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An Afternoon Tail

By Chris Carr

Copyright © 04/30/2016








Soon as I opened the door, I knew. Even though he had the weed, I still wasnít jumping up and down, feel me? My mom used to say, "ainít nothiní in this lifeís free, Kory". Moms are precious, something that becomes real clear once theyíre gone, no doubt.

He threw me that fuck-happy grin and walked straight for the bedroom. I stood there at the door, all kind of thoughts going through my head. I saw my moms and her warning, my pops, my peeps and finally me, my liíl ass in the air, a grimace on my face and a dick miles insideÖ.

A mutha fuckaíll do a lot for a good high. Rob, steal, lie, cheat, even fight, but I doubted few of my friends were as creative as me. I ainít no fighter. I mean, donít get me wrong, when nothing else will do but a foot up a foolís ass, Iíve stepped to the occasion. It just ainít my strong suit, feel me?

Ainít really about stealing either. Yeah, Iíve swiped a few things here and there, you know, a CD here, maybe a coupla pieces of clothes but nothing serious. Which leaves me with this. Picture me a few minutes later, face down in a pillow my ass wide open. The things we do.

But on da realÖthat first time? A nigga was really put to the test, no lie! I mean, yeah, niggas do shit. All of them, no matter how they try to act like they ainít never did nothing. Itís a part of growing up, feel me? You look at your buddyís dick, he looks at yours. Sometimes you might cop a feel or let one of them go down on you. Hell, my nigga Chris still be doiní that shit.

But that liíl show-and-tell shit was nothing compared to this. Still ainít. I mean, we got an arrangement and all, but olí boy still have to hold my ass down tillÖ you know. But then, that shit turn the key and he ainít got to hold nobody no moí. Yeah, funny I can talk Ďbout this shit, no lie.

Like all the time now. Be like a nigga wantiní it, no lie. Darius (we call him Big D) donít show up a coupla days and I get to watching the street. But I donít tell him that. Most he sees is my eyes shining when he toss me that weed.

But on daí real, a nigga be feening. Got a nigga twisted fo'Ö you know. I mean, get grouchy and shit, like a bitch in heat or something. Then he show up like he did today and I get tight.

I ainít no scientist or psychologist but I think itís about the way he feel. You know, when a nigga is next to you so close, you can smell them? Can hear them breathing, see every spot and blemish on they skin? I think thatís it.

Not that me and pops ainít cool, feel me? All that shit about how not having a father can turn you out might be true, but me and pops is closer than two brothers, no lie. Ok, yeah, he might drink too much and I have to help him get to bed once in a while but thatís it. We cool.

Naw, itís Ďbout how that shit feel. When my head is down in the pillow and all I can hear is my heart beating in my ears. And Iím waiting. Itís like everything freezes and itís just me and him. The weedís good, my head is buzzing and I feel fucked up. ThenÖ then it happens and we ainít Kory and D no moí, itís just us.

Bedís rockiní, sweatís poppiní and all you hear is grunts and groans. And that Ďslap, slap, slapí. Iíma make a movie of that shit one time Ďcause, it ainít no joke. Couplaí times Iíve seen it in the mirror and that shit is hot. Hotter than me on top of pussy, no lie.

But that first time? Nigga!



"Just letíem in and show him that sink in the bathroom, ok?" Pops says. He was playing cards with his peeps and I just happened to come in there for a drink.

"Nigga goní eat me outta house and home," He says. Clowining, just clowning. But thatís pops, like I said

Anyway, thatís when he went to talking about the sink and Big D says,

"Yeah, I can get that foí you," I think, but Iím not sure because my head was in the fridge.

"Kory, you listening?" Pops says. "Kory?"

"Yeah, what time pops?"

"Probably round 1:00."

Big D showed up with his tools liíl after 1:00 and when I let him in, he looks me up and down and then he does that fuck-happy grin. Guess I shouldíve put something more than my boxers on, but I ainít had a clue, even when he stared at my package. Like I said, all Iíd done was a little show-and-tell. Niggas donít be looking at another nigga like heís a tasty treat. Especially big, muscle-bound mofoís like homey. Yeah, thatís what I thought. Didnít even see him standing at the end of that hall, drooling over my narrow ass. (He told me that later)

So I showed him the bathroom and went back to my room. Iím layiní on my bed, listening to my new Bow Wow and throwing a basketball over my head, wishing I had some weed and then, the door fills with Big D...




... He looks right in my eyes and he runs that hand up my thigh again, Ďcept this time, he parked it right at my dick.

Know how the dick have a mind of its own? You know, be gettin' hard in the movie theater, or math class, right in front of your best friend? My mutha fuckiní dick went right ahead and just busted bone!

Iím sitting there like a nigga in a bad dream, trying to make it go down but the damn thing had a mind of its own. Big D saw it and figured he had the green light. Smiles, then he slipped that hand in my boxers so fast, I jumped.

"Yo, wassup?" Iím saying and I grabbed his wrist to take his hand away. But this nigga ainít just big, he strong and all I ended up doing was pulling. He kept smiling and all the while heís stroking my dick. I kept pulling and he kept stroking until, before I knew it, I was about to shoot.

He saw how close I was and next thing I know, heís pushing me back on the bed. "Hey!" Iím yelling and then we started tussling. Ok, to be honest, I was wiggling and he was doing whatever the fuck he wanted.

When he got me on my stomach with my boxers down around my ankles, I panicked. I went to fighting and struggling but homey mustíve did this before because, (maybe one of them times he was locked up???) before I knew it, he had my hands behind my back with one hand and was lining up for the kill with the other.

"Wait, wait, wait!" Iím yelling, looking over my shoulder. But he just kept coming and when I felt his big assed dick at my asshole, I Ďbout lost it. Iím struggling and trying to pull away but it was no use.

"Hold still," He says, "You know you want it."

"Fuck you!" Iím yelling.

"Naw, goní beÖtheÖotherÖ" grunts, "way" and then I feel his dick spreading my hole, "round!".


Heís got my head smashed against the pillow and my very existence becomes that dick. What I hate to admit is that my got-damn dick never went down. I mean, what the fuck do that mean, I liked it?

D kept pushing but my shit was so tight, (or his dick was so big) it wouldnít go in.

"Where you keep yoí lube?" He says. "You know, the shit you use when you use when you be bustiní them nutts by yoíself?"

"Fuck you!" I say.

"Have it yoí way," He says and starts pushing that big assed thing again.

"Wait!" He stopped and Iím scheming. "In the bathroom."

"Too far," He says and that dick starts plowing my hole again.

"Ok! Under the bed!"

"Get it," He says and I say,

"I cainít!"

He letís me up and I tried wiggling away. "Suit yoíself," He says and heís really ramming that dick then. You ainít never felt pain like that, trust. My head felt like it was going to explode and my ass felt like somebody was trying to ram a hot pipe up there.

"Ok, ok! Iíll get it!" I says and he lets me up again.

"Donít know why you fightiní," He says. "Way yoí dick got hard, you should be thanking me."

I wanted to tell him Ďfuck youí again but I kept remembering how that dick felt when he tried pushing it in so I just handed him the lube. Shit is hurting, Iím scared shitless but my dick was so hard, I thought Iíd nutt any minute. The whole thing was very confusing.

Big D holds me down again while he lubes up... 



... I tensed up some and he told me to relax. "Just let it in," He says but he sounds a long way away.

Pop! The head just slipped right in. One inch, two inches, two and a halfÖ oh oh! Mutha fucka was too big. My head snapped up again and I started pushing up on the bed. Big D grabs the back of my neck and pushes me down but Iím still wiggling.

Felt like an eternity passed while that big assed thing searched my most private parts, no lie, and I felt every inch. That fat head felt like somebodyíd wedged a golf ball up my innards and right behind it, a hot pipe. The weed helped some but when youíre talking Ďbout something big as homey had, I donít think anesthesia wouldíve help!

All I could do was lay there and squeeze my eyes. And my Mutha fucking dick never went down! Man, that was some fucked up shit. I mean, my ass is being taken and my dick likes it??

After a long while, I felt Big Dís groin lay against my jiggling buns and I knew he was all the way in. We lay like that for a long time, his dick throbbing deep inside me until my hole relaxed. Then he started going in and out and a whole new set of feelings jumped up. Not so much bad as good though because heíd got all the way in now.

The longer he pumped, the better that shit started feeling. We found a rhythm and, like it did with his finger, my ass started going up to meet him. Yeah, I was turned all the way out, at least, for that time.

My hands started grabbing fistfuls of blanket and my toes were wiggling and curling. My eyes were squeezed shut and my dickÖ that mofo was hard enough to pound nails...





 Next time he showed up, we didnít even have to discuss it. Soon as I got that good high, he went to snatching my clothes off. I mean, I was a hoí for the weed.

An afternoon ritual it became. Me running home between classes, walking around the house in my boxers and him taking a late lunch. And I got the camera. Not a real fancy one but one well enough to catch us for those times when I got horny, nahmean?

Ever seen yourself having sex? Itís a mutha, no doubt. Part of me was shamed to see myself turned out so but the bigger part of me found it unbelievably hot. The grunting, and holding and huffing and bodies in motion. Not to mention how hot it looked to see a nigga that you could tell wasnít down for it at the beginning but that got all into it once it got going.

My ass in the air, my dick all hard. My face in the pillow with a look thatís somewhere between surprise and sheer ecstasy. Big D over top of me, hips pumping like a mad dog, that dick going in and out. Damn, making me hot just to think about it.

In the bedroom, the shower, the bathroom floor. Pops room, the couch in the living room, even one time on the counter in the kitchen. Yeah, we were gettin' a drink and he started rubbing on my behind, right in front of the fridge.



Yeah, weíve had some close calls and just times we acted a plain fool. I mean, Big D seem like he want it bad as me. Heís always coppiní feels, sometimes with Pops in the other room. Iíll be in living room, hardup and horny and heíll come in there like heís looking for a lighter or something and bam, his handís in my boxers...

...All of that is good but the afternoon sex is still tops. You know, when we can take our time and just let a good nutt build till we both explode. You know, like today when he came over with that weed. And we go to my room. And he takes off my boxers and I get on my stomach. And he plants his face between my cheeks. And the weedís good and my dickís hard and the door opened andÖ

Öwe heard Pops coming down the hallÖ.

But thatís another story.