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The Boy over the Hedges


By Chris Carr


April, 2015










Marcus has been over quite a lot lately. Bright, inquisitive and rather funny at times, he wasn’t a problem, save his incredibly good looks. From day one I was struck with him, his charming smile and boyish form alluring. He and his mother moving into the house next door, I’d chatted with her on the occasion but avoided fraternization with the alluring youth.

There was mention of a father but he seemed absent. I was heading to the drug store one day when Marcus saw me getting in my car. Captivated, I was apparently staring. Watching me, he eventually raised his hand and waved. Embarrassed, I waved back, dashing out the driveway.

From then on he seemed comfortable approaching me.

“Hey Mr. A, heading out?” He’d say, paralleling me on the other side of the hedges. Sometimes I had time to engage him but, erring on the side of caution, I usually kept it stepping. Working real estate allowing me flexible hours I’d frequently run into him, especially in the afternoons. A soccer ball or his phone in hand, he’d shadow me like a puppy, peppering me with questions. I caught the hint, poor kid was apparently lonely. There weren’t many 14 year olds in our neighborhood. In fact, there weren’t many kids period. Most the homeowners either retirement age or childless, I imagine the poor kid was going stir crazy.

I was coming home with pizza one day when he popped up. I hadn’t noticed him on the other side of the hedges but his keen ears detected me and, like a Jack-In-the-box, he popped up, his chipmunk cheeks glowing as he greeted,

“Home early, huh Mr. A.?” Shadowing me along the hedges, he started with his questions, his eyes locked on my pizza. I wanted to offer him some but wasn’t sure I should allow such captivating beauty into my house. In other words, I didn’t trust myself alone with him. He looked so longingly at my pizza however, I felt bad.

“Ate yet Marcus?” I really shouldn’t have asked because his eyes lit up and he practically jumped over the hedges, following me into the house.

“Shouldn’t you check with your mom?” I asked. Running into his house he ran back out, his opened shirt flailing behind him like a cape. His stylish t-shirt hugging him, I caught glimpses of his developing form. My heart skipping, I was actually happy for his idle chatter as we walked inside.

Once inside, Jr, as his mom called him was like a stray cat, constantly returning. “Oooh, you have them all?!” He gushed, picking up my boxset of the Divergent Series. A client had bought it for me but I’d forgotten I had them. Drooling, his eyes danced as he beamed,

“Can we watch them?!” When I told him they were the books, his face dropped so, I felt bad.

“I think the first book is on DVD,” I told him. His eyes brightening, I knew what he’d ask next. So that night, we watched Divergent and ate pizza. Well, he watched while I failed miserably at avoiding longing gazes at him.

The movie was good, albeit a bit long. Marcus reacted to everything his eyes lighting up when something good happened while he looked forlorn at some of the sad scenes. He even hooted a couple of times, his legs going up. While I enjoyed his company, I was relieved when he finally left. Watching his cute form walk out my door, I tried not to fantasize but failed again, eventually running to my room, lube in hand.

As I said, Jr felt at ease returning after that. No sooner I’d get home, my doorbell would ring and he’d be beaming at me when I opened the door... 




Phil has a new neighbor and he presents a challenge...






“Hey Jr,” I’d say, letting him in. Bounding for my couch, he’d fire up the sound system, happily listening to my eclectic collection of music. Surprised he liked it, it was interesting listening to his choices. From Pat Metheny to Marcus Roberts, he never ceased to amaze me. He even threw in some Gershwin, the broad sweeps and moving swells of Rhapsody In Blue filling the house.

The weather warm, he’d frequently wear shorts, his smooth legs exposed as he pulled his big feet up on the couch. Leaving him to his fun, I’d go about my business, settling in for the evening. Most times he’d return home for dinner but a few times I’d order in and he’d stay.

Giving him run of my entire place, I guess the event from a few days ago was inevitable. Music playing in the front room, Marcus wasn’t there when I passed. Wondering where he was, I peeked in a couple of rooms but couldn’t find him. Wondering if he was playing a game of hide-and-seek, I started looking in obscure places, like the laundry room and hall closet.

Other than the music, the house was so eerily quiet, my senses were strangely alerted. Something odd was happening, but I wasn’t sure what. The door to my guest room closed, I absently opened it. There on the bed was Marcus, his shorts opened, his raring boy tool in his hand as he gazed at the porn on my tablet!

His little face panicked, he almost threw my tablet onto the floor as he wrestled his fire post into his shorts. Scared shitless, he yelled, which made me yell then I slammed the door, not a word shared between us, save our morbid hysteria...



Pandora's box opened, Marcus has questions...





“Ask you a question?” He posited, standing in the kitchen door. I was busy making pasta, stung by a strange cooking bug that evening. A spoon raised to my lips, I paused, nodding at the contemplative youth.

“You…” His face reddening, his eyes dropped. A pot bubbling beside me, I laid the spoon down, quietly approaching the trouble teen.

“It’s no biggie,” I consoled. “Everybody does it.” Slowly looking up, he looked hopeful.

“Do you?” He asked, his face sincere. I was about to answer when a pot boiled over on the stove. Running to it, I lowered the burner, wiping up the sauce that’d boiled over. Looking back, Marcus wasn’t there. The moment apparently lost, I turned the burners off, walking through the house searching for him.

I found him in the den. Deep in thought, his feet were up on the coffee table, his eyes gazing at the blank TV. Sitting beside him I said nothing, hoping he might feel up to talking at some point. We sat for so long, I feared he’d never say anything when he finally croaked,

“I think I’m doing it wrong.” Surprised, I replied,

Wrong?” Looking up at me, his adorable face looked troubled.

“I… I can’t...” Stopping, he looked down. Just a hello over the hedges had led to this, I thought, a bit encumbered. Wasn’t his father supposed to be having this conversation with him? And what the hell was I supposed to say?

The silence deafening, I croaked,

“Look buddy, you’re young. There’s plenty of time to learn. Heck, I didn’t even know about it at at your age…”

“But you do now?” Glancing at him, I felt more uncomfortable. I was talking about jacking off with the kid from next door.

“Well, yeah… but…”

“Can you show me?” Ah shit! Caught totally off guard, I almost recoiled. Before I could detest, he started pleading,

“Please… please… please!” My mouth dropped open, I felt like one of those horror show victims. How had I gotten here and what the fuck was happening?!

“Mr. A., it won’t do it right.” Before I could protest, he started opening his shorts.

“Wait!” I finally sputtered. Both of us freezing, my heart beat so hard, I felt lightheaded...




What starts off innocently...





Walking straight to my bed, he opened his shorts, letting them fall to the floor. His spindly legs bared, I felt euphoric. In a flash I was looking at his smooth legs and pert round bottom, his briefs perfectly framing them.

As I watched, no gazed, he kicked off his tennis also, peeling his socks off in one fail swoop as he crawled up on the bed. Near collapsing, I watched Jr on all fours, his large bare soles soft as clouds while his narrow boy ass rotated, back and forth as he crawled. Sitting against the headboard, he looked expectantly at me.

In a daze I walked to my bed, joining him. His sleek form right before me, I didn’t know where to look. Finally looking up at his waiting eyes, I muttered,

“So… what seems to be the problem?” Peeling his briefs back, he pulled his hardening boy wonder out. In an instant it shot up, hard as a post. Aimed at his belly, I salivated, longing for his eager offering.  Smooth as the rest of him, it was a darting missile, raring to go. The head shaped like an arrow, the corona was clearly evident, a defined ridge about the base. His circumcision scare evident, the head was a shade lighter than his darker shaft. My mouth watering, I would’ve given my right arm to swoop on it.

“It won’t come out,” Jr fussed, looking hopelessly at his hardness.

“What won’t come out?”

“The stuff… like the guys in the pornos,” He griped. Finally grasping his problem, I almost chuckled. I wanted to tell him he was too young to make a huge cum production but, remembering how he objected to me calling him young, I held my peace.

“Can you make it come out?” Holding me with those puppy dog eyes, the frustration was evident on his cherub-like face. This kid really wanted to spurt like the big guys! Wishing I was stronger, I still couldn’t bear to tell him the truth. My dick doing flip-flops in my pants, the opportunity before me was too great.

“Just this one time,” I conceded, my cheeks red. Ecstatic, Jr raised up, peeling his briefs off his skinny legs, tossing them on the floor. Naked from the waist down, I was surprised at how comfortable he was. At his age, I would’ve died, removing my clothes in front of anybody.

I was about to reach for his throbbing offering when I remembered lubrication. His straight arrow not even leaking, I was sure he’d need it. Rifling through my nightstand, I heard him say,

“What’re you looking for?” Right behind me, he was practically leaning over my shoulder. Looking back, I came almost face to face with him.

“Some… lube,” I croaked, his luscious lips right at mine.

“What’s that?” He said, sitting back. Explaining that jacking off without lubrication can be uncomfortable, I told him how the lube could help prevent chafing. His face a question mark he inquired,

“What’s chafing?” The kid a virtual question machine, I couldn’t believe it’d fell my lot to instruct him on these things. Opening the cap on the lube I told him,

“It’s when you rub it with your dry hands and get a sore or scrape it.” His eyes widening, he ejected,

“Is that why I keep getting the scrapes?!”

“Probably,” I said, pouring some lube in my hand. Hesitant, I looked at his throbbing boy wonder. He looked down also, then back up at me.

“What? You need to put some on me?” I slowly nodded and he smiled, “Go ahead!”

Leaning back, he spread his legs, prominently presenting his pulsing organ. Never in my 43 years had I ever expected something like this. Had I prayed for this I never would’ve got it, I was certain. But here I was, on my bed, about to pour lube on the cutest boy you’ve ever seen.

“Anybody ever told you, you look like that kid from Black-ish?” His eyes going wide again, he gushed,

“All the time!” His face filled with wonder, he chuckled, “I don’t see it,” shaking his head.

Holding the bottle of lube over his stiff offering I let a healthy helping run over it. Wiggling, he giggled, his dick wobbling all over the place.

“Tickles.” Clasping his eager growth in my lubricated hand, I slowly choked upon his bat. His toes curling, he suddenly cooed, his mouth opening. In a matter of seconds, his hips were pushing up, his chest rapidly rising and falling as his face went red. His eyes locked on my hand, he suddenly looked up at me.

“Never felt like this!” He gushed, his breath halting. “I think its coming!” He blasted, his hips pushing upwards. His precious toes curling he looked at his dick, then expectantly up at me. With an excited gasp, he flung his hips up, his eyes squeezing shut... 



Leads to...





...Crawling onto my bed, he sat against the headboard. His willowy legs extended, his dick was a prominent extension between them. For some reason contemplative, his head was down, his usually jovial face thoughtful.

“Can we do more?” He posited, his voice low. My heart leaping, I couldn’t imagine what he meant.

“More? Like what?” His head still down he mumbled,

“Like the guys in your videos.”  

My eyes widening, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. He had been looking at my Gay porn! A myriad of questions assaulting me, I wondered how much he’d seen.

“What guys?” I hedged. Reaching for my tablet, he fired up one my favorite videos. The guys kissing, I knew they’d soon be sucking dicks and more. My heart pounding, I slowly looked up at him.

“What… what more do you want to do?” Peering up at me he inquired,

“You… you don’t… get off?”  Wanting to kiss the dear boy, I couldn’t believe my ears. Did he really have the capacity to consider someone other than himself?

“Well… yeah,” I croaked, looking down myself. Shrugging his shoulders, he muttered,

“Then… why don’t you?” Dizzy, I glanced at him, both of us nervous. This was way more than I’d anticipated. Running to catch up, I couldn’t reply. Like a giddy teen myself, I shrugged my shoulders.

“So like… can I see yours?” My heart pounding so hard I was almost trembling, I glanced at him, shrugging my shoulders again. Little Marcus was on my bed, half his body naked, his dick throbbing hard and he was waiting on me to jack off. Take me now Lord!

Time extending, I slowly opened my pants, my dick so hard it almost shot out my briefs. Glancing at him, I nervously peeled them back, reaching in for my extension, letting it free. Wickedly hard, it stood up, pressed against my abdomen, the head leaking.

“Wowwww,” Marcus cooed, his eyes wide...







...Later that evening he was unusually quiet as we watched a movie. His unusually large feet upon the couch, he sat right next to me.

“Can I spend the night?” He asked. Peering up at me, his face was almost mischievous. Caught off guard again, I stuttered,

“Uh… I…,” Looking at him, I yearned to say yes but had a bad feeling about it. Besides, I didn’t think his mom would ever go for it. Playing my hunch, I countered,

“I doubt your mom will…” Before I could finish he’d whipped out his phone and was dialing. Talking excitedly to her he ejected,

“Mom, Mr. A… I mean, Mr. Abbot invited me to stay at his place. Can I stay, pleeeeeez?!” Shocked, my eyes bucked as I waved my hands at him. Ignoring me, he shook his head, suddenly handing me the phone. Panicked, I looked at it like it was bubonic plague or something. Finally taking it, I croaked,


“Phil, thanks so much for taking time with Jr,” His mom gushed. As with the other times I’d chatted with her I half-smiled, hearing how similar her voice was to Jr’s. “Now don’t you let him pressure you into something if you’re busy,” She chided.

“No Rose, it’s ok,” I assured, looking at him. Had he known all along she’d be cool? As I looked he threw me that impish smirk. The little devil!

“… his inhaler and foot cream?” Looking at Jr’s large feet, I returned,

“I… I’ll ask him.” Covering the phone I said, “She’s asking about your inhaler and foot…” His face going three shades of red he moaned,

Mom!!” Snatching the phone he whined at her, obviously embarrassed. Hanging up, he nervously glanced at me and muttered,

“I’ll be right back.” Hopping up, he darted for the door, his feet half in his tennis which he’d removed to watch the movie.

Left alone, it dawned on me, Jr was about to spend the night. One hundred questions coming to mind, most prominent was, where would he sleep? I was still thinking on these things when the door opened, Jr bounding through it. A small backpack in hand, his cheeks glowed as he ran to the couch and hopped on it next to me. Smiling, he enthused,

“So now what do we do?” 



...Silence engulfing us, we idly read. In time my mind wandered and I tried getting my thoughts around Jr spending the night and Jr. in my bed. The heat from his body right next to me, my eyes wandered, traveling up from his large toes, over his smooth legs, beautiful knees and…

He was smiling at me. Busted, I pulled my eyes off his smooth legs and half smiled. Returning to my book, it wasn’t long before I was drifting again. I couldn’t stop looking at his big feet and smooth legs, my mind traveling to where they met and what was there.

Caught, I looked up to see him smiling again. “This is cool!” He raved, nodding his head. I nodded, trying desperately to read again. I was finally making some headway when I felt him looking at me. Glancing up, I half smiled. He threw his broad smile then said,

“Can I ask you a question?” Nodding, I laid my tablet on my lap. “You do the things they do in your videos?” And here we were! How long had it taken, ten, fifteen minutes?

“Things like what?” I croaked. His face turning red, after a few he finally answered,

“Like… like the things the guys do.” Seeing the direction he was headed, my heart raced. How much do I tell him?

“Some,” I allowed, looking away. Nodding, he thought for a while.

“Like… could you teach me?” Reeling, the room felt like it was spinning. How’d I got here and what the hell was I supposed to say?!

“Oh, Jr…, I’m not sure we should be…” Sitting up, he objected,

“Com’on Mr. A., you know I’m cool.”

“Yeah… but you’re so young…” Throwing his hands up, he protested,

“Ok, so that’s why I’m asking you to teach me.” His face earnest he petitioned, “I saw the things they were doing and…” His cheeks reddening, he paused. “And like, I don’t have anyone that could show me.” Picking up speed, he looked up at me. “But if you know, you could show me. And I’d be real cool, just like I have about the other things. So you don’t have to worry about nobody knowing and stuff.” Nodding his head, he looked earnestly up at me.

This was why I didn’t want to have him in my place! Had we been leading to this all along? My palms sweaty I glanced at him, several thoughts coming to mind. Summarily cornered, I hedged,

“What… what kind of things?” With a big smile he gushed,


Everything?” Nodding, he bubbled,


Not knowing where to start I sat frozen, my heart racing. “Jr? Do you like guys?”

His eyes widening, his little face went three shades of red. Looking away, he muttered,

“I don’t know. I just like you.” I wanted to ask more but observing how uncomfortable he seemed, I settled for,

“Have you done things with a male before?” Shaking his head, he didn’t appear ready to further discuss it so I left it alone. Uncertain how to proceed, I took his hand in mine. Placing my other hand on top of it, I gently caressed his hand for a while. He seemed to like that so I continued.

“So…. where do we start?” I asked, still uncertain. Looking at his hand in mines, he inquired,

“Why do they do the licking thing?” Could’ve been worse, I thought, relieved and disappointed at the same time.  

“The licking thing?” Glancing at me, he nodded.

“Like… guys don’t have breasts, so why do they lick there?” Pointing at his nipple, his question was sincere. Glad he wasn’t jumping too far, I explained,

“Well… there’s a number of erotic spots on both males and females and a lot of men find it erotic.” Nodding, he thought for a while.

“So… what’re your erotic spots?” Chuckling I said,

“You’re not supposed to just tell them. It’s better if you discover them. Besides, I’m not giving you all my secrets,” I said, tickling his stomach. He giggled then became serious.

“Can we see if that’s an erotic spot for me then?” Without waiting he lifted his shirt, pulling it over his head and tossing it on the floor. And we’re off and running!




A story of passion and discovery, you'll love the journey as it progresses to....





“Well, remember what I told you about ‘erotic spots’?” His eyes lighting up, he nodded. “The male g-spot is just one of them.”

“Cool. So what is it?” Hesitating, I was so excited, I could hardly speak. My heart thundering in my ears, I replied,

“It’s… It’s probably easier to show you.”

“Cool!” His bright eyes following my every move, he watched as I retrieved the lube.

“Uh… why don’t you lie down,” I stammered. His face curious, he slid down, lying down on the bed. Lifting his legs, I got between them, parting them until his pink ring was visible. Pouring some lube on my fingers, I lubed his winking hole. Raising his head, he peered between his legs.

“It’s in there?” He croaked.

“Yes,” I replied, my voice husky. 






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