pictures anyway, they finally relented, Kourtnei moving his mouth over Kaliq’s stiff offering first.


His toes involuntarily wiggling, Kaliq shuddered when he felt his friend’s lips slip over his hardness. Letting out a soft moan, his toes curled when he felt the familiar swirl of Kourtnei’s tongue. His eyes crossing, he reached for his friend’s dick mainly to distract himself from his swiftly approaching release.


Watching the scene unfold through the camera, Austin subtly switched over to video, silently recording the boy’s. Later, reviewing the video he’d blow an extra large load, the recording even hotter than the actual action.


Circling the boys, he worked to capture everything. Their angelic faces, each moving about an opposing dick. The occasional swollen head that’d slip out as one boy repositioned or pulled back to lick it. The taut balls, the smooth asses, flexing as each boy anxiously thrust their dick forward. The wiggling toes and the smooth bodies, save Kourtnei’s lightly fleeced calves....







...The irrefutable proof seized in his teacher’s stroking hand Kaliq slowly moved his ass back, returning to Kourtnei’s dick. His mouth filled with a stiff erection, he moaned around it when Austin’s tongue lapped at his tender portal once more. Beneath him, Kourtnei looked past his taut balls, his dick swelling when he saw the lewd man’s tongue slapping against his buddy’s pink pucker. Curiosity getting the better of him, he hardly noticed the dick in his mouth.


Writhing, Kaliq moaned and panted, his head rising at times as Mr. Arnaud serviced his virgin slot. Despite his objections he’d never in his life felt such incredible sensations. His toes wiggling and curling, he trembled, his head raised prominently now, like a wolf howling at the moon. He was nearing another unexpected orgasm when suddenly Mr. Arnaud’s tongue was replaced by a finger. Jerking, he grunted as the finger entered him.


Looking scornfully over his shoulder he was met with a cold, heartless leer, Mr. Arnaud’s finger inclining deeper. Opening his mouth to protest, Mr. Arnaud merely pushed his head down until it lowered over Kourtnei’s dick once more.


Muffled protests ringing out, Kaliq squealed when Mr. Arnaud seated his finger in his ass. Watching it all from below, Kourtnei’s dick swelled extra hard inside Kaliq’s mouth. Deciding to help the teacher, he avidly slurped up Kaliq’s deflating post, working it back to its excited state.


His protests lessening, Kaliq’s ass quivered nonetheless when Mr. Arnaud started fingering his hole. Then the totally unexpected happened. His head raised, he cocked it when suddenly Mr. Arnaud’s finger stroked over something deep inside him. Sensing something ungodly building behind his balls, he whimpered softly, Kourtnei’s mouth bringing him dangerously close.....









...Happily returning to the boys, Austin plopped between the new boy’s still upraised legs, his dick hard as ever. Slipping a condom on, he moved closer, the boy’s asshole beckoning him.

"’S’not what you think," Kourtnei intoned.


Pausing, Austin continued lubing up his randy growth. Positioning over the boy, he aimed his dick at his quivering hole.

"I’ll be gentle," He returned, pushing the boy’s legs back.


"Yo, Mr. Arnaud, this ain’t cool," Kaliq objected. Watching the obstinate man pointing his angry growth at his friend’s upturned hole, he felt a sense of panic.


"He’s cool," Austin returned, eying the boy. Following his gaze, Kaliq searched his friend’s face. Why wasn’t he stopping him? Opening his mouth to protest again, he jolted when Kourtnei cried out.


"You’re hurting him," Kaliq clamored. His toes curling down onto the soles of his feet, Kourtnei wailed, their teacher’s python worming inside him. Just as he was about to push Mr. Arnaud aside, Kourtnei let out a cry of passion, his arms flinging around the man’s neck.


"That’s it, come to papa...."







His attention rapt on the gorgeous boy, he hardly noticed Kaliq. Engrossed, his face had gone from one of shock to desire. Moving closer, he was met with his teacher’s lustful leer.


"Want some?" He taunted, his hips slinging lewdly forward. Aghast, Kaliq stared speechless. How the fuck could Mr. Arnaud think he’d want a big assed dick like his shoved inside him? His mouth dropping open, he was about to tell him where to go when Mr. Arnaud suddenly stuck his finger up his ass.


A bolt of electricity shooting up his spine, he shuddered when the finger found that spot. Suddenly aware his teacher’s intentions, he reached to remove the man’s hand. Unlike his friend, he was a virgin.


When Austin noticed him still staring he got an evil grin on his face. "Oh…. You want some of this!" His head jerking up, Kourtnei gawked at his friend. Not only had this sucka dimed him out and got him fucked, but now he was wanting some too?


"Com’on," Austin cajoled, pulling out of the gangly youth. His mouth dropping, Kaliq stared wide-eyed at his teacher. Glancing at his friend, he spied his well reamed snatch, the hole still gaped. Like a siren’s call, it beckoned him, his dick throbbing to enter it.


The thought of his closest friend fucking him not desirous, Kourtnei began protesting. "And you was trying to save your li’l ass," He glared at Kaliq. Shamed, Kaliq’s dick never went down.


"Well, make it even," Austin goaded, patting Kaliq on the back. Pushing him prone, he motioned at the slender youth to join him. Alarmed, Kaliq glowered at his friend. Sitting up, Kourtnei looked like he might be considering the offer.


"Yo, this is NOT cool. I’m not used to gettin’ fucked like…" Cutting short, Kaliq flashed his eyes at Kourtnei. Crestfallen, he looked down. Undeterred, Austin coolly asserted, "Maybe not…" lubing up his finger, he shoved it up the surprised youth’s ass. Flipping him over, he prodded the boy’s responsive prostate.

"But this says you like it," Austin declared, pointing to the boy’s bounding dick.....








...Holding the boy proving a challenge, Austin nevertheless found it very hot. Two boys were naked in his living room, best friend fucking his buddy’s virgin hole! His dick straining between his legs, his only regret was that he couldn’t join in!


Yelling into Kourtnei’s hand, Kaliq thrashed about, the boy’s unruly knob scraping against the walls of his precious portal. Flashing back to the fated day in the bathroom he remembered how attentive his friend was. The way he delighted in taking his cum. How he slobbered about the head of his dick. That he could return and just shut off that fucking phone!


Experiencing the bliss of virgin ass Kourtnei grunted happily, humping atop the boy like a rutting dog. His friend’s ass like nothing he’d felt before their fateful trip to the unknown teacher’s house finally seemed worthwhile. Kaliq’s drum tight orifice snapped around his inserted length, he groaned in his ear.

"Be cool KJ…it gets better."


Sliding back and forth, his body trembled, the sensations incredible. A victim of his lusty neighbor several times, he’d never known what if felt like to take an ass. Like a vice Kaliq’s ass gripped him, threatening to rip the head of his dick off. Grabbing the wiggling boy’s shoulders he held him immobile, plowing deeper.



When Kourtnei’s stiff inches first breached his passage, Kaliq thought he’d pass out. Spreading his hole like never before it relentlessly inched forward, crawling into places no one had ever been. Yelling like a girl he tried to extract himself, Mr. Arnaud urging Kourtnei on as he held his legs.


Further Kourtnei’s hardness advanced, forcing his unyielding tunnel open. Kourtnei’s thrusting spear like hard granite inside him he wondered why it made him feel so full? Yeah, Kourtnei’s boy tool was long but damn, it felt just as wide!




Grunting and mewling around the hand over his mouth, he thought the boy’s dick would never end. His ass on fire, he endured the assault his cries lessening when Kourtnei informed him he was finally in.

"It’s gonna stop," He advised, holding his dick inside him.


Then he started moving back and forth. Fearing the worst, Kaliq yelled again. To his utter surprise he started to feel a sensation he hadn’t anticipated. Bounced by Kourtnei’s thrusts, his toes wiggled to the new sensation.


Passing back and forth, Kourtnei’s dick bewitched him, a salacious groan escaping him at one point.

"You got ‘em," He heard Mr. Arnaud say, his grip lessening on his legs......



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