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Circle Jerk


By Chris Carr


November, 2013






Me (I’m Arvind) Mateo and Kaj started jerking off a while ago. Mateo always claims he was the first to discover it but me and Kaj knew about it long before him. Why do guys talk about their privates so much? “How big is yours?” and “mine is getting hard”.

When we found out we all liked jacking off it just kind of started. We were in Kaj’s garage and Mateo starts daring us to do it and I’m like, “naw” but I was sort of interested. Basically, I wanted to see what theirs looked like, but not because I’m gay or anything.

Then Kaj says “fuckit” and he whipped his out. Me and Mateo’s eyes got big and we were both staring. Was sort of weird, we’re in his garage and he’s got his dick out and he’s playing with it. Wow, Kaj’s uncut? Didn’t know that.

Mateo’s not going to let Kaj outdo him so he hunches his shoulders and fishes in his shorts for his weenie. Wow, things are moving pretty fast. One minute we’re standing around daring each other, the next my two best friends have theirs out and they’re getting hard!

Kaj and Mateo are basically racing each other now and I’m either going to join them or be left out. Hadn’t really planned on a jerk-off session with my friends but I’m not about to be left out so I fish mine out. Turns out, I’m the only one that’s cut.

Nobody’s talking, just beating the hell out of our dicks and staring at each other. The race is on and I’m running to catch up. Just so you know, Mateo’s fair skinned, with dark hair and nice, white teeth. I think maybe he’s Mexican but I’m not sure.

Kaj (you say his name Kai) is a bit darker with a nice beach tan. You can see the contrast between where his shorts normally are and the rest of his sun-browned body. He’s got big feet and he loves wearing his chains and bracelets. He’s biracial, African American and Hispanic.

I’m first generation Indian, I’ve got olive-brown skin, curly hair and a nice smile, if I say so myself. I wear glasses and I’ve got a little mustache starting on my upper lip. Mom calls it ‘peach fuzz’ but at least you can see it.

I’m sure you all want to know so, I’d say Kaj has the biggest. His uncut weenie has a clear overhang and it firmed up to around 6 inches, if not more. I was surprised mine was bigger than Mateo’s because he’s always acting like he’s all hung. I’m just short of 6 inches but Mateo’s shorter than me! Only thing is, his is a bit fatter.

Guys can’t say they don’t be looking because all of us were looking that day. We had the lights off so we sort of moved closer so we could see better. Mateo and Kaj have an advantage over me because they didn’t need lubrication. I had to keep spitting on my hand to keep from chafing.

Hands are flying and I can hear us letting out tiny grunts and gasps. It was really crazy, going from standing around to beating off in front of each other like that. I can tell we’re all trying to get off first because we’re all concentrating on our efforts. Mateo’s hips started edging forward and he’s really flailing his wood hard. Kaj’s right behind him, his hand practically a blur around his fence post and I’m going up on my toes, trying to wring the life out of my joystick.

Chests are rapidly rising and falling and a little sweat broke out on various upper lips and foreheads. Man, if Kaj’s mother had walked in…

Mateo pushes his hips forward and his hand’s flying up and down his hardness then he makes a loud whoop and he started popping off. That’s all we needed, next thing I knew mine is popping off, followed closely by Kaj. I might not have had the biggest but my dick blasted the most and the furthest. Kaj and Mateo had to step aside to miss getting some on them.

“Dannnnngggg,” The both chimed, my dick still firing high-flying missiles. After that it sort of became a tradition. At least once a week we were meeting at Kaj’s garage and our session would start. Always pretty much the same, we’d whip it out and start jacking.

But one thing lead to another and we started…. experimenting... 



When friends Arvin, Kaj and Mateo stumble upon their blossoming libidos, the sky's the limit for where it'll take them.




Although we’d already started competing, measuring everything from who shot the furthest to who’s feet were the biggest (Kaj’s), boys being boys, we kept experimenting. One time we stood in a circle, heads peering down at our dicks as we jacked off. We even lent spit to each other, dropping needed lubrication as we peered down. Of course the next time we did it back to back, which lead to some good natured ribbing about how our asses felt against each other.

Standing, bent over, even squatting one time. For some reason that became a favorite that we repeated more than once. Was it the forbidden taboo of having our ass and privates exposed? Or was it how our balls hung down, drawing ever tighter as we got closer? Like his frequent boasts, Mateo’s balls hung the lowest, dangling between his legs like a pair of knockers. Mine clung to my groin so hard, they were hardly visible and Kaj’s initially dangled, pulling close to his smooth pelvis as his dick grew harder.

Whatever the reason, there was plenty to see and we all looked. It was our guilty pleasure. The way Mateo and Kaj were more developed I figured all the attention would go on them, so I took my guilty pleasure in covertly watching them watching each other. That’s how I noticed Mateo’s balls hung the lowest and that Kaj’s snuggled up tight to his groin just before he blew. I even caught a couple of glimpses of their quivering assholes as they shot. You couldn’t always see it but on the occasion I’d see one or the other and it always fascinated me the way it jumped and snatched at the air with each blasts. Then Mateo saw mine and all bets were off.

“Damn, look at that!” He blasts, practically between my legs. Mind you, I’m smothering moans and enjoying the best nutt ever but Mateo’s eyeing my asshole. “See it?” He says to Kaj, and he nods. Both of them are all but planting their faces up my ass. I never figured the frail, baby-faced member would be the center of attraction but, part of me is weirded out and another part is secretly proud. I knew I had the biggest loads and usually shot the furthest but now my asshole was the object of attention? Weird… but cool. 


One thing leads to another and this story takes off, the curious boys discovering things about themselves that'll have you ready to bust!





All of a sudden assholes became the new obsession. Dicks were cool and we couldn’t get enough looking at and studying them but assholes were the new wonder. Why did they quiver and pucker so when you came? Could you feel it when it happened? And what did if feel like? These and other questions surfaced and before we knew it, we were playing around with our assholes not even considering the implications.

Of course Mateo lead the way, bending over so we could observe as he jacked off. “What’s it doing?” He inquired, holding his butt cheek aside with his free hand. How the hell do you answer that? Glancing at each other, me and Kaj couldn’t say anything at first. But Mateo was so open with it, so insistent on gathering info, we couldn’t resist.

Still uncomfortable at first, the most either of us were willing to do was observe and reply. “Is it moving?” “Yes,” we’d chime. “A lot?” Shaking our heads at first, Kaj finally replied, “Not a lot.”

When Mateo finally blew his load, we assented that his hole was popping, snatching at the air like a hungry pair of lips. Excited beyond all reason he immediately insisted I go next. But instead of bending over, he pulls out this ladder and sets it middle the floor.

“Up here,” He says, pointing to the third rung. We’ve entered unchartered territory now and I’m starting to wig a little. I glance at Kaj and he smirks but doesn’t do anything to stop it. Com’on guys, we really going there? I’m thinking... 




Cumming soon to The Studies!


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