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That Punch

By Chris Carr


December, 2013







Ok, to start with, dude wasn’t that old. True, he was older than Devyn but he wasn’t guilty of punching an old guy. And besides, Bryan was clearly asking for it. At least, that was the argument Devyn made when he ran out.

Funny how life can turn around and roundhouse you in the ass. As far as Devyn was concerned, Bryan was an easy mark. He’d chatted with him online, scoping him out and, from what he could tell, Bryan was going to be an easy score. The dude had a nice spot in a nice neighborhood. A nice car and apparently money, from what he could tell.

Like most the guys he’d meet online, the guy was obviously attracted to him and Devyn knew just how to play them on the line. Starting with his Instagram picture, which proudly showed his attractive face and toned physique, he was constantly getting hit up by guys, a good number of them older dudes like Bryan. When guys made comments about how cute he was he didn’t screen them out or react negatively like most guys. It’s a free country, he always said.

Bryan’s comments stood out, however, drawing his attention. Like the other commenters he remarked on Devyn’s attractiveness but he also made offers for them to meet. He even messaged him with his cell phone number. The guy’s comments and message eager, Devyn got the impression he had a big fish on the line.

Through subsequent messages and late night chats, he got to know Bryan more, scoping him out until finally, he agreed to meet.





Devyn's got a plan...






They’re first meeting was cool, Bryan impressing him with the things he knew. An accomplished man, he told interesting stories. But he was also down to earth and not condescending. Overall, Devyn thought he was pretty cool, except for the way he looked at him like he was a juicy steak or something. Uncomfortable, he had his doubts and went so far as to tell Bryan he wasn’t gay. Unperturbed, Bryan told him that wasn’t a problem.

When he invited him to come with him to his place Devyn was so disarmed, he quietly accepted. One look at dude’s spot and he was hooked. Hell yeah, he’d hit the mother lode! Not only did dude have all of the latest electronics, from laptops to tablets, he had big screen TV’s and game systems. And what he was certain would be untold caches of jewelry and stashed money, his favorite.

His jeans stylishly sagging, Bryan eyed him as he lingered near the door. The countless times he’d drooled over the boy’s pictures a distant memory he still couldn’t believe he’d finally got him in his spot. Those smoldering eyes, the cute pug nose, his creamy complexion, he’d studied it all for some time but never in his wildest dreams did he see himself with the boy.

“Why you standing over there?” He entreated, when Devyn kept circling but not joining him on the couch. Patting a spot next to him, Bryan tossed him an inviting smile and Devyn finally relented, skulking over to the couch, perching on the edge somewhere in Bryan’s vicinity.

“You acting like I’m gonna bite, or something,” Bryan taunted, moving towards the boy. Unnerved, Devyn didn’t jump up as he approached, instead steadying himself in place, even when the man reached out to touch his knee.

We in the business part of the evening, he kept telling himself, his eyes on the prize as the man’s caressing hand started creeping him out. When Bryan reached up and stroked the back of his neck, he couldn’t help it, squirming away to suddenly stand beside the couch.

“Yo, told you I ain’t no faggot,” He spat, nostrils flared. Cheeks reddening, Bryan looked a bit perturbed but spoke calmly.

“Yeah, we been over that. Like I said, that’s not a problem.” He was so cool about it, Devyn wondered why he was tripping? Still, all of that touchy-feely stuff creeped him out.

“Then let’s do the damn thing then,” He summoned, opening his pants. “You ain’t got a problem, get on this then.” With that he unfurled his concealed length as it rapidly hardened. Practically salivating, Bryan stared at it as it bounded from his jeans. When Devyn yanked him by his head towards his growth, Bryan whimpered a little but didn’t fight as he shoved his face over his now hard-as-steel pipe.

Slurping about the length, the man was soon engaged, his lips wrapped around Devyn’s hardness. The man’s technique good, he soon had the boy cooing as he rocked on his toes. Damn, this gonna be the easiest money I’ve ever made, he surmised, still casing the place.

In no time, Bryan had him rounding the bases, his eyes closed, his hips edged forward. Then dude opened his pants more and pulled his boxers down, just below his balls. One hand playing with his tightening balls another was suddenly on his ass. Alarmed, Devyn almost swung on him but fuck if it didn’t feel good!

Knees trembling, he suppressed moans as dude’s magic mouth worked around his dick, his tongue wickedly swirling. “Fuck!” He let slip, Bryan’s left hand tenderly caressing his balls. Then he felt his right hand creeping up his ass crack and before he thought, he’d swung.

In that instant, he saw his whole life pass before him. His fist connecting, he watched as Bryan went flying, his bottom jaw moving almost independently. Like one of those slow motion moves he’d watched in countless movies, it was like time slowed, the man’s face swinging away from his dick as he tumbled backwards.

Frozen, he and Bryan regarded each other for a soundless instant, Bryan’s face a study in utter shock while Devyn looked on in horror. Thinking fast, he tucked his dick, fastened his pants and made a beeline for the door. 



But it goes awry...


So... what brings him back?



Shit’s got me all crazy in the head, Bryan thought, padding across the floor towards the door. He was just about to close it when who should appear but Devyn. Frightened, he was certain the boy was coming back to do him more harm. Rushing to slam the door, Devyn, slipped between it and the doorjamb before he could close it. Panting, his chest rapidly rose and fell, his face dripping sweat.

Scared shitless, Bryan ran for his cell phone, praying 911 wouldn’t put him on HOLD again. He was just about to hit redial when he felt Devyn’s hand yanking his phone away. It was like one of those horror movies he so loved, but this time, he was starring in it. Certain the boy was about to finish him off, he stepped back.

Tucking Bryan’s cell in his front pocket, Devyn raised his hands before him, his face softening. “My bad,” He quietly intoned, still holding his hands in front of him. Dropping his eyes, he continued. “Shit was moving so fast.” Glancing up he added, “And I told you I wasn’t no faggot man…. But I’m sorry… Ok?”

“Nigga you hit me!”

“I know. And like I said, my bad.”

“My bad? That ain’t no apology!”

“I said, sorry, too.”

“How come I don’t feel like you mean it?” Huffing, Devyn, looked away.

“Look, I’m sorry I hit you. Can we just be over this now?”

“Can you give me my phone back?”

“What you want your phone for?”

“Because it’s my phone!”

“But what you gonna do with it?”

“Give it to me and you’ll see!” Rolling his eyes, Devyn felt like punching this dumb nigga again.

“Yo, check, I’ma give it to you, but you got to be cool, ok?”

“Be cool? What the fuck that mean?” Growing tired, Devyn fished the phone out of his front pocket.

“Do not call the police,” He insisted, handing it to the man.

“Or what, Devyn? You sock me again?” Closing his eyes, Devyn pinched the bridged of his nose.

“I already told you I was sorry for doing that. How many times I gotta say it?”

“Fine! You can just punch me as I dial then, mutha fucka!”

Pressing the redial on his phone, he listened as it dialed then started to ring. The line was just about to pick up when Devyn snatched his phone again.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, but I told you not to call.” His blood boiling, Bryan stared at him.

“So I’m just supposed to let you punk me then. Just roll over like a bitch and let you get away with hitting me?”

“Oh my God, will you give it a rest? Dude, do you know what I did? I a-po-lo-gized! I don’t apologize to people, so you should feel honored.” 


Devyn's plan botched, how do we get here?





“Man….,” Blowing through his teeth, Devyn shook his head. He’d really painted himself into a corner.

Dude’s anxiously hard pipe staring him in the face, he fought the compulsion to fuck him up. Slamming his fist into this nigga’s face until he was happy seemed a great idea. But he knew it would only complicate things, adding to his penalty in the long run.

Every time he thought about doing what Bryan was requesting, however, a storm cloud rose over his head, his ire stoked. A nigga was supposed to be swinging on his dick!

Looking up at the man, the smug look on his face made him hotter. The fuck was he smirking at? Stilling himself, he lowered his eyes, pondering his options. Looking up again, he quietly reported,

“Ain’t done this…” Shaking his head, he got up from his knees. Pacing, he clenched and unclenched his hands. “Nigga, I ain’t even done nothing like this before,” He blasted. Stopping, he stepped to the man. “I don’t even know how…” Shaking his head, he started pacing again.

The boy’s furious words shedding light on his predicament, Bryan started to understand. Which only made his dick throb more. I’m one sick mutha, he chuckled.

“Yeah, you don’t get it,” Devyn was saying. “I get this sucked!” He said, grabbing his dick. The potential for violence escalating, Bryan found himself frightened and aroused at the same time. Devyn’s pacing becoming more rapid, his hands still clenched.

Suddenly stopping, he bounded toward the man, scaring the shit out of him. Flinching, Bryan was certain he’d opted for door number two… beating the shit out of him. His face right at Bryan’s, Devyn blasted,

“This how it’s gonna be? Huh?! This how it’s gonna be?!!” Blinking Bryan held his ground, his heart pounding so hard, he felt it shaking his body. “Fuck you man!” Devyn spat, his eyes blazing. Storming away, he walked to the door.

Grabbing the doorknob he started to turn it but froze. His back to him, Bryan heard him speak. “Why you got to be like this man?”

“Nigga, you hit me.” Talking to the door, Devyn almost pleaded,

“And I told you I was sorry.”

“My jaw is swollen man. Wasn’t no reason for you to swing on me like that. Eye for an eye, nigga.”

Facing him, Devyn’s eyes blared at him. “Then hit me nigga. Hit me in the face and let’s call it even.”

Considering his proposal, Bryan was inclined to take him up on it. His sadistic side taking over, however, he mentally declined. This was an opportunity he couldn’t pass. Shaking his head, he insisted,

“We doing this or not?”

His shoulders slumping, Devyn looked defeated. The flame dimming in his eyes, Bryan watched as he seemed to resign himself to his fate.

Slowly crossing the room, he stared at him for some time, finally relenting as he slowly lowered to his knees...









Cumming soon to The Studies!


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