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The Call

By Chris Carr

Copyright © January, 2001



“Nairobi sounds, can I help you? Nah… Ace ain’t in right now, can I take a message? Uh huh… uh huh… A’ight, be sure to have him call you back.

Nairobi sounds, can I help you? Yeah, but we ain’t sending out the notice for that album until July. Yeah… uh huh… Well, if you want an early notice, you’ll have to talk to Jeri. Ok, hold on.

Nairobi sounds, can I help you?”


Been a long time since I’d heard that. It shouldn’t have rattled me to hear it but, after all this time, it still fucks with me. I’m sitting here, holding the phone and can’t talk. And as I look around at the office, shock on my face, all the old memories start coming back….



‘Bout a year ago, I went with some friends to the beach, something I rarely do. A nigga ain’t into freezing his nuts off and, it being late September, I knew it would be cold. But they kept doggin’ me, so I went.

Sure enough, it was cold as fuck that day. Laying restlessly on a beach towel, I’d just gotten comfortable when Hadari walked by. Nigga was poetry in motion. Svelte, smooth, sexy, his walnut-brown ass immediately caught my attention. Following that bubblicious round ass of his, I imagined plowing it, which was a bad move ‘cause I got an instant chubby.

“Damn!” one of my buddies barked, catching site of him.

My crew alerted, six pairs of eyes zoomed in, mouths dropped open. Aware that a pack of wolves rarely share, I laid back, covering my eyes with my arm. Jerald, and the rest of the boys called at him but he ignored them, eventually disappearing around a bend. Other than that, it was a rather uneventful day.




The next time I saw him was at a friend’s party. Funny how the boys seem to run in the same circles. Eventually, you run into so many of the same faces, it gets boring. Add a cute shawty like Hadari though, and the competition can get fierce. The vultures circled, fangs drawn and I backed off, leaving him to the pack.

I’d all but forgot about him till, magically, I saw him standing next to me. Happens all the time. You learn to play it cool and, in time, it becomes a drawing card.

His bright eyes and youthful features tempting, I had to face it, homey was a definite hottie. Way he filled his tight body shirt, pecs all full and sexy, nigga was ripped. And those full, rosy lips… damn!

He lingered and I decided to bite.

“Plan to just stand there all night?” I said.

“Ain’t nothin’ else to do,” he returned, sipping from his drink.

“Yo, I’m Colby,” I said, extending my hand.

“Hadari,” he said, reaching a docile hand towards mine.

“A’ight,” I said, gazing into his captivating baby browns.

We chit-chatted long enough for me to determine I could have this, then we left, every eye in the building on us...





Not long after that night, he started calling. It got to where just the sound of his sexy voice could make me throw instant bone. He liked calling late in the night. Said it made him hot thinking about me laying in my bed, butt naked.

“’Sup,” he’d start, breathing heavy on the phone.

“Nigga, you know what time it is?” I’d protest, all groggy and shit.

“Yeah…. ‘Sup?”

”Tryin’ to gets some sleep. I gots ta get up at 7:00!”

It was all a pretense. Hadari knew he had me from the minute I’d answered the phone. We’d do this little dance, me griping and shit all in vain because he was hot and couldn’t be reasoned with. In time, he didn’t even have to ask. All he had to do was say, “’Sup?”

I’d lay there, dick all hard, waiting for him to ring the doorbell. Sometimes, he’d make me wait until I was actually dripping, which was really fucked up ‘cause, I ain’t ‘bout getting all assed out over somebody.  But when he’d get there, and I’d see that sexy body of his, all was forgiven.


First time me and Hadari got it on, it was like buttah baby. Took my time and romanced that little honey right. Kisses, yeah. Hugs… damn did he feel good in my arms, his silky skin next to mine, his sweet soft breath in my ear as he laid his head on my shoulder. Put on a little Jaheim and closed the shades as I held him in the dark.

He just melted in my arms, letting me get him outta his shit real easy. Got his little ass naked and just loved it up real good, kissing and licking on them tender brown nipples of his. He moaned, trembling and shit, his dick sticking out all hard and mad dripping.

Led his ass to the bedroom and laid him down on the silk sheets, heading in for the kill. I pulled him down on my dick and laid back, watching. He went down on it like a pro, slipping them sexy ass ruby lips around my pole. Nigga was good too, working his mouth up and down my shit like it was a candy coated banana or something.

Before I knew it, I was groaning and shit and slinging my hips up at his hungry mouth. He slurped it good, whipping his tongue around the head and shit, making me shake. Then he dove between my legs and started painting my balls with that wicked tongue of his. I mean, this nigga was slapping his tongue around my balls and getting them all wet and hot.

He went to licking further south, his mouth making me shake and groan. Hadari’s diggin’ in the crates, his tongue all ramming up and around my hole and all I could do was moan and shake.

The rest is all a blur. When I knew it, Hadari had turned me over on my stomach and was goin’ down on me for all he was worth. Got that tongue all up in my asshole and making me quiver and shit. I’m all tripped out ‘cause I don’t be having nobody play with my shit like that.

I got two handfuls of sheet and I’m rocking my ass up and down this nigga’s tongue when he raises up and gets on top of me. Now, what’s wrong with this picture, I thought, Hadari’s long dick pushing up against my hole?

He’s rubbing his dick all up and down my crack, spreading his sticky all over it. Part of me’s bought to raise up and get this nigga off me and part of me’s (the part that freaked me out!) wiggling my ass and trying to work up on his dick...




Like I said, Hadari would call, breathing all heavy on the phone and I knew what it meant. The whole thing was weird, him calling me and all. I’m usually the one, doggin’ a nigga. But it was all good.

He’d call and say “’sup?” and I’d go to thinking ‘bout that dick of his. Way it curves slightly to the left and gets so hard, it throbs. We both sitting there, listening to each other breath and then he’ll say something like,

“What you got on?” Or,

“You hard?”



We did the hangin’ out thing. Movies, dinner and shit. But Hadari drank. Hard shit like J & B or Hennessey. Started being a problem the way he’d get all to’e up.

One time, he called me at my job all blasted. He's insisting he got to come by, “right now,” and I’m telling him that ain’t cool.

“But I want some of dem cakes,” he kept saying. Wouldn’t let me off the phone so I had to hang up on his ass.




It wasn’t bad at first. Hell, I drink too but mostly mixed drinks. We’d go to the club together and dance and drink. I know all them bitches used to watch us and thought they had it all figured out. Know they probably thought I was taking Hadari home and tappin’ that ass. Just making assumptions ‘cause the way Hadari look. Don’t pay to make assumptions. 

Hadari had a grip of friends. Drinking buddies, I called them. Every time I looked around, he’d be rolling up with some new “friend”. But that was cool, I liked honey watchin’. And these niggas names; Daedae, Pleasure, Tigger, Nympho!

He’d call and tell me he was in the neighborhood, trying to see if he could stop by. Next thing I knew, I was looking at some new cutie, and serving up drinks. I know… weak.

So he came over one day with this boy named Frank. Both them fools already had a buzz on when they got there. Frank looked pretty young but he insisted he was 18 and I didn’t press it. Shit, the way that boy was working me, it was ok to be misled.

So we sitting around, drinking and laughing at everything, and I’m steady looking at this boy and getting hard. But I’m trying to keep it all on the DL, ‘cause, I ain’t wanting Hadari to know I’m all hot over his little buddy.

Then Hadari gets up and sits on my lap, all tipsy and shit. He’s really Ms. Thangin’ it up and crossing his legs and shit and this is all new to me. I mean, I knew Hadari was pretty soft, but I’d never seen him go fish on me.

For some reason, this is making me real hot and Hadari starts teasing me about poking him in the back with my dick. Immediately, I looked over at Frank to see if he’s hearing this and he just giggles.

“Dang nigga,” Hadari says, reaching between my legs. He’s feeling me up and playing with my shit and I’m all uptight ‘cause Frank is sitting right there watching.

“Com’ere, Frank, feel this,” he says.

I just about jumped out that chair when homey got up and slipped his hand around my shit. But I’m playing it all cool and just looking at him while he’s working his hand up and down my dick.

“Damnnnn,” he says, looking at me. I’m really drilling a hole in Hadari’s back now, but he just sits there, watching Frank feeling me up.

I’m sitting there, wondering where this is going when Frank takes my hand and pushes it against the front of his pants. Now… I’m hung and Hadari’s got like ‘bout 8 to 9 inches, but this boy’s got a god damn python in his pants. No shit, this mutha fucka was crawling up his pants clean up to his stomach!  



...Hadari’s got a stranglehold on Frank’s dick, so I got over Frank’s face and lowered my dick down his throat. He gagged at first, but then he was swallowing dick like a pro. His dick is just sticking straight up like a telephone pole and Hadari is going all down on it. Hadari’s ass is sticking all up in the air and I had to lean forward and grab them cakes.

I worked them round cheeks of his through my fingers just loving the way they jiggle. I’m so into Hadari’s bubble ass, I musta’ not noticed the way I was ramming my dick down Frank’s throat. My shit kept sliding deeper until finally I could feel his throat snapped around the head of my dick. Frank started wiggling and squirming like he was choking or something but it felt so good, I just pushed further.

Then Frank started trying to say something around my dick and that just made it feel better so, I pushed it even further. He really started wiggling then but, you know what? That nigga’s dick never went down. Matter of fact, it got harder.

Hadari was in heaven, slurping all around Frank’s brick hard pole and I was definitely feeling good. I’m looking at Frank’s throbbing hard post and Hadari’s sexy assed lips sliding down it and my dick is just pulsing down Frank’s throat. He’s squirming and moaning, but his dick is getting harder and harder.

This is making me so hot, I feel my juice rising, ‘bout to blow. Frank’s throat is like a vise around my club, all rubbing and strangling it and I’m doing all I can to not pass out. All the while, Frank’s bat is sticking up from his groin like a rocket about to launch.

I crammed a couple more inches down his clutching throat and...






Fucking Frank’s mouth was incredible and I could’ve died a happy man after that. Frank couldn’t get enough of it. I asked Hadari if he knew his little shorty got down like that and he said it was all a surprise to him.

He came by all the time with Hadari, that leering look on his face....


...It probably wouldn’t ever come to an end if Hadari hadn’t fucked up. How he ever got my boom box past me, I’ll never know, but I know it was him. Course, Hadari never owned up that he’d taken it, but I ain’t got no friend’s that’ll steal shit, so it had to been him.

Pissed me the fuck off. Not because I missed my boom box so, shit, I can buy one of them anytime. Pissed me off ‘cause that bitch had to go and take something from me.

Rather than whup up on his ass and risk assault and battery, I just cussed him out and told his drunk ass not to come around no more. He called me a few times after that, till I finally put a block on his ass.

But with all that, I still got hot this morning when I heard that voice...

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