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The Way To His Heart


By Chris Carr


Sept, 2015














She came to him by way of a rehab program he’d volunteered with. Recently paroled, she was in the rehab program and looking to turn her life around. Three times convicted, Jennifer had been arrested for drugs, trafficking drugs, prostitution and a slew of other offences. Amiable and quiet, she hardly seemed the type.

When the director of the rehab program asked him to take her on, in a temporary position, Vincent was naturally hesitant. Working with reformed convicts at a remote facility was one thing, having one working in his home was another. Rita, the program head, pressed him to take her on, insisting she’d be on her best behavior. Hesitant and guarded, he finally agreed.

Regardless his hesitations, Jennifer made good on her promise to work hard and stay out of trouble. Diving in, she scrubbed and cleaned his place like a whirlwind. Shoes were polished and organized, trash was readily removed and the catastrophe that was Vincent’s closet was rearranged and cleaned.

Impressed, he didn’t regret his decision, Jennifer doing her level best to prove to him she’d reformed and wanted to make a change in her life. And while he was willing to give her a chance, Vincent kept a wary eye on her. Locking his good jewelry and valuables away, he gave her no place for temptation.

Their ‘temporary’ arrangement continued over the next months and Vincent eventually began to relax. She’d shown him no reason to distrust her and her work had been top notch.





Things unfortunately changing, she reported in unusually late one afternoon. A little innocent eyed teen in tow, she immediately started in with the apologies.

“I know, I know and I’m sorry,” She stated, directing the youth to sit nearby. Sweaty and out of breath, Vincent thought he detected alcohol on her breath but couldn’t process that because the beautiful teen with her proved a great distraction.

Perched on the edge of his couch, the youth seemed distracted himself. His mind obviously elsewhere, his beautiful wide eyes looked off in the distance, as if what his grandmother was saying didn’t matter. Or maybe he’d heard it all before?

“It’s my grandson and I know I shouldn’t have brought him but I didn’t have a choice. My daughter…” Jennifer was saying. Stopping she glanced at the lovely boy then motioned for him to join her in the dining room. Following, Vincent took one last glance at him.

His form that of a typical teenager, he hardly made an imprint, his presence on Vincent’s couch nevertheless weighty. To have sat next to him, he thought, to just feel the warmth from his developing figure. His bony fingers locked together before him, they sat on his slim-fit jeans, his spindly legs pressed together, like he was protecting the prize between them.

A mere teen, his slight frame looked so nice, Vincent didn’t want to leave. A mop of curly hair about his head, his oval eyes looked almost Asian. His nose slender, it was his luscious lips Vincent was drawn to. Just one chance to kiss them, he thought, gazing at the distracted youth.

“…my daughter, Kenyetta,” Jennifer was saying. “She’s… she’s in a bit of trouble and…” Glancing at the distracted boy, Jennifer shook her head. “I don’t like leaving him at home. He’s outta school and…” Watching his reaction, she blurted, “He won’t be a problem. He’s quiet as a mouse.”

Nervously wiping her hands on her uniform, she looked distressed. So much had occurred, Vincent was struggling to keep up. Finally he told her it’d be fine, this time, and she promised it’d be the last time. In a flurry she went to work. Unable to prevent himself, Vincent idly drifted into the living room, the force of the attractive youth like a magnet, relentlessly pulling him. Anxiously glancing at him, the youth looked away as he approached.

“Hi, I’m Vincent.” Extending his hand, the boy looked at it, finally reaching his to shake it. His soft hand making contact, Vincent felt a tingle across his midsection. Composing himself, he nervously croaked,

“Would you like something to drink?” Blinking, the youth studied him, as if processing his words. Looking into his eyes, Vincent felt the pull. The youth’s gaze observant, there wasn’t the vapid look of most teens. Shaking his head, he looked away. Nodding, Vincent reluctantly left.





Captivated, Vincent happened by the living room door a couple of times, just to gaze at the lovely, toffee-brown youth but he was so absorbed in his phone, he never noticed. His quiet presence filling the living room, Vincent so wanted to snuggle him or just hold him. When Jennifer left, he shook his hand again. He’d spoken only two words the entire day still, he’d filled him with such longing. 




Vincent's life is in for a great upheaval. His intentions goodhearted, he'd never anticipated the lovely youth he'd meet that day!




Things continuing to decline, Jennifer missed more days. Her performance suffering, Vincent distinctly detected alcohol on her breath a couple of times. Disheveled and slightly slurring her words, she wandered about his place, going through the motions of cleaning up. What’d started out so well was now in question and he wondered how he’d address it.

And then she brought her grandson again. Totally thrown off, the youngster’s presence proved a great distraction. Slurring her words once more, Jennifer apologized as she directed the boy to take a seat. Disgruntled, Vincent’s reaction was obvious and Jennifer could tell, but what could he do?

Saddled with a worker in crisis and her adorable grandson, he felt bad when he considered addressing the problem. The curly headed youth perched on his couch, he nodded at him. The boy nodded, then flipped his phone out his pocket, disappearing in his apps. 

Dressed in a pair of white shorts, Vincent swooned at his smooth, toffee brown shins, the slightest hint of fleece on them as they disappeared into a pair of dingy socks and worn shoes. Traveling up from those somewhat large blue shoes, his heart raced as he drooled over his slender legs, disappearing inside his white shorts. To follow them, up to the nexus…

Lightheaded, Vincent pulled back from the edge, just in time. Looking up he noticed the youth looking dead at him. Holding him with those keen eyes, he finally blinked, looking away. Feeling like the kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar, Vincent dashed away.

Overwhelmed, he knew he had to address Jennifer’s performance but couldn’t, her grandson such a distraction, he couldn’t even focus. What was his name and how old was he just a couple of questions plaguing him, he so wanted to sit next to him and pummel him with questions.

Unable to restrain himself, he retrieved a glass of OJ from the fridge and took it to him. “Here,” he offered, his voice croaking like a nervous teen. His eyes darting upwards, the boy observed him a tick, then took the glass. Filled with desire, Vincent’s heart was in his throat as he nervously sat next to him. The warmth from his slight body against him, Vincent felt a stir.

 “What’s your name?” He inquired, his voice husky. His eyes flashing at him, the boy quietly returned,

“Kalani.” The timber of his young voice like music it ran over Vincent’s body like warm honey. Engaged, the youth looked straight at him, as if waiting for his next question. His young age alluring, Vincent swooned.  Collecting himself, he inquired,

“Is.. is everything ok with your grandmother?” Kalani looked at him a few, then looked down at his dingy tennis shoes. Collecting himself, when he spoke, his words were strained, as if plagued with the weight of the problem behind them.  

“She… she need help,” He said, his wise face concerned. For a flash Vincent saw a new dynamic. Was Kalani a parent figure to his grandmother?

“Help?” He prodded. Slowly responding, Kalani informed,

“Because of me, my sisters and my baby brother.” Confused, Vincent quizzed,

“All of them are living with your grandmother?” Shaking his head, he looked more plagued. Biting his lip, he seemed pregnant with words but couldn’t speak. Seeking to help him, Vincent asked,

“Where’s your mother?”

“She’s… away,” He replied, his dark eyes looking as if through him. Vincent wanted to ask more but Jennifer came bustling into the room with the vacuum. Immediately turning it off, she blurted,

“He bothering you?” Glancing at Kalani Vincent immediately came to his defense.

“Oh no. I was just bringing him a glass of juice.” Standing, he left the curious youth, his heart still there beside him. Jennifer stumbled through her work and left, taking Kalani from his life once more. The house empty, he idly bumped around, his mind on the events that’d just played. 




All things being equal, things probably would’ve played out the way they did, no matter what, still, in the thick of it, you don’t always see clear. Jennifer continued to struggle and Vincent finally sat her down one day. Her brow sweaty, he accessed her for a minute. Imagining that she was no doubt a looker in her day, time had taken its toll, her face etched with lines and drawn.

As he started to talk, Jennifer interrupted,

“I know, I know boss. Been screwing up,” as if to herself. Looking away, she muttered something else but he couldn’t hear.

“Don’t fire me,” She pleaded, her face sorrowful. “I just…” Shaking her head she stated, “I just need a little help.”

“It’s not working for me, though.”

“I need this job,” She pressed. Taking his hands in hers, she looked earnestly at him. “You gotta help me, Mr. Vincent.” 

HIs heart heavy, he knew what he had to do. He’d been instructed by the program that if she’d experienced a relapse, he was to report her and dismiss her services. He’d already violated protocol, allowing her to work when he knew she’d been drinking. However, at the center of it all was Kalani. He’d been such a distraction, Vincent hadn’t been thinking clear.

His head reeling, he didn’t hear Jennifer prattling on. Still attempting to bargain with him, she’d offered everything save the one thing he wanted. Palms sweaty, he mouthed the word, his voice unable to speak. Repeating, he croaked,


Stopping, Jennifer looked at him.

“Kalani?” Nodding, Vincent couldn’t bear looking at her.

‘Yes, Kalani,” He repeated.

Silent, her hand slowly rose to her lips. Looking off in the distance, she tapped them with her finger. Worried, Vincent watched her, praying. Maybe it was her days on the streets or maybe her days selling her body, but it was as if a knowing passed between them. Looking up at him, she quietly intoned,

“When?” His heart leaping, he could hardly believe his ears.

“Tomorrow?” Nodding again, she looked emptily at him. Standing, he walked her to the door. 




In an almost cruel twist of fate, what he'd longed for most practically falls in his lap!




Nervously approaching the room door, Vincent’s heart leapt into his throat when he peered inside. As instructed, the boy’d removed his shirt, socks and shoes. His bare feet dangling over the side of the bed, Vincent barely noticed his lovely exposed chest. Kalani’s gaze holding him, there was no doubting he knew what was happening.

Halted by his gaze, Vincent slowly approached. “Kalani,” He susurrated, sitting next to him. Nodding, the boy’s gaze never left him. As if guarding against his devious intentions, it warded Vincent away.

“I… I suppose you have an idea what’s going on?” He petitioned. For once looking away, Kalani hunched his shoulders. “You know your grandmother needs this job, right?” His gaze on his wiggling toes, he slowly nodded.

“You don’t want her to lose it, do you?” Shaking his head, he swung his legs, his eyes still on his dainty feet.

“Well, that means you have to help her,” Vincent prodded. “Are you going to help her?”

Though he might’ve been against it, Kalani knew what was required. His heart also pitter-pattering, he slowly nodded. Happy, Vincent rubbed his exposed back. The touch disconcerting, Kalani’s legs swung harder as he caressed the curve of his back. His hand passing dangerously low, Vincent tried soothing the boy with his caresses.

Taking in his beauty as if for the first time, he swooned over his toffee complexion, the fair-brown skin shining with a bronze undertone. Pulling the boy towards him, Vincent slowly embraced him. Offering little, Kalani lay next to him, his body tensed. Disregarding him, Vincent pulled him tighter, inhaling his fresh scent.

Reeling, he fought the compulsion to rush in. His desire white-hot, he settled for a taste. Moving below the youth’s suppled ear, he lapped at his fawn-like neck. Trembling, Kalani closed his eyes. Locked in the man’s embrace, his insistent licking sent chills up his spine.

Concerned, Kalani continued pulling against him, which made Vincent want more. Soon he was slurping at the boy’s neck then, licking up his hairless chin, he pressed his lips against the boy’s rosy red lips.

Surprised, Kalani looked down, his lips pressed tight against Vincent’s. Grabbing him by the back of his head, Vincent secured him, his lips smashing and turning against the reluctant youth’s. The man’s intentions clear, Kalani suddenly had second thoughts.

Pushing against him, he pushed and pried until he was forced to let go. Wiping his lips with the back of his hand, he shot up. Heading for the door, he stopped when Vincent called,

“So… you’re not going to help your grandmother?” Turning to face him, Kalani’s eyes blazed at him.

“You nasty,” He accosted. With a sinister grin, Vincent approached the skittish youth.

“You know what you have to do,” He stated. Walking towards him, he wondered if he’d flee.

Holding him with that all-knowing gaze, Kalani’s shoulders dropped. Resigned, he knew. He’d always known. When his grandmother had started down her decline, he’d gotten a bad feeling. Somehow he knew it would cost him… it always did.

Eyes staring into the distance, although he strained against him, he said nothing as Vincent craned his face towards his and placed his lips on his. The boy resisting, Vincent nevertheless pulled him towards him and smooched him. Laying wet kisses on the boy’s sealed lips, he kissed to his heart’s content.

Pulling him towards the bed, Kalani reluctantly followed, his feet dragging. Plopping down on the bed, Vincent mauled the youth, his legs entwining with the boys, his body pressed tight against him as he mauled his face. Kissing and slurping on Kalani’s baby face, Vincent mewled with satisfaction. His dick hard as a fence-post, he rubbed it against the captive youth.

Sensing it, Kalani squirmed, fearful of the writhing prong, he tried pulling his face away as Vincent mauled him. The struggle continuing, Vincent’s advances were relentless. Aware he was fighting a losing battle, Kalani relented, his eyes staring into the distance as Vincent licked and kissed at his face.

Holding him in a fierce embrace, Vincent slurped at the boy’s face, his lips pressing against the boy’s, his mouth traveling about his supple face. Writhing against the boy, his dick throbbed in anticipation. The clever youth finally his, every fiber of his being yearned for him.

Kissing and slobbing on his face to his heart’s content, he finally moved down, his mouth like a suction against the boy’s neck. Raising welts in his wake, he suckled and sucked on his lithe body, traveling down, until he’d latched onto one of Kalani’s tender buds.

The sensation like an electric prod, Kalani squirmed, his eyes peering down. Twitching, the man’s suctioning lips rifled incredible sensations up his writhing body. Vincent’s tongue like white hot lightening on his tender bud, Kalani shook, electric pulses raking against his raw nipple. Shooting down his spine, they found his boy wonder, electrifying it. Feeling it stir, his eyes widened as Vincent swept his tongue once more against his tender nub.

Gasping, Kalani trembled, Vincent’s advances pulling him in, despite his resistance. His toes curling, he closed his eyes, Vincent sucking on his nipple like a hungry newborn. Trembling again, his dick stirred more. Unfurling, it strained against his shorts. Confused, Kalani turned his nipple towards the man’s mouth without knowing. Offering his tender bud, he shuddered when Vincent taunted him, whipping his tongue against his electrified button.

Shaking like a leaf in the wind, he peered down at the top of Vincent’s head. The man’s head moving, he caught glimpse of his lips, locked on his throbbing nipple. The sight wrong and erotic at the same time, his boy wonder strained harder.

Just as he felt something unwanted building, Vincent switched sides, suddenly latching on the other nipple. Jumping, Kalani let out a surprised gasp, the sensation wickedly good. His toes folding down on his tender soles, he shuddered, Vincent’s mouth on his nipple producing sensations he fought to contain. The idea it was a man on his nipple disconcerting, Vincent’s suctioning lips drew him in.

Trying to resist, his body went through the changes, against his will. Vincent’s wicked advances invoking something totally unwanted, Kalani’s resistance lessened as he passed his mouth about his exposed, boy chest. Limp, his eyes glazed over, his body doing what it willed.

Vincent slurping and licking about his bare torso, he flinched when he dove for his shorts!




A new story of coercion and collusion, you'll thrill to Kalani's corruption, his fate inexorably sealed!  




Jennifer showed up on time the next work day and all seemed back to normal. Powering through Vincent’s place like old times, fixtures gleamed and shoes were duly arranged. Hoping her worst days were behind him, he nevertheless regretted not having a chance at her lovely grandson again. 

He and Jennifer never spoke of their encounter, that day with Kalani like it never happened. His heart aching for the curly headed youth, days passed, Jennifer seemingly her old self. Then she showed up with Kalani again...


The alluring youth quietly perched on his couch, his fingers were flying over the keys of his phone as he apparently texted. Watching those delicate fingers move, he remembered them desperately trying to pry his finger out his taut hole. His dick lurching in his pants, he slowly moved towards the boy.

Glancing up, Kalani’s fingers stopped.

“Kalani,” Vincent croaked, his voice husky. Blinking, Kalani stared at him for some time then looked back at his phone, his fingers flying again. His entire body throbbing, Vincent yearned for the boy. How badly he wanted to sweep him up and carry him to his room.

The sound of Jennifer vacuuming in a remote room, Vincent perched beside him.

“Would you like to stay with me after your granny’s finished?” He helplessly petitioned. The youth’s face reddening, he shook his head. “I’d make it worth your while,” Vincent threw out. Not understanding, Kalani looked at him confused.

Leaning close Vincent placed his hand on the youth’s thigh, just shy of his sleeping boy wonder and whispered,

“Whatever you want, you can have.” Surprised, Kalani gawked at him.


“Within reason,” Vincent cautioned. His oval eyes hopeful, he petitioned,

“Some… some Air Max’s?”

“What’s that?” Incredulous, Kalani spouted,

“They’re shoes.” His eyes widening, Vincent chuckled. Every kid had their price.

“The same we did last time?” He quickly bargained, Jennifer’s vacuum approaching. Hesitant, Kalani looked uncertain. Looking like he was about to change his mind, Vincent moved his hand over his boy wonder. Discovering it was hard, he leered,





“I can get this off again,” He offered. Wrapping his hand around it, Kalani trembled. Jennifer’s vacuum sounding closer, he squeezed the youth’s anxious growth.

“So what do you say?” Shuddering, Kalani slowly nodded his head. Ecstatic, Vincent hopped up, exiting just before Jennifer entered.






Finishing up, Jennifer gathered Kalani and was headed for the door. Looking over his shoulder, Kalani searched for the weird man but didn’t find him. His Air Maxes at bay, he began to think Vincent had punked him. Just as they entered the foyer Vincent appeared at the door.

“I’m leaving,” Jennifer informed, heading for the door. Kalani in tow, he looked quizzically at Vincent as she pulled him along.

“Uh… I think Kalani wants to stay with me,” He finally spoke up. Jennifer stopping, Kalani ran into her, his eyes on Vincent. Looking at the youth, Jennifer insisted,

“Is that true?” Looking from her to Vincent, Kalani looked momentarily trapped. His head down, he slowly nodded. Releasing his hand, Jennifer looked at Vincent, her eyes seemingly accusatory. What had he done to bewitch this child, they seemed to say.

“Well, if that’s what you want.” Moving towards the door she looked at Vincent once more.

“I’ll bring him home,” He offered, fighting to hide the leer on his face. Nodding, she slowly walked out the door.

Facing Kalani, Vincent smiled. His eyes going big, Kalani stepped back as he approached.

“Can we see the shoes?” He blurted, his eyes big as saucers. Confused, Vincent stopped.

See them?” Nodding, Kalani informed,

“On your computer?” Wondering if he was stalling, Vincent slowly nodded. Walking towards his office, Kalani hesitantly followed.

“Where?” Vincent asked, seated before his computer. Calling out the web address, Kalani stood cautiously beside him. Like a skittish lamb, his eyes darted everywhere.

Finding the site, Kalani bent over Vincent, navigating to the shoes he desired. The warmth and scent of him intoxicating, Vincent almost nuzzled him.

“These,” He said, his teen voice like a chorus of angels. Looking at the picture, Vincent was a bit surprised at the cost of the shoes. Naturally expensive, they were nothing for him to buy. However, he thought it strange he’d relented over something so insignificant.

“Ok, you got it,” Vincent promised. His wide eyes staring, he seemed unconvinced. “What, you don’t believe me?”




The bargain struck, how will it play out? 




Moving across the bed in ways he hadn’t anticipated, when Vincent edged his ready fence-post towards Kalani’s mouth, he was caught off guard. Recoiling, he eyed the protrusion as if it was venomous or something.

“Com’on,” Vincent urged, pulling him closer, “Do mine and I’ll do yours.” Pushing his dick across the boy’s rosy lips, he waited to see what he’d do. For some time Kalani didn’t respond, then Vincent felt the tiniest flicker of his tongue.

Daring not look for fear he’d stop, Vincent sighed, the tiny whisks of the boy’s tongue exhilarating. Of his own volition little Kalani was flicking his tongue against Vincent’s excited growth. His small licks becoming broader, Vincent caressed the boy’s head. He so wanted to pull him to him and kiss him but dared not stop him.

Tenderly lapping his tongue about the head of Vincent’s dick, Kalani swiped his tongue over and over. The piquant flavor of the man’s leaking juices stinging his tongue, he momentarily pulled back. Sensing the taste on his tongue he smacked his lips. Cautiously continuing, he flicked his tongue once more.

As he gingerly lapped, Vincent quietly sighed, the sensation incredible. Although he might not be actually sucking his dick, just feeling his tender flicks was thrilling. A vulnerable teen in his room, he swooned to his ginger lapping at his dick. You couldn’t beat this.

Kalani continued licking, his flicks lessening as his attention, no doubt, waned. Pulling him up, he embraced the youth once more. Pecking him on the lips, he passionately kissed him once more. His lips sealed at first, Kalani finally parted them, allowing Vincent access. Kissing him a while longer, Vincent pulled back.

“Let me show you what to do,” He stated, his voice husky. Opening Kalani’s pants, he moved closer as he fished his hard-as-steel pipe out. Lowering his briefs, he moved over the boy’s extension, taking it in his mouth. Gasping, Kalani shook as he swallowed him, down to his balls.

Eyes locked on the man, he couldn’t believe he could take his entire dick in his mouth. Where’d he put it? He marveled, Vincent holding him for some time then pulling back. Trembling, he watched as Vincent slipped up his reedy pole, his lips locking about the sensitive head. Another gasp escaping him, he shuddered as Vincent swabbed his tongue around the swollen head.

Amazed, he didn’t think he could compare to the man’s talented performance. No way he was gonna get all of his dick in his mouth. Even the sucking part seemed a bit much, Kalani not willing to do such things to another man.

Vincent reversing, he slipped down Kalani’s urgent extension, suctioning to the root once more. A sigh escaping him, Kalani closed his eyes. Fuck if that didn’t feel good! Loathed though he was to admit it, he’d thought of Vincent’s mouth on his dick. In those quiet times when his mind would drift, his dick would strain hard against his clothing at the thought of the man swooping down on it. Bewitched, he’d fallen like a felled tree when Vincent offered to get him off. His dick throbbing at the suggestion, his white hot desire got the best of him.

As Vincent slipped up his dick, he squirmed, his moment swiftly approaching. Was he about to ‘get him off’? As if answering his question, suddenly the lips were gone. His eyes flinging open, he looked down to see what was happening. Vincent maneuvering in the bed once more, Kalani’s eyes widened when his steel-hard protrusion approached his mouth once more.

“Com’on, let’s see if you can get those shoes,” Vincent said, pulling the boy towards his dick. Uncertain, Kalani pulled back. Vincent’s dick at his lips, the thought of him sucking it like a faggot was repulsive. He’d already done enough, licking on the firebrand, how could he lower himself to sucking it?

“Com’on,” Vincent coaxed but Kalani didn’t relent. “You’re going to miss out,” He cautioned. Hearing that, Kalani tentatively flicked his tongue out. Gingerly licking again, he peered up at Vincent as if checking to see if that was ok. Disappointed, Vincent shook his head.

“This won’t do,” He insisted, but Kalani wouldn’t relent. Looking away, he continued his tender flicks about the head. Tiring of his feeble effort, Vincent ordered,

“Open your mouth.” Refusing, Kalani continued licking. “Open your mouth or no shoes,” Vincent demanded. Obviously the boy’d bitten off more than he could chew. Unable to move past tiny flicks, he’d apparently decided against the expensive shoes.

Angered, Vincent pushed him away. “Seems you’ve changed your mind.” A lusty look on his face, Vincent stated, “Well… I’ve change my mind too.”

Moving swiftly, he ripped at the youth’s clothes. Frightened, Kalani squirmed but Vincent was relentless, yanking and pulling until his lower body was exposed. Leaving his shirt on, he lewdly drank in his nude form, his large feet bare, his legs and ass exposed. Oh, Kalani, Kalani, you’re so fucking cute, he drooled, tossing his briefs aside.

Vincent had torn his clothes off so fast, Kalani hardly kept up. Alarmed, he’d fussed, making an effort to keep his clothes on. His bottom exposed, his heart pounded. What was he about to do

Lowering his pants, Vincent pulled the wiry youth towards him, quickly pouncing as he slipped his dick between the well lubed cheeks.

“Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you,” He insisted, straddling the boy...






Certain he'd never see the lovely youth again, Vincent pined for him.  Providence stepping in, Jennifer showed up late and obviously drunk one day. Her words slurred, Vincent knew she was in no shape to work. Telling her to go home, she pleaded with him to give her another chance. Wanting to be rid of her, he told her he’d give her another chance if she’d just leave.

Closing the door behind her, he began to wonder if she was worth the time. Gaining Kalani from the mess the only positive, having her show up drunk really put a damper on things. As much as he liked Jennifer, he knew he was doing her a disservice, allowing her to slip the way she was.

Determined to let her go, she threw him a curve ball the next time she came to work. Kalani in tow, she led him to a side room. Taking Vincent by the hand she took him away from the child and in hushed tones made her case.

Acknowledging her wrong she told him he could have, “Whatever you want,” Her face haggard, she hung her head in contrition.

“Whatever I want?” Vincent returned, disappointed. “I want you to get yourself together.” Nodding her head, Jennifer returned,

“I know, I know. And I will, I promise. I just need a little more time.” Her offer unacceptable, even the precious child in the other room couldn’t suffice. He was about to tell her that when she started up again.

“Mr. Vincent, I’ve been thinkin’.” Looking towards the room where Kalani was she looked forlorn. “I need to know he’ll be ok.” Uncertain what she meant, Vincent looked confused. “I leave here, and who he got?” 


“What are you saying?” Vincent pressed, his heart pounding.

“Gotta fix the mess I made,” She said, again as if to herself. Looking up at Vincent, her eyes were moist. “Gotta fix it,” She reiterated. “Bring him back when you please,” She said, dashing out the door.

Like taking candy from a baby she’d played him, holding the carrot before him. Confused, he stared at the door. What did she mean? He kept pondering. And then it hit him, Kalani was in the other room. All reasoning going out the door, he turned and walked toward the room where the anxious youth sat...





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Stealthily lubing his dick, Vincent eyed his violated hole. Snapped tight around his invading digit, the smooth ring of his ass was beautiful. Bending down, he licked around the boy’s ridiculously tight sphincter, then pulled out.

Kalani struggling to keep up, his mop of curly hair flopped as he was flipped onto his stomach. Bending close, Vincent whispered in his ear,

“Don’t fight it,” as he pressed against Kalani’s taut hole.

“Noooo,” Kalani protested, his eyes wide.

“Just let it in,” Vincent coached, the head of his dick inside.

“Hurts,” Kalani gasped, squeezing his eyes shut. Pulling out, Vincent planted his face on the boy’s tender groove once more. Gently licking, he soothed his aching hole until it slowly opened. Pouring copious amounts of lube between his sweet cheeks, he pressed some in the boy’s hole in attempt to loosen him.

Wiggling and writhing, Kalani gasped, his hole clamping down on Vincent’s finger.

“Com’on baby, let me in,” He gently coaxed.

“I don’t wanna,” Kalani whimpered....

 “Is it in?” He whimpered, peering over his shoulder.

“Almost,” Vincent returned, kissing him on the cheek. “You’re doing sooo good, baby. Just open up and let it all in.”

His ass feeling like someone had flayed it open, Kalani whimpered and shrieked as Vincent fully planted himself inside.

His head shooting up, Kalani cried out, his violated hole gripping the man’s advancing power tool. Nudging against his swollen prostate, despite his discomfort, Kalani’s dick responded, writhing excitedly beneath him...



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