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The Study


By Chris Carr


August, 2013






Squirming, muscles in Tory’s legs flexed. His hips swinging upward, his hardness stood wickedly erect between his legs.

“Almost there,” the doctor coached, his hand choking up the boy’s bobbling bat. Toes clinching the stirrups, Tory’s hips bucked. “Fuck!” He spat, chewing on his bottom lip. Eyes closed, he shook, huge spurts of boy cum pelting his chest. His balls quivering, he moaned rudely, his hips whipping as round after round popped out. Fuck if that didn’t feel good!

His stores emptying, he rapidly came down. Looking down at his cum smeared torso, he panted, the guilt ceasing him. Uncomfortable, all he wanted was to be released and jet.

Walking to a table, the doctor entered data into a laptop. “Can I….” Uncomfortable, Tory squirmed. Was fucked up being naked like this. “Yo…”

Turning the doctor approached him. “Towels in the bathroom,” He said, removing the boy’s restraints. Returning to his laptop, he tapped on keys, the naked boy with the unrelenting erection darting to the bathroom behind him of no consequence.

Cleaning up, Tory glanced at himself in the mirror. The fuck he always shot so hard? Diligently swabbing away cum, he quickly dressed, rejoining the doctor in the exam room.

“So… we good?” He said, dancing from one foot to the other. Hunched over the computer the doctor was engrossed in the output. “Doc?” Tory queried, shifting his backpack from one shoulder to the other.

Facing him, the doctor removed his glasses. “You’ll need to talk to your coach but the data is incomplete.”

Despondent, Tory’s head dropped. “Incomplete?”

“Yes. I’m still studying it but talk with your coach.” 



A study is being conducted...



Three other boys in the office, Tory hesitated. Shifting his weight from one foot to the other, he waited until coach noticed him.

“Talk with you?” He said, all eyes on him.

“Five minutes,” Coach said, picking up his conversation with the other boys. Restless, Tory plopped in a seat, his knee bouncing as he waited. In time the boys left and coach locked the door.

“Sup Smithers?” Standing, Tory paced, his face distraught.

“He said to talk with you.”

“Well, I haven’t had a chance to check with him yet. What’d he tell you?”

“Something about the ‘data’s incomplete’?” Irked, Tory stopped pacing. Glaring at his coach he spat, “Man, how much more this shit I gotta do?!”

“Whoa!” Coach said, standing. Walking around his desk, he directed Tory to a seat. Perching on the edge of his desk he waited until Tory cooled down.

“As I told you in the beginning you don’t have to do this. Like we said, this is all voluntary and if you want to stop, it’s all good.”

Huffing, Tory shook his head. “Yeah, but what’s that mean, I wasn’t good enough?”

Sitting next to the troubled boy, coach patted him on his knee. “Listen, this is just like training Smithers. Do the work and you’ll pass the test. How many sessions you’ve done?”

Three man!”

“Ok, so what’s your beef?”

“What’s my…” Huffing, Tory stood, pacing again. “Three times, coach! Three times I been gettin' naked, strapped in and lettin' him…” Huffing again, he clinched his jaw.

“Ok, ok, sit down,” Coach said, pulling the boy back to a seat. “This is what I tried telling you when you signed up. Seems like you’re not the right candidate for this study then. I’ll let Doc know…” Coach said, heading to his desk. Watching him pull a form out  from a drawer, Tory sulked, his knee bouncing again.

“So… what you sayin’? I’m out?”

“Isn’t that what you want?” Coach said, picking up a pen.

Distraught, Tory watched as coach filled out the form. “Just…” Rubbing the back of his neck, he gazed out the window.

“How many more times I gotta...”

Walking around the desk, coach joined him again. “Tory, it’s no use doing something you don’t want to do.”

“But, how many more times you think I gotta…” Looking between his legs, he blinked at the bulge in his shorts.

“It’s not my study, T. I just sign you guys up and keep you informed,” Coach said, his hand on the boy’s shoulder.

Still studying the unrelenting bulge in his shorts, Tory thought about how uncomfortable it was, walking around campus with the protrusion. Baggy jeans and loose underwear little comfort, he almost always carried a book or notebook in front of his groin. Sitting through classes almost torture, he couldn’t get his mind off how bad he needed to bust.

“How about the rest of the guys? Anybody get it yet?”

“Can’t reveal anyone’s results, but at least two of them have got it and moved on to the next level.”

“Next level?! There’s more?”

Hedging, coach replied, “There’s an ‘incentive’ for each level.”

“Incentive? So… like… what, we can get more?”

“I’m not supposed to say because you guys need to finish each level before you get more info.”

“But, it’s shit I’d like?”

“Pretty sure,” Coach said, standing. “Up to you, T,”He said, walking to the door.

“Wait,” Tory said, also standing. “The homeys been down for this? Ain’t nobody wiggin’ about…” Looking down at the bulge in his shorts again, he hesitated. “Everybody’s cool with this shit?”

“Get through the first level you’ll be all good T,” Coach said, opening the door.



And Tory's just one of the sexy hotties lining up to compete....



...“Let’s get started,” The doctor said, startling the squirming boy. Following their routine, he walked to the computer while Tory started to undress. Idly feigning input into the computer his dick throbbed in his shorts at the notion a strapping cutie like Tory Smithers was readily undressing right behind him.

“K,” He heard the boy say. Stilling himself he turned to face him. His body on the verge the handsome youth was a study in teen development, his smooth physique on its way to adulthood while yet undeveloped in other places. Boy pecs pushing his hairless chest out, he was smooth as a baby, a mere sprout of bush above his raring inches. His legs toned, they were muscular, the result of his days running track. His brow dotted with beads of perspiration, the doctor wondered if the drugs were having an adverse effect on him. Blaming it on the boy’s rampant teen libido he wasn’t too alarmed.

Nervously shifting his weight from one foot to the other the boy seemed atwitter with sexual frustration. From his rapidly rising and falling chest to his wiggling toes he seemed flushed, to say nothing about the rude protrusion throbbing in front of his groin. Wickedly pointing towards the ceiling his straining inches bobbled with each beat of his excited teen heart. A vision of raw, sexual tension, the doctor imagined it wouldn’t be long before he progressed through all the levels.

“Hop up on the table,” He said, flushing at the brief glimpse of the boy’s sweet round bottom as he walked to the table. Sitting on the edge of the table the boy squirmed as the doctor lifted his feet into the stirrups, securing them with restraints. As the doctor equally restrained his hands he irked,

“Why I gotta be tied up?” Glancing up at his distraught face the doctor quietly replied,

“As we’ve said all along, you don’t have to do any of this. If you’d rather stop, they’ll be no penalty. Is that what you want?”

Shaking his head, Tory’s nostrils flared, his respirations agitated. Stilling himself, he replied, “Just feels weird.”

“We must maintain control for this study so we restrain the subjects,” The doctor explained. Nodding, Tory ejected,

“It’s all good. Let’s go.”

Proceeding the doctor fastened the restraints about his wrists, securing them to notches either side the table. His dick never waning, it stood rudely erect in front of him, the shiny head oozing boy juice.

“Move a little more forward,” The doctor instructed, tugging Tory’s slim hips towards the edge of the table, dangling his taut balls between his wide splayed legs. Patiently perched on the edge of the table Tory waited as the doctor returned to his computer. His every thought on how bad he needed to bust, he squirmed in anticipation.

Watching the boy in the reflection of the computer the doctor knew he was extremely aroused which was just what he’d wanted. Fiddling around with the computer he extended the boy’s anxiety for a sufficient amount of time. Fidgeting and thrusting his hips, Tory thought he’d scream.

Facing the boy the doctor felt lightheaded observing his taut muscles and exceptionally good looking features. Picking up the bottle of lubricant he snapped on a pair of gloves. Holding the bottle over the boy’s upthrust hardness he let it dribble about the head. Quivering, Tory’s toes clinched the stirrups, his eyes closing as he softly moaned.

The liquid streaming down his knob, it pool in his pubic hair and oozed about his snug tight balls. Cooing softly, Tory’s hips involuntarily pushed his dick up, aiming it at the pouring liquid. Aware the boy could possibly blow the doctor set the bottle down.

Opening his eyes the boy looked helpless, like he was at the doctor’s mercy. Which he was, whether he knew it or not. Blinking, he watched as the doctor gloved his hand up his aching hardness. Sighing loudly, his hips rocked up, thrusting his dick into the doctor’s hand.

Acting quickly the doctor lubed up the middle finger of his other gloved hand. “There’s an extra component to today’s test,” He calmly announced as he diddled the boy’s exposed hole. Flinching, Tory stared at the doctor, his eyes glaring.

“Extra component?!” He squirmed, the doctor’s finger angling for the entry. “What’re you doing?!”

“It’s all part of the test.” Wiggling his finger about the boy’s tight hole, he additionally gloved his other hand up his randy pole. His eyes involuntarily closing, Tory’s hips rocked forward again. “To test your prostate response,” The doctor informed, his finger slipping past the boy’s tightly clinched sphincter.

Pulling at the restraints Tory suddenly realized why they were there. His body tensing, he scowled as the doctor’s finger entered him.

“Wait, wait! What tha fuck?” He said, squirming on the man’s finger. “Ain’t nobody told me you’d be playing in my ass!”

“It’s not what you think,” The doctor calmly explained, searching for the boy’s bud. “The study includes a subject’s autonomic response to stimuli.” Rooting around in the increasingly angry boy’s anal cavity, he finally bumped his finger against his swollen button. “Let me know when you feel the sensation.”

Moaning loudly, Tory trembled, the doctor’s rooting finger bumping against some unexplained stimuli inside his anus. Wiggling and bucking, the combination of the doctor’s finger up his ass and hand about his throbbing dick proved confusing. As cum built behind his balls, his brain struggled with the notion he was being fingered.

“But… I… I don’t want you… sticking your… finger…”

Powerful sensations gripping him, he couldn’t think. The finger doing unwanted things up his backside, before he knew it he was squeezing his ass around it. Shaking, he cursed, his dick so hard it looked like it might split.

“FUCK!” He wailed, his ass muscles nursing the thrusting finger as his dick strained to release.

“Oh please!”

“Please?” The doctor taunted, slowing his finger.

“Please!” Tory pleaded, ashamed of himself. 



Tested to his limits, what's the "incentive" great enough to keep our young jock cumming back? 





He wasn’t sure who the other ‘candidates’ were for the study but he’d give his left nut to know. Why were they ‘better suited’ and what kind of progress had they made? Tossing and turning in his bed, he wrestled with conflicting thoughts.

Although the test required he not jack off, he’d jacked off three times already. Fuckit, not having a test tomorrow anyway, he’d justified, strumming his hardness.

Still couldn’t compare to the ball buster’s doc gave him. Was it something doc knew? Or maybe something he did? Sweating, he idly stroked, trying to imagine. All he knew was by the time of the test he was all but begging doc to bring him off.

He’d finally moved past the first level and was apparently sailing through the second, the damn fingering thing notwithstanding. He didn’t know how far the other ‘candidates’ were but his chest swelled with pride over the progress he’d made. And coach thought he couldn’t cut it.

But the fingering thing was a curve in the game he hadn’t anticipated. “Just stay with the test,” Coach had told him when he’d confronted him. Irritated as he was he couldn’t bring himself to tell coach what had happened. Some things you just don’t discuss.

It wasn’t so much the discomfort that bothered him. Yes, he’d never had anything up that end but it wasn’t like it hurt too much. In fact, once doc’d found his… what’d he call it? Postate? Once he’d fingered that thing inside him, he couldn’t deny how fucking good it felt. But that was the problem! How you gon’ bust all over yourself when somebody got a FINGER up yo’ ass?!! Just ain’t right!

Unable to rationalize his reaction, Tory quickly dropped the subject. All he had to do was stay with it.




“What’s up?” Coach asked, closing the door to the observation room.

“I want to put them together,” The doctor said, studying Tory through the two-way mirror. A tad calmer, his knee nevertheless bobbed up and down. His brow wasn’t sweating so profusely and he wasn’t chewing on his bottom lip.

“Really? Think he’s ready?” Both of them regarding the attractive boy, hands reached inside shorts. The men stroking themselves they regarded the boy’s soft features. His smooth skin, his pouty lips, his cute button nose.

“He’s not resistant to the prostate stimulation anymore and he’s readily responding to tactile stimulation. I think he’s ready.”

“Smithers is getting off on being fingered?” Coach marveled, glancing at the doctor.

“Blasts like a Roman candle.” Truly surprised, coach’s dick swelled in his hand.

“I’d like to see that,” Coach said.

“Films are in the archive. Check it out, you don’t believe me.”

“Naw, it’s not I don’t believe you. I’d just like to see that.”

Looking through the one-way mirror at the boy the men strummed their erections. “It is quite surprising, especially considering his makeup.”

“Told you, I think he’s out to prove something.”

“All works in our favor,” The doctor said, palming coach’s round bottom a few minutes then exiting out the door.


Once he’d got Tory naked and restrained the doctor returned to his computer. Fidgeting, Tory always hated this part. He so wanted to get it over with.

“You’ve done well,” The doctor said, his face still in the computer. A smile on his face, Tory’s chest swelled with pride. Turning to face him the doctor continued,

“I’m sure you know we have other students in this study.” Nodding, Tory listened intently. “Part of the study involves comparative analysis. As you know, you’ve progressed past level one, granting you the first incentive. I hope you’ve been happy with that.”

“Fo sho,” Tory said, nodding his head.

“Well, there’s definitely incentives for each level so you do good to continue. If you do well with today’s part of the study, you’ll be just that closer to level three.” Nodding his head again Tory hoped this special part of the study didn’t involve any more freaky ass shit.

“Ok, well if you’re ok with proceeding, I’ll set up for the next part.”

“K,” Tory said, a bit apprehensive.


Bustling about the room the doctor set up lubricants, gloves and other instruments. In time he exited, leaving Tory alone, his dick boldly erect as usual. When the door opened, to his horror, the doctor was leading ANOTHER boy inside the room! Equally naked, the boy’s dick was also rudely erect, leading the way...




Oblivious, young Tory has no idea what awaits him in our upcoming story, The Study. With each chapter you'll be granted access to the competitive jock's struggles and temptations. Following as he's put through the paces, you'll delight in the youth's progress as he finds himself deeper and deeper in things he'd never allow otherwise. 



“We’re very proud of your progress Tory,” The doctor said, walking to a computer nearby. Punching keys he continued.

“As you can see, there’s only a handful of choice candidates who’ve made it this far so you should be proud of your progress.” Even in his highly agitated state, Tory nevertheless beamed at his accomplishment.

“Today we’ll be testing the limits of your sexual response,” The doctor said, facing the boy. A pair of wire leads in his hands, Tory wondered what they had to do with his test. Reaching between his legs, Tory felt him attach the wires to the plug up his ass.

“Try not to fight the instruments,” The doctor said, walking to a device beside the table. “Some things may feel weird but you’ve been through similar tests. Just do what you’ve always done and stay with it.” Tory nodded, his anxious pole idly flexing between his legs.

The doctor flipped a switch and all of a sudden Tory was writhing and gasping, his ass suddenly aglow. The plug up his ass purring, the unit hummed against his prostate. His hole clamping down, Tory gasped loudly, his eyes bucking. His dick swelling so hard it looked like a steel pipe, it jumped, seconds from blasting.

“Turn it down,” Coach cautioned. Adjusting dials the doctor tuned the electrical input to the plug in Tory’s ass to a frequency that held his release at bay while dangling him on the edge of sweet nirvana. Writhing and whimpering, Tory looked at the men, his eyes pleading.

Consulting with each other, the doctor and coach stood off to the side as the boy contorted, his jutting dick leaking. Both men agreeing, coach left while the doctor studied data on the computer.

Groaning, Tory thought he’d scream. “Doc?” He pleaded, the probe deep inside his ass summoning a desire he wasn’t liking. “Little help?” He petitioned, his face a grimace.

“Patience,” The doctor said, returning to the computer. A few minutes later coach returned with the other boys. All of them nude they were equally hard as nails, their various erections leading the way. 


What will be his limit?


Cumming soon to The Studies!


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