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The Bribe


By Chris Carr







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The first time Coy took a bribe, it was innocent enough. Just being with the older boy reward enough, he thought Rencie was really cool and couldn’t imagine the likes of him being able to hang out with the older youth. The nephew of his step-dad’s poker buddy, the first time he’d come over he’d all but ignored Coy.

“What’s up with the kid, Joaquin?” Coy’s dad assailed.

“He’s been having trouble at school. Janet asked me to keep an eye on him. You know, ‘it’s my baby sisters son’ and all that.” He eyed the boy, slouching on the couch.

“Hey, you know how to speak?” Joaquin scolded. Standing the boy spoke, shaking Mr. Stewart’s hand.

“See what I’m sayin?” Shaking his head, Joaquin watched his nephew return to the couch.

“So waddup Joaquin?”

“Figured he could hang out with Coy,” Joaquin supplied.


The suggestion amicable, Harold called for his son. Get him from in front of that computer, he reasoned. Quietly appearing in the living room door, Coy appraised the situation, praying he wouldn’t have to stay there with his stepfather.

“Yo, this…” Turning to his card buddy he inquired, “What’s his name?”

“He gotta mouth,” Joaquin snubbed.


Everyone looking at him, Rencie croaked out his name.

“Yeah, this Rencie. Take ‘im with you.”


With that, Coy was saddled with the solemn boy who quietly followed him to his room. The rest of the evening he practically ignored Coy, flipping through channels on his TV. Ducking under a pair of earphones Coy returned to his computer, browsing pages on the internet. Not his favorite way to spend an evening but it beat dealing with his stepdad.



Coy's got a new friend....



A few days later Joaquin returned, his nephew in tow. Retiring to his room once more, Coy’d almost forgot the boy was there until he heard him speaking.

“….something to drink?” He was saying. Removing the earphones from his head, Coy looked at the boy. “Huh?”

“I said, you got something to drink?”

“Sunny D?”

“Uh…yeah, if I was maybe 10 years old.” Rolling his eyes, he stared at Coy. “Yo, liquor!! You got any liquor?” Shaking his head, Coy stared at him. Dang, was I ever so young? Rencie thought.

“How ‘bout your pops? Bet he got some good shit.”  

“It’s all locked up.” Rolling his eyes again, Rencie let out a little chuckle.



“Just tell me.”

“I don’t wanna get in trouble.”

“You wont. Just tell me.” Declining, Coy was about to put his earphones on again.

“Give you $20.” Pausing, Coy turned to face the boy. “Lemme see.”



And he's got money....



Almost by accident thing’s had progressed, Rencie making a simple dare one evening.

“Dare you to take your shirt off.” He’d been playing around with Coy’s new digital camera his mom had recently purchased. Sometimes Rencie thought Coy was a bit spoiled, his mom pampering him with toys and special treatment. His mom never got him digital cameras and PSP’s.


Regarding him for some time Coy said nothing. Rencie couldn’t believe he’d made the dare himself. What the hell did he care about seeing a skinny kid’s bare chest? Just fucking with his head, he reasoned.  

But Coy’s reluctance served only to pique his interest, provoking yet another bribe.

“It’s just between you and me,” He prompted, still wondering why he even cared.

Seeing Coy’s resistance Rencie ventured, “You do it and I’ll give you $20.” Extracting a twenty from his pocket, he laid it on Coy’s desk. Eying it for some time, Coy said nothing.

“$20 and that new CD you been goin' on about,” Rencie offered.

“I get to keep the pictures?”

“Just you and me.

“What you gonna do with them?”

“Jack off every night,” Rencie quipped, rolling his eyes. “Jeez man, that’s what you acting like”. Rolling his eyes he mocked, “You never done this with a girl?”

You ever did this with a girl?”

“All the time,” Rencie smirked. “Shit, that’s the least I did.” With another derisive smirk, he shook his head at Coy.

“$20, that new CD and…you let me take some pictures of you with your shirt off too.”

“Deal,” Rencie said, holding his hand out. Coy shook it, his face still skeptical.


“So what?”

“Take your shirt off.”




...Flashing more shots, he was about to have him turn around when Coy said, “Lemme see.” Walking beside him, he scanned through the pictures, the warmth of his body right next to him.


Satisfied with the pictures so far Coy walked across the room, facing Rencie. “Turn around,” Rencie said.

“You didn’t say my back too,” Coy contested.

“Didn’t say anything,” Rencie countered, waiting. With a look of suspicion, Coy finally turned around....



A dangerous combination...



Suddenly aware they were both shirtless and alone, Rencie felt a rush over his midsection.

“It’s all good, lil man,” He consoled, rubbing the boy’s close cropped head. “We cool…” He started but Coy was talking.

“Can I see?” Working through one hundred emotions and sensations, Rencie played it cool, his face never revealing what was happening inside.

“You mean, show you mine?” Nodding, Coy looked down, his cheeks reddening.

“I guess,” He finally said, his heart thumping. Smiling broadly, Coy looked like a kid on Christmas morning. Directing his eyes at Rencie’s groin, he gazed unabashedly, like someone waiting for a show...



Coy finds himself in some sticky situations...



“I’ll give you $75 and a dime bag,” Manny opted, his latest offer even greater than his previous.


Already uncomfortable with his mandated meetings with the perverted cop, Manny’s relentless attention on Coy only added to his apprehension. It wasn’t enough he had to endure the freaky man’s sexual advances, now he wouldn’t take no for an answer, starting at $20 for Coy and $40 for him, he’d steadily increased his bids.

“What do you see in that little pipsqueak?” Rencie insisted, Manny never letting up.

“Have you seen him? That cute baby face, that beautiful, coffee brown skin, not a blemish on it? Button nose, lips that just beg to be kissed and did you see him smile when I introduced myself to him? That smile just lit up the whole block!”


Listening to Manny describe the boy, Rencie felt a surge of interest build behind his balls that confused him. I mean, we are talking about skinny little Coy, he thought. When Manny threw in the dime bag, Rencie finally relented. But what was he going to tell the little pipsqueak?

“I’ll throw in an extra $40 for the kid,” Manny added, as if reading his mind. The deal sealed, Rencie started getting dressed.



Poor Coy has no idea what's in store for him



Face to face with the alarmed boy, Rencie leaned in close, talking to him in hushed tones.

“Yo Coy, I know it probably looked like it was hurting but it’s really good.”  

Immediately Coy looked at his viciously hard wand, the slender shaft pointing towards the center of his chest. Both Manny and Rencie nodding their heads, Coy looked from one to the other. Releasing his pants, he made no further protests when Manny started them down his smooth legs.  

Repeating his performance with Rencie, Manny took Coy’s anxious growth in his mouth. His lips forming a surprised “O” Coy let out a yelp. His slight hips shaking the boy’s eyes bucked big, Manny’s mouth swooping on his stiff inches.

“Ahh!” Coy exclaimed, glancing at Rencie....





...Munching loudly Manny worried the boy’s twitching orifice, his tongue slapping mercilessly against it. Observing the enraptured boy, Rencie felt his dick rise, filling until it stood between his legs. Noticing his bobbling erection, Manny raised his head, calmly announcing,

“Your turn.”  

Confused, Rencie gazed at him, his erection waning a little. “Huh?”

“Your turn,” Manny repeated, grabbing the back of Coy’s head. Directing him towards Rencie’s upright root, he’d practically moved Coy’s mouth over it before the boy pulled back.

“No fair,” Manny egged, still pushing. “He ate your cookies. Fair is only fair.” Never lessening his pressure at the back of Coy’s head, Manny directed him closer and closer. The scene hotter than ever, Rencie’s dick reared up, edging towards the boy’s reluctant lips. Still resisting, Coy couldn’t offer a decent objection to Manny’s insistent demand. Finally relenting, his head lowered, muffled protests echoing from his dick-stuffed mouth.

“Mwwfff, mmmhhpmm,” He muttered, his mouth stretched around Rencie’s up thrust boyhood...



Has he bitten off more than he can chew?



Moaning softly, Rencie couldn’t believe the boy’s mouth was snapped tight around his aching hardness. The boy’s technique nothing compared to Manny’s, it was more than compensated by the thrill of watching his sweet lips going up and down his length. Damn, Manny could turn them all! He gushed, his dick swelling.

Cradling the boy’s sweet face he watched him give over to his baser instincts, his mouth opening more as he slurped deeper on his friend’s growth. He’s a natural, Rencie beamed, caressing the boy’s face. Suddenly, a look of pain spreading across his face, Coy let out a blood curdling scream around his dick.

His eyes jerking up, Rencie realized Manny was no longer smacking at the boy’s sweet wares, his entire body hovering above the diminutive youth now, his dick planted between the boy’s cheeks. Ah hell no! Rencie panicked, his eyes bugging at the site. Had he known the man planned to bust the boy’s cherry he never would’ve let him talk him into it!  

Looking back at Coy he saw the pain on the boy’s face, his mouth open as another yell rang out.

“Nooooooo!” He screamed, “Take it out!! It hurts!!” Suddenly looking at Rencie he looked betrayed, the pain on his face undeniable.

“Com’on Manny,” Rencie pleaded. Casting him a scornful glare, Manny was way beyond reasoning with...



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