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Whether He Wants It Or Not!


By Chris Carr


Oct, 2015







I’d met Anthony some time ago through an online couple’s service. He was pretty cool, not necessarily my type but he fit the bill for what a thirty something like myself needs in a pinch. I usually go for the more vulnerable types, you know, the questioning types that just need an older man to ‘walk them through their first time experience’? Anthony wasn’t clueless and this certainly wasn’t his first rodeo but he had an ass to die for and I liked his company.

Sometimes chatty, he happened to be quiet that night as we approached my apartment, which I thanked my lucky stars for. Had to be discreet, you know, even if it was 2:30 in the morning. I stay in an older, courtyard type building which has its advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage was clearly on display that night as we approached.

Imagine this: It’s 2:30 am, you’re horny as fuck and you’re walking to your downstairs unit with a doable hottie when you notice a bum sleeping on your porch! Well that’s what greeted me that warm summer night as I entered my courtyard.

Incensed, I’m thinking “This tired assed sucka got a lot of nerve!” Content as ever, he lay curled up in a ball on my front stoop, and I jumped to conclusions that some derelict had had too much to drink and crashed on my porch. I’d heard plenty of late night parties in my neighborhood and it stood to reason this could be a lost partier! Well, he wasn’t sleeping here! I fumed, storming towards my stoop.

But as I got closer, it became clear this wasn’t some older man but an obvious young person… maybe even a teen!! What the fuck was going on? I pondered, cautiously approaching. Oblivious of Anthony behind me, I bent closer to the young form, trying to discern who it was.

As I peered closer, the face came into view. Curled up in a ball, his hands folded beneath his head the mystery person was Alex! Shocked, I tried waking him but he merely stirred then went back to sleep.

What the hell was Alex doing on my porch? Quietly joining me, Anthony snickered, “Oh he’s out.”

I’d practically forgot him. Glancing at him, we gazed at the sleeping youth. “Help me get him up,” I said, opening the door to my unit. Alex practically under the door, we had to move him back to open it.

“Get his feet,” I said as I grabbed his arms. Lifting his light frame from the porch easy, we ferried him inside the door and onto my couch. My nice, white velvet sofa, where he promptly vomited! Just blew chunks all on my sofa and my clean carpet until he wretched a second then to my total disbelief… WENT BACK TO SLEEP!!

I was running to grab towels by then, desperately slopping up orange and yellow slime from the floor and the line running down the side of my couch! Anthony helped, holding his nose as he dabbed at the foul slime. What had this boy eaten? I pondered, scooping up his mess and throwing it in the garbage. It took us some time to clean it all up, in addition to moving Alex from my precious couch to the floor. I’d covered it with plastic, in case he hurled again.

By the time I’d gotten the total mess cleaned up (I practically had to scrub the side of my couch with disinfectant!) we were both exhausted. Standing over the content youth Anthony said, “who is he?” Leading him to the room I closed the door behind us and we got on the bed.

“This boy I met at Xavier’s party,” I confessed.

“Uh huh, and?” Anthony was cool so I told him about how I’d gone to Xavier’s party a couple of months ago where he’d introduced me to Alex. He’d had a few drinks and had developed a slight slur but he wasn’t tipsy yet.

Cute as fuck, he was a beautiful half Puerto-Rican and black youth with sultry, brown eyes, and the sexiest, succulent lips that I wanted to kiss that very night. He was wandering around, looking lost, which made him more attractive. Slim and taut he seemed small enough for me to lift. The entire evening I drooled over him, wishing I could take him home. Crazy thing, late that night we ended up talking outside Xavier’s place in my car. That whole conversation I was in a daze, captivated by his kissable lips and full head of curly hair. I barely heard what he was saying but I suppose I was helpful because he asked for my number before he left. 

“Seems like he had a few tonight too,” Anthony chuckled. “But what was he doing on your front stoop?”

“I don’t know,” I replied, troubled.

“His ass is knocked out.” I nodded, looking towards the front room. “Bet he wouldn’t know anything.” I was so deep in thought about Alex, I didn’t hear Anthony. In fact, with Alex in the front room, I’d sort of lost my drive for sex. Sort of.

All of a sudden I heard Anthony say, “Let me fuck him.” Snatched back to reality I did a double take at him. I’d recently attended a few self-help groups on sex and relationships and, freak that I was, I’d actually developed a conscience. Hearing Alex so blatantly talk about violating a boy I hardly knew alarmed me.


“He knocked out, he won’t feel it.”

“Are you crazy?” Rubbing a lump in his pants, Anthony continued.

“Trust me, that nigga ain’t gonna feel nothing.” When I hesitated, he quickly added, “Com’on nigga, you know you want to too!”

Head reeling, all of a sudden a small part of me was considering it, but only because he’d put it in my head! Wait! We can’t fuck Alex while he was knocked out! I told myself, trying to hold on to some semblance of my recent recovery. Relentless, Anthony petitioned,

“Com’on Darnell, well then let me fuck him.”

“Nooo!” I finally mustered.

“He won’t feel it,” Anthony countered, that bulge in his pants noticeable now. “Com’on, you can just watch,” He prodded, palming that growth in his pants. I’d never considered Anthony topping anyone and the idea was intriguing. “You know you’re thinking about it,” He whispered in my ear.

“No, I’m not!” Glancing towards the door, I sheepishly added, “Until you put it in my mind.” Jumping up, Anthony was suddenly pulling me by the arm.

“Nigga, com’on. All that ass??”

“That boy ain’t got no ass!” I countered, hoping to deter him.

“He got enough. And he cute as fuck! Com’on, let me get some of that ass!”

“No! Sit down!” I demanded, pulling Anthony back to the bed. “We can’t. He’s just a boy.”

“He legal, ain’t he?”

“I don’t know. I think he’s 18.” I wasn’t sure and I couldn’t remember it coming up in our conversations.

“Good enough for me!” Pulling on me again, Anthony insisted, “Com’on man, you wasting time. We could be all up in that by now.” Pulling on me once more, he actually got me up. Not that I was putting up much of a fight. That is, until I realized what we were about to do. 




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