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Wouldn’t Miss It

By Chris Carr

 Copyright © 1/10/2009






It’s dark and I think I’m going the wrong way but I can’t be sure. Alice and Wade’s big assed house is constructed in a way that adds to the confusion, rooms with connecting doors and open entrances. It’s supposed to give this "communal" sense to the dwelling but it feels like it’s built for privacy that’s easily invaded to me…which is how I ended up at the boy’s room, instead of mine.

My nephews aren’t even a year apart. Both of them nearing 18, they are stunning examples of Black, male, pulchritude.

Stumbling around, I stop, trying to get my baring when I heard… well… I don’t know exactly what I heard but it made me stop. That’s when Tristan whispered, "Open up" and my heart stopped.

Alice and Wade married about three years ago. I was at the wedding a lovely ceremony in an idyllic setting on a hilltop, overlooking the valley below. Their two youngest sons were in the wedding, Tristan just 14 at the time. Wade’s oldest, Wade Jr, has since moved back east to attend college there. He plays football and has bulked up like a fullback or something.

But it’s always been the youngest boys that intrigued me. Both of them stunning, Richard is the oldest of the two. Both free spirited but contemplative and sensitive, it sometimes raised questions about his masculinity.. "What would you do if you found out he was…. Gay?" I asked Alice on one occasion.

She readily responded that she’d still love him, although it would present challenges. There was a phase when I wondered if Richard was going to be gay but he grew out of that and I never considered it again.

His "brother" Tristan is Wade’s youngest. When they first married, Alice had real problems with the boy.




They’ve formed a happy ‘blended’ family, Richard and Tristan taking to each other like lifelong brothers. Both boys are all cool but looks can be deceiving, feel me? I mean, as I stood in that door, my eyes adjusting to the dark, all kind of thoughts ran through my head. Immediately following Tristan’s comment, I heard covers rustling. Bodies in motion, I supposed, my eyes still readjusting to the stark darkness of this big, rural house.

The covers stopped rustling and I started to see shapes. Ducking out of the door, I peered around it, my eyes straining while I listened intently. This couldn’t be happening. My cute, athletic nephew wasn’t gay and Tristan certainly never gave me that kind of vibe. I mean, he was nerdy, but not gay acting.

Maybe they were just repositioning. You know, jockeying for space on that small bed. I suddenly felt bad. They were together because of me, Wade giving me Tristan’s room for the night. Poor boy’s they’re probably all over top each other in that small bed, I thought, preparing to leave.

Then I heard sounds. Wet, slurping sounds and my feet froze. Peering around the door, I strained into the darkness, more shapes visible now. I was looking at a pair of big feet. Big, bare feet, and the toes were wiggling.

Those are Tristan’s feet, I registered, captivated by the sheer size of them. The boy’s feet were big, obviously close to size 12’s and I was always stealing peeks at them. But here they were now, totally bare, the soles wrinkling and smoothing out as his toes curled and wrinkled. What would make his feet wiggle like that?



I’m in the dark again, but not lost. Feeling along the wall, I come to the door and pause, my ears perking up. Had I missed it? Was I too late? Too early?

I should be sleeping. The weather’s unusually warm and today will be a long and draining day in the sun. My heart pounding in my ears, I peer around the door jam. There, in the dark, I see a bare foot again… and the toes are curling.

That’s Rich’s foot, I could tell, his foot two sizes smaller than Tristan’s. But that would mean…

My eye’s popping, I followed past those wiggling toes, up the form atop the bed, between his legs and there, to my surprise was Tristan, his mouth locked around Rich’s upright root.

His hand back of Tristan’s head, Rich was guiding him up and down his stiff offering, his toes wiggling to the beat.

"Lick it," He whispered and Tristan’s tongue appeared, lapping along the underside of Rich’s hardness.

Mesmerized, I watched, captivated by how attentive they were to each other. Sure, it was just two boys getting each other off, but they seemed unfettered, free to explore and enjoy each other more than most boys their age. Just last week I was watching Rich do the same thing to his half-brother and now, without any reservation, Tristan was painting the underside of Rich’s dick with his tongue.




Twisting and turning, I can’t sleep. I need to pee and I can’t stop thinking about what I imagined was going on in the room down the hall. Hugging the pillow, I refuse to get up, scolding myself for being so perverted. I couldn’t keep watching my nephews, regardless how intimate they might be.

A few minutes later, I stumbled out of bed, wandering down the hall, praying I wouldn’t hear anything. Feeling along the wall, I entered the bathroom through the hallway door. Closing it behind me, I glanced at the opened door to the boy’s room. I dared not approach it, opting to just leave it open rather than risk seeing something.

Leaning over the bowl, I aimed my semi-hard dick at it, my stream nevertheless spilling over the rim and onto the floor. Damn, I hate when I do that!

When I finished, I wadded up a handful of toilet paper and proceeded to wipe up my mess. I was bending below the toilet to wipe up the floor when I heard a pair of feet padding behind me.

Frozen, I looked over my shoulder to see Richard, butt naked. Startled, he stopped dead in his tracks, his hard dick bobbling in front of him. If I thought the small glimpses of his sultry physique had been titillating, seeing him like this made me delirious.

We stayed like that for what seemed an eternity then I shot up.

"Sorry…"I muttered, backing towards the door.

My dick was still out and before I knew it, Richard was looking at it. That’s all it took, my semi-erectness suddenly trading for a solid tilt towards north, mirroring his still hard boyhood.

We gazed at each other for a few ticks, hearts racing, then I dashed out the door and practically ran to my room. Jumping under the covers, I wondered what those few seconds could lead to?

Would Rich tell Alice? Could it lead to an extremely awkward moment the next morning? Would he tell Tristan?

As I pondered these things, I lay silent, my heart pounding away. When a long period of time passed, I calmed down some, hoping the worst had passed. Its possible Rich was just as frightened by the moment as me, I reasoned.

What the hell was he doing in that bathroom butt naked anyway? Maybe he needed to use the bathroom too? But I’d seen him full on naked. God, he must be scared to death. Poor thing, I thought, determining to soothe his fears the next day. There was no reason for him to feel ashamed….

The doorknob was slowly turning! Panicked, I pulled the covers up to my eyes. This couldn’t be happening!












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