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I'll Take Your Boy!


By Chris Carr


Jan, 2015










Pounding loudly on the door Regina yelled, “Open this door or I’ll call the police!” It was the third time she’d climbed the stairs to the apartment and her patience was thin. The hallway muggy her dress clung to her, her hair frizzy. She was about to pound again when the door swung open.

“The fuck you bangin’ on my door for?!!” Misty glared.

“I need my rent!”

My rent? Oh, this yo shitty assed building now huh?”

 “You want me to call the police Misty? Huh?” Arrested, Misty said nothing. Searching beyond the woman Regina peered into the apartment.

Misty’s littlest crawling across the dirty floor she blinked. Another older girl was sprawled on the couch, a smartphone in her hand, her fingers swiftly flying across the keys. How many Misty had Regina wasn’t sure but it seemed plenty. Looking back at her she stuck her hand out.

“Need the rent, Misty.” Quiet, Misty looked away, deep in thought. Three months behind she knew she’d barely dodge eviction.

“Give me a few, I’ll be back with it.” As she pushed the door closed Regina rammed against it, pushing her way in.

“Uh, uh! Ain’t falling for that one again!”

“What you talking about Regina? Ain’t like I got it layin’ around in here!” Shaking her head, Regina snapped,

“Said that last month and you disappeared for weeks!”

“Well what you want me to do, Regina, pull it out my ass? Because you welcomed to look!” Turning her ass towards her, Misty pulled her dress up, exposing her panty-clad bottom.

Incensed, Regina pulled out her cell phone.

“Who you callin’?” Not answering, she held the phone to her ear. “Ok, I gotta go to my momma’s! Hang up!”

Eyeing her a few, Regina held the phone to her ear. The line dead she’d feigned calling the police. Putting it in her pocket she studied the woman a few then without speaking moved further into the apartment. Wandering about, she ventured down the hall, Misty hot in pursuit. Before she could stop her she’d opened a door, a myriad of eyes greeting her.

“They not all mine!” Misty sputtered. “Them my sister’s kids!” Obviously angry, Regina headed towards the front door, Misty grabbing her just before she left.

“Be cool Regina,” She begged. “I’ma go to my momma’s… for real, and I’ll be back with the rent.”

“Can’t help you Misty. I gotta report this.”

“Ain’t you wantin’ the rent? You hear me? I’ll get it, soon as I go to my momma’s!”

“You violating the lease with all these kids! And you’re THREE MONTHS BEHIND!”

“Leave my momma alone!” A defiant youth stepping between them, both their mouths dropped opened. Glaring up at Regina he repeated, “Leave my momma alone!” 

“Shut up Justin,” Misty blared, pushing the stubborn boy back. Incensed, Regina said nothing as she stormed for the door.

 “Wait! WAIT! Don’t pay him no attention, he don’t know what he’s saying!” Following them, the boy stared up at them, fists bawled.

“Just give me a couple of hours, I’ll get it.” Grabbing Regina again, she confronted her in the hallway. Her determined teen still present, he lingered just outside the door. “Com’on Regina, work with me!”

Regarding her, Regina looked down at the wide-eyed boy glaring up at her.

“He comes with me, then,” She said, grabbing him by the collar.

“Let me go!” He shouted, snatching at her hand.

“Stop it Justin!” Misty chided, the boy still in Regina’s clutches. Regarding Regina Misty inquired,

“What you talkin’ ‘bout Regina?”

“Till you come back with the money, he stays with me,” Regina insisted, “Ok?”

The boy still struggling, they both looked at Misty, awaiting her decision. Her shoulders drooping Misty relented. Looking at her son, she finally nodded.

“I’ll be right back,” She promised, the boy struggling even harder as Regina pulled him towards the stairs. “I’ll be right back,” She repeated, her voice trailing off as they disappeared down the stairs.




Just another day in the hood, Justin's mom is behind on her rent... 




Sitting up, Darrell rubbed his eyes.  Looking  at the boy, he grunted, shaking his head. The boy’s solid figure clad in pair of low-hanging shorts, loose fitting t-shirt and flip-flops, he perused his taut physique, his eyes lingering on the area just below the sagging waistline his worn shorts. Regina clearly up to her old tricks again, he began to accept he was saddled with the boy.

“Where’s yo momma?” He probed.

“Gon’ to get the rent,” Justin proclaimed, glancing at the door as if it should open, or something.

Reclining, Darrell entreated, “Com’ere,” clearing a space beside him. Hesitant, the boy looked at the door one last time. As if accepting it wouldn’t open, he trudged over to the bed.

“Sit down,” Darrell said, patting at the spot he’d cleared. When the boy didn’t budge, he reached up and pulled him by his arm until he relented. Perching on the edge of the bed, he studied the door.

“What’s your name?” Glancing at him, the boy looked back at the door. Warily regarding him he blurted,

“Why?” Eyebrows rising, Darrell chuckled.

“You can’t tell me your name?”

“No! I wanna go home!” Catching him before he could flee, Darrell held him in place, his hands either side the boy’s svelte waist.

“Stop! You a fag! Miss Regina!!” He screamed, snatching at Darrell’s hands. Gonna fight huh? He grinned, his dick leaping... 




And Justin is mommy's collateral! Trapped in a room with a lusty stranger, he soon finds out what's at stake!




“Might as well have some fun,” Darrell stated, pulling at the boy once more.

“Nooo, what you do-in’?!!” Justin squealed, struggling to free himself.

“You know,” Darrell said, pulling harder until his upper body was prone. Throwing his arm about his neck, he held him secure, the heat from his wiggling body a furnace against his. Excited, he pulled him closer, his struggling face nearing his unshaven cheek.

“No I don’t! What you DO-in’?!!

“Well, if you don’t, you’re old enough to learn,” Darrell sneered, pulling harder on him. Kicking and wiggling, Justin struggled to free himself, Darrell’s big arm about his neck holding him fast as he was pulled into the bed. Throwing the covers over them, Darrell positioned the boy against him, holding him until he stopped wiggling.

“What you talkin’ about? You nasty, let me go!” Justin fussed. Concerned, he pulled and struggled, his eyes wide. Being beneath the covers with the man was weird and he wasn’t cool going along with it. Wondering where Miss Regina was, he suddenly became infuriated. Why the fuck had she put him in the room with this perv and where was she? 

Moving his hand from his upstretched pipe to the slender form before him, Darrell palmed his round ass. Panicked, Justin jumped, snatching his ass away, his lower body wiggling out of the covers.

“Miss Regina!” He yelled, fighting desperately to free himself from the arm locked around his neck. Screaming louder for Miss Regina he wiggled and twisted, the nasty man pulling him back beneath the covers by the waist of his loose fitting shorts... 




A sizzling tale of lust and coercion, "I'll Take Your Boy" delivers!




In a flash, Darrell was all over him, nuzzling his smooth body against his rough face. Wildly peering down at him, Justin watched as he grazed his tummy, his raw nipples then suddenly moved cheek to cheek. The man’s actions gross, Justin pulled away.

Smiling at him, Darrell pulled him close, his hands suddenly all over him again. “Ooh, li’l stuff, you feel good,” He cooed, the boy’s body against his as he palmed his front. Justin’s excited root never waning, Darrell found it, his rough hand sliding up the length as Justin squirmed in protest.

“Somebody likes it,” He taunted, Justin’s boy tool ramrod straight. Scowling, Justin felt like one of those cornered prey he liked watching on Animal Planet.

Taking a huge whiff of the boy, Darrell sighed, “Oooh, and you smell good too!” Suddenly traveling across his taut frame, Darrell smelled, nuzzled and licked, from his head, down over his trembling torso to suddenly between his legs.

Alarmed, Justin squealed, the sensation weird. Darrell’s unshaven face pushing between his legs, he’d let out the alarmed squeal before he knew it. Undeterred, Darrell pushed his legs wider, his face moving further between his smooth legs. His tongue wagging, it arched closer and closer to the boy’s concealed prize.

Wedging his legs wider and wider, Darrell finally found the most wanted possession, his tongue swiping away the grease about it. Moaning in ecstasy, he avidly lapped at the boy’s hole. Slurping loudly, he savored the tasty delight, his day suddenly more pleasant than ever.

Squirming and fearfully watching, it seemed to Justin he’d won the worst lottery in the world. Why was this a ‘good deal’?




This is just a sample, you don't want to miss this hot story!




His embrace becoming a near bear hug, Darrell cooed in Justin’s ear, “You ready?” Disheartened, Justin froze, suddenly aware of his vulnerable position. Heart pitter-pattering, he shook his head. Gazing at his big eyes and pouty lips, Darrell almost lost it, his dick craning towards the boy’s proffered ass.

Looking at his troubled face, Darrell felt a stir of compassion. He shouldn’t take the boy’s precious virginity, and he knew it. But he wasn’t thinking straight. His dick pining for some of Justin’s sweet little ass, he smiled at the boy and said,

“Remember our deal?”

“But I didn’t make no deal,” Justin countered.

“Not true. The moment Regina locked you in here, the deal was made, like it or not. Now com’om Baby G, time to pay up!”

Pulling on the boy’s tender hips, he aimed his vulnerable ass at his arching dick. Sensing it between his splayed ass cheeks, Justin cringed. His fate sealed, some pact with the devil had been signed and he wasn’t privy to the negotiations. Like it or not, his mother skipping on the rent had somehow consigned him to his present predicament. Apparently, whether he gave it up or not, his ass belonged to Darrell. Resigned, he decided, best to do it yourself

“’K,” He whispered...

Sitting up, Justin stared at him. Closing his eyes, he pushed down, somehow taking more of Darrell’s dick. Grimacing, he looked between his legs, hoping it was all in. When he saw he was sitting on just a few inches he let out an exasperated exhalation. This was impossible!

Desperately wanting his dick inside, Darrell thrust upwards. Holding him by his wiggling hips, he impaled him, pushing the rest of his dick inside. Wiggling and squirming, Justin knew his struggling was futile now. A virgin no more, he’d suffered the unimaginable.

Pulling him prone once more, Darrell heaved his hips, thrusting his dick deep, Justin’s ass so tight, it almost sent him over the edge. Ahh, virgin ass, he sighed, sensing how tight his ass was squeezing his upthrust pole. Finally pulling back, he thrust up again, provoking another wail from the impaled boy.

“Stoppppppp!” He screamed, his round cakes split atop Darrell’s hot poker. Locked in the man’s powerful embrace, he couldn’t free himself, hard as he tried. 



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