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The Sweetest Taboo


By Chris Carr


April, 2015










By his freshman year high school, things were bordering on the chaotic for Amari. All of a sudden it seemed the word on everyone’s lips was ‘new’. A new mom and new brother, it was as if someone had opened a door and all of this new family appeared.

The car whizzing along, he stared out the window, his mind miles away. Apprehensive, his palms were sweaty. Another Saturday and he had no idea what was in store for him. His mind wandering, he didn’t hear his mother speaking…

“Amari? Amari?” Glancing at her she inquired, “Did you pack your underwear?”

Mom!” He moaned, looking back out the window. How he longed for the old days when he, his mom and dad would be on the way to the park for his soccer practice or to go shopping. Times he took for granted.

His feet finally reaching the floor of his mom’s car, he was nevertheless stunted for his age. A mere 5’ tall he was waiting for his growth spurt. Praying for it, in fact, the short jokes were getting old. A beautiful almond brown, his slight figure on the verge of manhood, his almond shaped eyes and cherub cheeks were alluring. His features attractive, unfortunately he saw something different in the mirror. To him, his lips were too big and his nose too wide. The constant comments from girls about his lips making him more self-conscious, he wished they weren’t so pronounced.

Why couldn’t he have nice, proportionate lips like Shane? Proportionate lips and a slender nose. It didn’t seem fair Shane got the good genes. But what we’re getting ahead of ourselves… 


Amari's life has been disrupted...




The car stopping his mom took his hand. “Listen baby…” Rolling his eyes, Amari glossed over. “I know this isn’t easy but you know your mommy loves you, right?” Nodding appropriately, Amari was many miles away as she continued speaking. He’d heard it all.

Mommmmm!” He moaned, when she kissed him on the forehead. Caught off guard, he pulled away, pushing the car door open.

“I’ll pick you up tomorrow evening,” His mother called as he climbed out the car. Flinging his backpack over his shoulders, he wondered what he’d see this time as he approached the door. His dad remarried, there was not only a new stepmom to deal with, there was a new baby too. His peaceful, self-absorbed Saturdays with his pops turned upside down, it seemed like a three ring circus at times. Dealing with his mother’s smothering attention and his dad’s distance seemed almost too much.

Sometimes things would be all quiet, everyone sleeping because the baby was asleep. Other times he’d open the door to a screaming baby and his dad running around in his underwear, looking for the bottle. With all his efforts, he couldn’t seem to secure more than a few stolen moments with his dad, the new baby and stepmother demanding all his attention.

On one visit a puppy greeted him at the door and stayed underfoot the entire weekend. “It’s for Jason,” His dad explained, picking the puppy up and placing him near the baby. A puppy for a baby? Amari wondered.

Then one weekend he was greeted with a tall, dread headed youth. Chucking his head up at Amari, his drooping eyes and laid back demeanor was curious.

“That’s Shane,” His dad informed, as if Amari should know who he was. “Your brother? Janae's son,” His dad stated, Amari’s face a question mark.

Quickly explaining that Shane was his stepmother’s son, Amari glanced at him. Leaning against the wall, the lanky youth regarded him as his dad spoke. His dreads gathered into a ponytail, Amari thought he looked pretty cool. Wondering where he’d sleep, he slowly nodded his head as his dad finished up... 


Trying to cope, his new brother is problematic...



His father unintentionally more distant, he found himself alone with Shane more often. One Saturday his dad and stepmother weren’t even there when he arrived. Wandering around the empty house, he’d never felt so abandoned. Just when he’d started to think he was all alone, he heard strange noises from Shane’s room. Slowly approaching, he leaned towards the door to listen. Groans and what sound like something creaking greeting him, he should’ve walked away. His curiosity getting the better of him, he pushed the door open.

“Really, dumb ass? Really?” Shane yelled. His lower half naked, his hand was wrapped around his dick. Mouth gaped, Amari stood frozen, unable to react.

“Ok, well since you wantin’ to just stand there, com’on over here and handle this!” Shane bellowed. Shaking his head, Amari slammed the door, his feet still unable to move... 


His curiosity piqued, Amari is pulled in...





That night he lay in bed wondering how he hadn’t heard about this mysterious “jacking off”. His mind a blur, he was pretty sure what it was about but his morbid curiosity wouldn’t let it go. The image of Shane’s hard dick surfacing, he wondered what the “feels good” part was about and how you got to it?

The hour late, the house was quiet. His curiosity getting the better of him he hopped up, tip-toeing to Shane’s room. Slowly opening the door, he’d slipped in bed with him before he noticed. Gently nudging him, his heart thundered so loud he almost couldn’t think.

“Hey, shawty, you crossin’ a line,” Shane mumbled, discovering the boy in bed with him. Obsessed, Amari didn’t even understand his reference.

“Can you show me?” He whispered.

“Ah hell. I know you didn’t wake me up fo’ that?” Craning over his shoulder at the boy, he shook his head when he observed his crimson face.

“You serious, huh?” He said, turning onto his back to face him. Blinking, Amari nodded, his cheeks red. Rolling his eyes, Shane protested,

 “You sho’ picked a hella time to find out.” Peering at his watch, he groaned when he saw the time.

“You want me to lock the door?”

“Dang, you serious, huh?” Sheepishly nodding, Amari peered at him with those almond shaped eyes.

“Well, shit, lock the door... “ 


Things progressing, we arrive at...






Grasping Shane’s dick once more, both boys stared at it, Shane’s tummy quivering, Amari’s hand fantastic. The skin steadily retracting, then slowly slipping up over the head, his toes wiggled, the head liberally leaking.

As if in a trance, the room was quiet, the sound on the TV muted. Quivering and trembling as Amari manipulated him, Shane looked at Amari’s dick. Reaching his hand about the smooth shaft, he slipped it over the ridged crown, encircling the leaking head.

Spreading the slippery substance about, he worked his hand down, Amari’s attention finally pulled from his brother’s dick to his own. Gasping, he shuddered, the sensation incredible. Shane’s soft hand slipping back up his slender stalk, he gasped again, his stomach concaving.

“How long you been doin’ this?” He asked, his voice so husky, it sounded like a croak.

“What?” His voice equally husky, Shane glanced at him.

“Jackin’ off?”

“Huh… I dunno, long time.”

“Who showed you?” Shaking his head, Shane replied,

“Nobody. Learned myself.” Amazed, Amari quizzed,

“How?” His hand traveling up Shane’s pleading inches, his answer was delayed, Shane trembling again.

“Huh? Oh, ‘cause I saw it in a porn.” Shane becoming cooler by the minute, Amari glanced up at him.

“How old were you when saw your first porn?” Hunching his shoulders, Shane thought a few.

“Prob’ly… 9 or 10.”

“Dang, where’d you see porn at 9?”

“My homey’s computer. He was always watching it.” Amari slipping his wet foreskin over the head of his dick again, he paused, closing his eyes. “One day when he was gone, I found it.”

“But like, you could jack off when you was 9?” Nodding, Shane slipped his hand up Amari’s sensitive stalk, invoking a sigh from him.

“And that’s when the white stuff came out?” Shaking his head, Shane illuminated,

“Naw, shawty. You can’t shoot when you 9. I didn’t start shootin’ till I was about your age.” Confused, Amari inquired,

“But… then… why jack off?”

“It still felt good. Just couldn’t shoot.” Gasping, Shane looked at Amari. “Yo’ shawty, you keep that up and it’s gonna come out.” Pausing, Amari blinked.

“You don’t want me to?” Shaking his head, Shane explained,

“Naw, I was just tellin’ you. But it’s all good.” Equally slipping his hand up Amari’s aching post, the boys fell silent. While Amari contemplated Shane’s words, Shane trembled, his dick dangerously close. Imagining him jacking off at 9, Amari felt like he’d missed so much. Envious, he wished he’d learned about things early like Shane.

Perusing his on-the-verge body, his dick throbbed, unbeknownst to him. Shane wiggling and contorting, he teetered on the edge, every sensation stimulating. From the eerie silence of the house to the erotic sensation of the A/C on his exposed nipples, he was driven closer and closer. Watching him react, Amari’s pulse hastened, his rapidly pounding heart echoing up his post.

Silently manipulating each other, the eroticism of the moment overrode their reservations, dragging them towards release. Bodies quivering, they emitted smothered gasps and moans, eyes locked on each other’s erections. Moist sounds echoing, they’d forgotten about the other occupants, their focus slammed tight on their burgeoning erections. 

Moments from release, Amari’s hand continued pulling Shane’s foreskin back, only to slip it over the wet, leaking head once more, while Shane coated Amari’s leaking head with his substance, working it back and forth about the head.

Both straining, they almost leapt out their skin when there was a knock at the door. “Shane, you seen your brother?” Amari’s dad called.

“He’s with me,” Shane returned. Both boys frozen, they stared at the door.

“Amari, we’re going to that restaurant you like, wanna come?” Glancing at Shane, Amari’s cheeks reddened.

“Maybe next time, pops,” He called, his voice husky. After some hesitation, his dad returned,

“’K.” His footsteps departing, the boys held each other’s posts like errant joysticks. Amazed he’d totally forgotten his folks were still there, Amari looked up at Shane...


And then...





Haltingly entering, he blinked, his heart in his throat. Shane nude, his dick throbbed atop him. That familiar funk of sex in the air, Amari could hold out no more. Dashing to the bed, he rolled on top of the youth, Shane immediately embracing him as he bashfully buried his head in the pillows.

Thrusting against each other, Shane caressed his shirt-clad back, his hands steadily moving lower. Wrapping himself about the youth’s neck, Amari huffed into the pillows, his face red as a beet. Sweating into the darkness, he sensed the heady aroma of sex, Shane’s hands all over his back until, finally, he gripped his twin swells.

Gasping into the darkness, Amari shuddered, the touch forbidden, yet so erotic. His hands cupping the boy’s tender half-moons, Shane smothered gasps, his respirations rapid. Writhing and thrusting against each other they both panted. Sweating, Shane held Amari in a bear hug, his face pressed against the boy’s.

At last, he pulled on his clothes, wrestling him out of them as they continued writhing. Soon naked, Amari whimpered, his dick leaking as they heaved against each other. Sweat, soap and sex mingling in the air, Shane pulled on Amari’s delectable swells, his finger eventually delving between them.

Huffing loudly into the pillows, Amari’s dick oozed between them. Caught in the moment, his hand reached between them, searching for Shane’s uncut python. Wrapping his teen fingers about the swollen head, he whimpered, sensing the wet hood about it. His hips pounding against Shane’s, he huffed loudly as he peeled it back. Sensing the soppy head, he imagined it in the dark, pink and dripping, the foreskin peeled back.

Slowly pulling it back up, he felt Shane shudder, his finger dashing against his vulnerable hole. As he peeled his foreskin back, Shane effused,

“Damn, shawty, you got a nigga twisted.” His words appealing, Amari whimpered, his ass whipping against Shane’s probing finger. Pulling on his leaking post, Amari slowly raised up, his eyes momentarily meeting Shane’s then darting away to peer between them.

Peering at his throbbing extension, he shuddered, Shane’s finger probing his tight hole. Straining to thrust and peer, he suddenly felt himself lifted, Shane pushing him aloft as he repositioned him in a 69 position. Suddenly hovering above the object of his affection, Amari marveled at Shane’s knowledge of sex.

What an incredible position, he thrilled, his ass at Shane’s face while his face hovered above his wagging member. His head spinning not only from his high, he swooned under the powerful pull of newfound exploration. Sex in the air, he gazed at Shane’s pole, his hand finally wrapping around it... 


The strain of two houses and two families too much, Amari finds a way to cope...




Suddenly aware a presence was beside him, he stirred, his heart pounding. His eyes slowly opening, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Lying next to him, Amari blinked. Thrilled and troubled, he croaked,

“Aww li’l homey, you cain’t be here.” Hotter than ever, Amari said nothing. Staring at him, his breathing was heavy. “’Sup with you?” Shane quizzed, his behavior odd. Slowly lifting the covers, his heart leapt into his throat.

“Ah shit, what’re you doin’?!” He protested, Amari naked as a Jaybird. Moving closer, he pressed his naked body against him. His heart pounding so hard he trembled, Shane’s dick took over. Harder than a steel post, he stared at the boy for some time before he pounced.  

Suddenly on top of him, Shane nipped at his neck and cheeks, pulling them with his teeth. The question he’d dreaded before him, his resolve weakened, caution thrown out the window. Although he knew it was wrong, he couldn’t stop himself. Writhing atop the smooth boy, his dick liberally leaked. Amari, Amari, Amari, he panted, all of his previous inhibitions and promises forgotten.

His vile desires set free, he licked the boy’s neck, his shower fresh aroma delectable. Arrested, Amari lie beneath him, Shane pinning his arms to the bed. Like a sex-crazed pervert he’d undressed in his room, tipping to Shane’s room butt naked and slipping under the covers. His heart thundering his in scant, boy chest, he’d lay there for some time, sensing the boy’s naked body.

Out of his mind with lust, he’d eventually reached beneath the covers, his hand slowly creeping until, to his utter delight, he discovered Shane was hard as a brick. Slowly clutching it in his hand, he painstakingly peeled the foreskin back until he was holding the wet, exposed head. Although Shane protested he couldn’t be here, the rest was history.

Gripped in the boy’s lust-filled grasp, his dick throbbed, Shane all over him. His condemnation at bay, Amari gasped when Shane licked his sensitive nipple. Peering down, he watched his tongue lash against it, his boy dick writhing between them in response.

Both boys fighting inhibitions for so long, all reasoning or discretion was tossed out, the minute Shane pounced. Amari knew he was wrong, tipping to his brother’s room with a houseful of guest but he’d fought it long as he could.

Pulling the covers back, Shane gazed at the naked boy. Drinking up his smooth form, the sounds from downstairs momentarily crept through. Then he threw the boy’s legs back and attacked his vulnerable hole and they drifted away...




Gasping loudly, Amari peered through his uplifted legs, the new sensations coming up from his ass compelling. Shane’s tongue working the groove between his boy cheeks, the tip worried his sensitive hole. Writhing and trembling, he spread his legs, Shane’s tongue driving him insane.

Loudly smacking and mewling, Shane stared into Amari’s eyes as he lapped, painting the boy’s warm valley like it was a juicy pussy. 

Slapping his tongue against Amari’s tight, boy hole, with a fury he suddenly flipped him over. His anxious teen dick leaking, he smeared it against Amari’s reluctant hole. A fierce expression on his face, he held the boy down, his dick at the ready.

Peering over his shoulder, Amari looked concerned. Things moving fast, an alarm sounded but he lagged  behind, unable to comprehend...







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