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The Other Sponsorship

By Chris Carr

Copyright © January, 2017







Distracted, Colin barely heard his PA over the noise. Gorgeous inner-city youths everywhere, his head was practically on a swivel as RJ spoke.

“… was asking about something personal so I told her we don’t take those requests at these functions,” He was saying. Nodding, Colin wasn’t paying attention one of God’s heavenly creations passing by. An alluring medium-brown complexion, he had a swimmer’s build, his svelte hips swiveling atop the cutest pair of twin curves. His eyes helplessly following Colin did a mental backtrack, once the youth was out of sight.


“That lady… over there…” Pointing at a rotund, black woman, RJ continued, “She was asking a personal favor.” With a dismissive click at his iPad, RJ informed, “I told her we don’t accept personal requests at functions like these.”

Nodding again, Colin was still distracted. The recreation room teeming with beautiful Black and Hispanic inner-city youths, they all sported “Team PH!” t-shirts. His company logo walking around on a room full of the most attractive young males you’d ever seen, it was no wonder he couldn’t focus.

“What kind of ‘personal favor’?” He finally managed. Equally distracted with event planning, RJ spouted,

“Something for her son?” His face in his tablet. Pulled in, Colin inquired,

“Who’s her son?” Pausing long enough to find a sullen youth, slumped in a corner chair, RJ pointed him out... 




A bit socially inept but with tons of money, Colin is pulled into the world of his greatest temptation when he meets Jerick Michaels. Is it true, opposites attract?




Excited and flushed, Colin waited in his office, voices outside the door. Practically counting the days until Jerick’s arrival, hearing his youthful voice in his house was almost dizzying. Speaking in that clipped, swift-talking manner of his, he was telling RJ about his trip up, their voices approaching until, finally, there was a rap at the door.

“Come in,” He called, his heart fluttering and there he was. Jerick Michaels was finally in his house, in his office. A confident but guarded teen, he was tall for his age. His toned physique almost graceful as he walked, that satiny, mocha brown skin was very alluring. His pants stylishly sagging, his pert round ass caused Colin to stumble, almost tripping on the leg of the desk as he rounded it to shake his hand. His face reddening when Jerick blinked at his misstep, he sat on the edge of the desk trying to compensate.

“CJ, this is Jerick,” RJ introduced.

“Jerick Michaels,” Jerick spat, shaking Colin’s hand. The touch of his coarse hand scintillating, Colin flushed again.

“Thank you, RJ,” Colin said, motioning at him to leave with his eyes. After an awkward hesitation, he finally left. “Sit,” Colin said, directing the alluring youth to a chair. Sitting next to him, he looked into the boy’s intense eyes, his heart fluttering again. Having him so close almost breathtaking, he knew why RJ didn’t want to leave him alone. One look at the boy and wild lions couldn’t have kept him away, however.

“Trip up cool?” Nodding, Jerick blinked at him, as if appraising him. An empty pause extending, Colin blurted,

“Want something to drink?” Shaking his head, Jerick slumped a little in his chair, edging closer to that bad-boy poise he had at the recreation center. Another uncomfortable pause passing, Colin shot,

“Why don’t you tell me about your music?”

His shoulders slumping, Jerick dropped his head. Slowly shaking it, he stared at the floor for some time. Confused, Colin waited. Glancing up, Jerick’s face was almost sullen again.

“What did she tell you?” Blinking, Colin was taken back a bit.

“Uh… that you were trying to get started in the music industry?” Scoffing, Jerick shook his head again.

“Ok, wanna tell me then?”


Head down, Jerick finally assumed his bad-boy slump. He was silent for so long, Colin was beginning to think he wasn’t going to tell him when finally he muttered,

“Didn’t tell her to ask.” Leaning forward, Colin’s curiosity was piqued.

“Ask what?” Looking up, Jerick spouted,  

“On da real? That’s what I told Mom I needed the money for.” Genuinely intrigued, Colin returned,

“Wanna tell me what it’s really for?”

His head dropping again, the youth looked like the weight of the world was on his shoulders.

“Ain’t yo’ prob, man,” He eventually allowed. Not missing a beat, Colin returned,

“Still, tell me.” Almost irritated, Jerick studied the floor again.

“Listen, I didn’t tell mom to talk to you, b, but she wouldn’t take no for an answer. Kept buggin’ me about callin’ you and shit…” Glancing up at him, he muttered, “sorry.”

“All adults here,” Colin said, palms up. Taking a deep breath, Jerick mimicked,

“’You call Mr. Jiles yet? Jerick where’d you put that number? When you gonna call?’ I called just to shut her up. Never figured you’d…” Shaking his head again, Jerick stood, extending his hand. “Sorry I wasted yo’ time,” he said, heading for the door.

“How much?”

His feet stopping, Jerick stood frozen.

“Just tell me how much,” Colin said. His back still to him, Jerick was silent for some time.

“A hundred,” He finally spurted.

“When?” Slowly turning, Jerick looked surprised.





In need, young Jerick is in a compromising position.  Will he comply or is Colin in for a rude awakening? 




Making arrangements for them to meet, he jumped in his Beamer, driving to the seedy side of town. The address Jerick had given a pool hall, he stopped in front of it, a bit apprehensive as heads turned at his car. Maybe this was a bad idea? Colin thought. Jerick strolling out the front door, he hopped in the car, head down.

Driving off, Colin headed back into the suburbs, stopping at a late night café. Getting out, Jerick followed, that cocky saunter so alluring, Colin almost tripped again. Taking a seat in the back of the deserted café, he ordered coffees and desert, a bit more at ease now that they were on his turf.

“So what’s up Jerick?” He started, once the food arrived. Glancing around, Jerick leaned close.

“Gonna need you to keep this between you and me, ‘K?” Nodding, Colin took a sip of his coffee. “Remember how much I told you I needed?” Nodding again, Colin sat forward. “I was just tryna see what you’d say.”


“But I can’t take a check. That’s why I couldn’t take the money.” Amazed, Colin was speechless. “But… you think you can help me?”

“I don’t know. How much you talking about?”

“Hey, keep yo’ voice down,” Jerick chided, looking around. Leaning close again, he blinked. Watching his actions, Colin supposed he must’ve been in deep. His coffee all but forgotten, he’d never felt so alive before.

 “$5000,” He finally muttered, head down. Stunned, Colin said nothing. Although $5000 was nothing to him, he couldn’t imagine what someone so young needed it for.

“May I ask what for?” Scoffing, Jerick snapped,

“Yo, never mind.”

The door seemingly closed on the subject, he appeared ready to leave. Not one to quibble, Colin called for the check. As they walked to his car, he inquired where Jerick would like him to drop him off.

“Don’t worry ‘bout it, I got this,” Jerick spat, storming off for the curb. Following, Colin dropped,

“If you don’t want to tell me, then it’s not free.” Wheeling to face him, Jerick blasted,

“Oh you got conditions now?” Taken aback, Colin did his best not to flinch. “’Cause don’t tell me you all innocent!” Confused, Colin said nothing. “Oh don’t act like you don’t know. You think I didn’t see the way you and your Boyfriend was checkin’ me out at the functun’?!” Stepping closer, Jerick blasted, “So what you talkin’ about? Want me to go down on you or sumpin’?”

He was so close, spittle from his exclamations was hitting Colin on the cheeks. Fighting hard to maintain his composure, Colin started to speak but changed his mind, instead walking off. He was halfway to his car when he heard footsteps swiftly approaching. Expecting Jerick might be about to punch him, he turned to duck... 




A deal struck, Jerick, nor Colin have no idea where it will lead. Delivering like only a Studies In Brown story can, "The Other Sponsorship" leads the reader into exciting highs and lows, all infused with that Studies In Brown style!




Dashing out the door he was surprised to see Rashaud there. Dressed in his best, his cologne was so strong, it almost made Jerick’s eyes water.

“’Sup nigga?” He chuckled, heading for the limo.

“Take me with you,” Rashaud begged, his face sincere.

“What? I can’t do that,” Jerick said, walking around him. Nervous, he prayed Rashaud wouldn’t say anything as he ducked in the car. Closing the door, he came face to face with Colin. Smiling, the man pulled him to him and kissed. Panicked, Jerick strained over his shoulder, trying to see if Rashaud was still there.

“They can’t see,” Colin told him, the car speeding away. Jerking back over his shoulder, Jerick shrieked,

“Are you sure?!”

“I wouldn’t have done that if I thought anyone could’ve seen.”

Relieved, Jerick slumped down in the seat, his heart still pounding. Man, there was no dodging his position in this life. Right from jump street Colin was all over him, playing in his hair and gazing at him like he’d been away at war.

“Who was that?” He casually asked, his hand traveling inside Jerick’s shirt.

“Huh? Oh, my cousin Rashaud.”

“Attractive,” Colin said, opening his shirt.

By the time they’d made it across town, Jerick was near naked. He was about to exit the car when Colin pulled him back. “Wait,” He mouthed, the front door opening. The chauffeur exiting, suddenly Colin was all over him.

That feeling of being trapped seizing him again, Jerick thought about the old neighborhood as he ripped his boxers back, baring his skittish extension. Gasping when he swooped down on it, his stomach quivered, Colin’s skill unavoidable. Soon he was letting out reluctant gasps and moans, the man locked on his dick like some kind of unholy suctioning machine.

His toes grabbing at the fine, pile carpet of the richly appointed limo, his chest rapid rose and fell as he stared out the window, Colin loudly slurping up and down his column. Just as he started to hump his hips, Colin flung him over, positioning him on his knees over the back seat.

The real sponsorship, Jerick thought, Colin ripping his boxers below his balls and diving between his butt cheeks. Gasping again, it’d been a few days since he’d felt this. His toes folding against his leathery soles, he wiggled as Colin ate him. It was a real conundrum, vacillating between the two worlds of abject poverty and serving as a man-whore...




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With a smug smile Colin walked around his desk, leading the boys to his room. Quietly following, Jerick pulled Dylan along behind him. Heart in his throat he felt like a traitor leading a poor sheep the slaughter.

In the room, Colin locked the door, something he never did. Facing them, he smirked. Greeting Dylan his smile broadened. Shaking his hand, he looked at Jerick.

“So happy you’re here,” He gushed. Looking back at Dylan he stated, “I’m pretty sure your uncle’s told you a few things?” Nodding, Dylan looked at Jerick who somberly smiled. “Bottom line is, we’re going to have some fun,” Colin continued. “And everybody gets something!”

Guilty, Jerick wanted to tell him to keep his things. Dylan’s eyes lighting up, he hated him even more, aware his nephew was also dying for his things. Biting back bile, he appropriated his patent stare. He didn’t have to enjoy what he was about to do.

“So, let’s start with getting comfortable..."

Walking to the bed where Dylan sat, Colin sat beside him. In nothing but his boxer-briefs, he smiled at the boy. After so long, he was finally with him. His café-au-latte legs exposed, he tentatively touched the one closest to him. His hand on the boy’s smooth thigh, he smiled at him.

“Let’s have some fun,” He said, looking at Jerick. 

Dylan between them, he watched them like a hawk. Smiling, Colin stared at Jerick as he slowly lifted Dylan’s t-shirt, pulling it over his head. His eyes trained on the youth, he lowered, his mouth at Dylan’s nipple. Taking it in his mouth, he suckled it, bobbling the tender bud on his tongue.

Startled, Dylan jerked, peering down, Colin’s tongue on his nipple sensitive. Squirming, he tried understanding why a grown man would lick on a boy’s nipple. The sensation provoking a reaction, he felt it harden. Surprised a boy could feel sensation in his nipple, tiny gasps escaped him.

Licking and suckling at the boy’s sensitive nub, Colin thrilled to his helpless reaction. Ecstatic, he gobbled his sensitive nipple, raking it erect, Dylan aversely squirming and cooing to his actions. Happy when he pulled off, his nipple was red, the skin around it red also. The tiny nub barely standing out from his chest, Colin’s dick throbbed. Leering at Jerick he decreed,

“Your turn.” Both pair of eyes on him, Jerick blinked...





Grabbing Jerick, Colin yanked him by his hair, planting his face against the boy’s baby curves once more. Holding the back of his head, he rubbed his face about, moving it from Dylan’s smooth balls to the top of his curved ass.

“Can’t tell me you don’t like it,” He taunted, smashing Jerick’s face against Dylan’s ass. His resistance waning, Jerick feebly pulled to free himself, his face against his vulnerable nephew’s ass making him weak. His worst nightmare coming true, his dick throbbed.

Tiring of his foolish denial, Colin snapped, “Fine then! Have it your way.” Pushing Jerick out the way, he suddenly charged for the bedside table.

In a daze Jerick watched, knowing full well what he was looking for. Suddenly faced with the impossible choices, he glanced at his distraught nephew. Concern etched on his face, Dylan’s eyes darted between Colin and Jerick. Eyebrows knitted together, when he peered over his shoulder at Jerick, his heart went out to him. Panicked by Colin’s previous performances, in a flash he darted close to his nephew’s ear.

“I’m sorry,” He whispered, Colin hopping back on the bed. With a panged expression he looked back at his nephew. “It’s gonna hurt. But I’m doin’ it to save you,” He explained, tears forming in his eyes...

Prying his nephew’s buttonhole apart, he felt his dick wedge forward. Hating himself for betraying the child, he held his suddenly struggling body, immobilizing him as he impaled him, stabbing his ample size inside.

Bolting upright, Dylan’s eyes shot open, his mouth gaping as he let out a blood-curdling scream...





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