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Puppy In The Dog Pit

By Chris Carr

Copyright © June, 2012









When Shanice first mentioned it, I’d literally winced. Loaning her good-for-nothing brother a few dollars here and there was one thing but letting his tired ass move in was another.

"Just till he gets the cast off," She’d petitioned, rubbing my chest hairs. She knew that got me going and in no time, I was on top of her, bangin’ that shit.

Li’l man moved in, his shit in all of two bags, that smug look on his face like the world owed him something. Yo, all I owed him was a foot up his lazy ass.


He’s on a pair of crutches, his leg in a cast around his big foot and up his calf. I stayed in the kitchen, downing beers, wishing I could be somewhere else. Shanice sounded happy, hugging him and kissing him as she took his bags and led him to the spare room. I drank another beer.


That evening he spoke to me at the dinner table, calling me Rich, instead of Richard. I threw him a reluctant nod over the potatoes and Shanice tried to lighten the mood, goin’ on about her new drapes.

Yo, this mofo could eat. I mean, to look at him, you wouldn’t think he could pack it away like that but, that greedy nigga didn’t stop till all the pots was empty. I stared at him shoveling forkfuls, wondering just how much this nigga was goin’ to cost us. Shanice called him a "growing boy" and smiled like he was something special for eating so much.

I settled in front of the TV for the game, and he pissed me off, hobbling back and forth in front of the TV, on his way to the kitchen each time. ‘Bout his fourth trip, I was really steaming but he didn’t catch a clue. Just kept hoppin’ around on them crutches, that big foot of his sticking out the end of it.


That night, I just about blew my top when I see him hopping around in a pair of my drawers and t-shirt. Shanice tried to make it better by explaining that he didn’t have anything to sleep in but I was about a minute off his ass, fo’ sho’. How she gon’ just up and put that boy’s ass in my nice Calvin’s???

I swear, by the third day, I was really hatin’. This lazy sonabitch sat his ass around all day, eating up all my groceries and drinkin’ my beer. Didn’t even bother gettin’ dressed, just sat around funkin’ up my Calvins’.

By the end of the week I was pretty close to telling Shanice his ass had to go when she surprised me with an announcement.

"You don’t remember me telling you my job was sending me out of town?" She was saying, looking up at me with that face.

"Uh.. yeah, I remember," I lied. "How long is it again?"

"Just the weekend. I’ll be back Monday," she said, rubbing my chest hairs.

The thought of Shanice being gone for four days inconvenient, especially when I considered no pussy for that long, being left with her do-nothing brother proved plain vexing.

"What I’m supposed to do with Junior," I said, thumbing my hand at the door.

"You boys will work it out," She said, nonplussed. "Just be nice," She added, when she saw the look on my face.


I took Shanice to the airport the next morning, already regretting the loss, even though we’d fucked our brains out last night. She kissed me on the cheek, waving a warning finger at me to ‘be nice’ as she sauntered off. I watched her until she disappeared in the terminal, my heart sinking.

When I returned, Duquan, or Quan as his sister called him, was stretched out on the couch, lost to this world. Mouth dropped open, he was lightly snoring, his face mashed against the couch. My nice, practically new, velvet fabric couch!

I stared at him, fantasizing ways I could get rid of him when he turned slightly to his side in his sleep, presenting his round, bubble ass. Shanice has a nice ass and I love playing with it but the family resemblance was evident in this boy’s ass.

He moved a little, pulling his legs toward his chest, his twin globes coming into view beneath those Calvin’s. Before I knew it, my dick lurched in my pants, slowly on the rise. I’m not sure how long I stood there, staring at his delectable, round ass, but I finally pulled myself away...









We made it through most of the first day without incident. At least he didn’t end up on the curb with his two little bags, or his lips swollen bigger than they were. I was trying to do good, like Shanice requested but the boy was really trying me.

I still couldn’t understand how he could saunter… I mean, hop around all day in his underwear. I tried remembering if that fool had taken a shower but I didn’t want to think about it so I let it go.

All day I’m looking at either his bare legs with his big feet up on my coffee table and his dick beneath my drawers, or his big butt walking past me. Took everything in me to not slap him upside the head and make him put some damn clothes on.




Around dinner time, he started looking pitiful, sniffing around the kitchen like a dog beneath the table. Far as I was concerned, he could stand to miss a few meals anyway so I didn’t give him any mercy.

I was about to duck out the door to catch a burger when he jumped up, following me.

"Where you goin’?" He says, hobbling along behind me.

"Get me something to eat," I snorted, opening the door.

"Can I come?"

I looked at him standing there in those boxer briefs and it dawned on him. "Give me a coupla minutes," He said, swinging around, heading to the spare room. I was so tempted to leave his trifling ass, but I waited.

We rode in silence and I gave him props. At least he knew when to keep his mouth shut. I’d originally planned to stop at my usual bar for a burger and beer but another thought came across my mind and I made a detour to another bar.

As we traveled the parking lot, I saw Quan’s face and I chuckled inside. The brotha at the door threw me a puzzled look at Quan’s baby face but I assured him he was of age. Ok, I lied, but wtf?

He hobbled in behind me, his face agog as it dawned on him he really was in a strip club. A puppy in the dog pit, I chuckled.... 






 On the way home, he glanced at me and he quietly says,

"You go there all the time?"

"Ricks? Sure. Good burgers," I chuckled.

"No… the other place."

"The strip club?" He silently nodded. "Not all the time, but every once in a while. Why, you never been to one?"

He shook his head no. "What did you think?" I pressed, interested in what he’d say.

"It’s coo," He said, hunching his shoulders.

"Would you go again?" He hunched his shoulders again. My curiosity piqued, I asked him if he was a virgin? He shook his head no, eyes on the floor.

"You know I’m talking about pussy, right?" He looked up at me, rolling his eyes. "I’m just saying. I heard you’d been locked up last year." His face darkening, he frowned at me.

"And?" Raising my hands, I couldn’t prevent the smirk on my face.

"Nothing big dog. I’m just saying, a small nigga like you in county lockup…"

"I handled mine," He bristled.

"Yeah, that’s what they all say. But somebody giving up the ass because everybody can’t be on top," I goaded.

"Whatever man," He snorted, looking away.






At home I poured myself a drink hoping to calm myself. Man, what are you doing? I reasoned, drinking my Hennessey. This Shanice’s baby brother, I told myself. Shanice’s baby brother that was eating us out of house and home, another mind said. Shanice’s baby brother that was in county last year, giving up all that phat ass. A phat, round ass like Shanice’s.

I couldn’t believe I was thinking about that boy’s ass but the more I drank, the more I thought about it until, before I knew it, I was standing over him on the couch.

"What?" He said, looking up at me.

"Nigga, you lying."

"This again?!"

"Because you lying. Ok, tell me this then. You tryna tell me you didn’t even suck dick? Huh? 90 days in the county and your little ass slipped by? Unnoticed?"

"Man, what’s yo’ problem? Why you gots to be all up in mine?"

"Because I know. I know how it is in there nigga. Think I ain’t been there?" His face showing surprise, he said nothing.

"Yeah, when I was just a little older than you. Thing is, I wasn’t no scrawny little, pasty faced something like you."

"Man, I’m through with this shit," He snapped, reaching for his crutches.




When he reached for his crutches, I guess my curiosity went south and turned into something sadistic because I knocked them away. Blame it on the liquor or the hormones churning through me but the wheels had been set in motion.

He looked up at me, pissed I’d removed his way of escape. When he reached for his crutches, I swooped and grabbed his pants, yanking at them to quickly expose his creamy round bottom.

"Man, what tha fuck?" He squealed, reaching for my hands. A struggle ensuing, he was no match for me, drunk and all.

"Yo, Rich, what the fuck you doin?" He protested, snatching at my hands.

I’d practically exposed his jiggly bottom now, my lust ignited. He scratched my hands, trying in vain to stop me as I lowered his pants and boxers until finally his wiggling ass was fully exposed.

"I’m just trying to see," I said, reaching between his bare cheeks.

"Hey!! Hey Richard, cut that shit out!" He yelled, gripping my hand. Pulling mightily, I had to give it to the little snot, he had some strength. But not enough, his efforts essentially failing as my fingers neared his concealed hole.

"Man, I’m telling Shanice!" He yelled, still fighting my advancing hand.

"Oh, is that how you ‘handle yours’?" I taunted, smirking at him.

It didn’t matter, I’d found his concealed pucker by then. Rubbing my fingers across it, I really couldn’t tell if his ass felt like it’d been punched or not. I guess I was expecting it to be all loose or something but it was clinched tighter than a virgin on her wedding night.

"Man, you faggot," He assailed, still pulling at my hand.

"All you had to do was answer the question," I returned, my hand still between his jiggling cheeks.

"I told you nigga!" He yelled, infuriated.

My appetite whetted, I had to have that....




The struggle escalating, to his credit, Quan didn’t go down without a fight. Twisting and wiggling like a greased pig, he did everything in his power to keep his clothes on, all to no avail. Yanking his one shoe off, his pants were soon traveling over that exposed foot, the other pants leg a little trickier to remover over his cast. This nigga even took a couple of swings at me. Luckily he missed because it would’ve been real hard for me to explain his face being all punched in to Shanice, had he actually connected.

It took a bit of effort but in time I had that nigga naked from the waist down. Both of us huffing like Brahma Bulls, I released him long enough to step out of my clothes. He glared at me the whole time but he didn’t reach for his pants or his drawers. I guess he knew I was still pissed at him for throwing those punches at me so he chilled.

"Rich man, what are you doin?" He accosted, watching me undress. "I told you man, I ain’t did no shit in the county," He pleaded. When I was completely naked, I stared at him, my dick half hard and dripping. Without explanation, I pounced on him, pinning his little ass to the couch.

Screaming like a little girl, Quan wrestled against me, wiggling and squirming until we both fell on the floor. The open space giving me an advantage, I extended atop him, pinning him to the floor beneath me. Yelling and struggling, he did everything in his power to extract himself.

I guess I figured I was due something in exchange for all those days he’d freeloaded off of us. His ass wasn’t never going to get a job anyway and Shanice would’ve let him stay for all eternity. This nigga been eating up all my food, enjoying my electricity, my water, my drawers! I ought to at least get something out of it!

Reaching between us, I squeezed a fat dollop of clearness out my dick, smearing it around the head and between Quan’s warm valley. He knew what was coming and doubled his efforts to free himself.

We scooted across the floor, Quan’s efforts valiant until I found his tight pucker and pushed. Wailing like a scald victim, Quan threw his head back....


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