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Wouldn't Miss It!     (02-17-18)
A loving uncle and two gorgeous nephew's a formula for disaster, see what happens when uncle stumbles upon a hot secret!
All This Time      

A comprehensive work the story develops over several chapters.

Faithfully Yours  
But a child in a man's world, poor Tajon finds himself caught in a web of abuse and sex he never anticipated. His life in turmoil, you'll drool at every painful incident until at last, the sacrifice is made. 
Whether He Wants It Or Not!
Darrell's good intentions for a boy he's recently met is put to the test when he finds him knocked out drunk on his porch! Which will he choose, mentoring or taking ass
The Sweetest Taboo 
When Amari's dad separates from his mom, two houses and two families is not all he gets. With a new brother there's a surprising discovery! 

15 Minutes? 

A cocky youth, young Corahn has no idea what he's in for when he agrees to Victor's "15 Minutes"! 

Find out what happens here: 15 Minutes?

Dirty Little Secret 
What is the Dirty Little Secret and what's the 'solution' practically staring Eddy in the face?
The Study  
Oblivious, young Tory has no idea what awaits him in The Study. Follow him as he's put through the paces, the youth finding himself deeper and deeper in things he'd never allow otherwise.
Sampling Avery's Poll    (8/31/13)
When a young election volunteer steers to the wrong side of the law, the campaign manager has an unusual solution. Join today for a sample of Avery's poll! 
One Hell Of A Summer  
When his mom sends him down south for the summer, Carsey has no idea what's in store for him.
Puppy In The Dog Pit

 Just a puppy in a man's world, Richard's do-nothing brother-in-law gets a lesson in 'paying his dues' when he spends a weekend with his unhappy brother.   

The Lesser Of Two Evils

Down on his luck and with few options, Nadji seeks the help of an old friend. 

For Adrian, the boy's bad luck is a godsend, Nadji's ass a long time fantasy. 

Will Nadji choose the lesser of two evils and stay with the horny man or will he run back to the streets? 

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Did You Read The Fine Print? 
On a constant quest for extra change, these boys bite off a little more than they'd bargained for.
What Have I Gotten Myself Into Now?
A cocky teen driven by his impulses, Akili finds himself in one inexplicable circumstance after another. Now he's in deeper than ever and he'll have to pay the price.

Price Of Admission

Trying to get "in" has a price attached. 

Yo' Ass Is Gonna Pay

His ass on the line, a ruffneck finds a way to cash in on it!

Getting to the "core" of the problem

A rogue cop uses a radically unconventional treatment to handle this youth's  belligerence.


  Play By The Rules  

A young man with needs, Titus has a unique way getting them met. Bad or good, he keeps looking. Join him in his sexcapades and you too can learn to "play by the rules"!

No Ice Cream After 8

Putting all his "good boy" ethics to the test, young Govaner visits an inner-city bar where he meets an equally different young man.

Yeah, that was some night

A pretty boy's dreams cum true when a night of wild partying gets out of hand 

Stranger Among Us

A home invasion of the freaky kind, this sizzler takes a twist on rough sex.

An Afternoon Tail 

After a contested beginning, a youth starts looking forward to an "afternoon tail".  

The Truth Will
Set You Free

Preaching the gospel of truth, Tai admonishes those plagued with questions about ‘what it’d be like’, to quit and substantiate that shit… now. Truth will set you free!

Damn...That Azzzz! 

When on a routine trip to the market a roughneck spies the perfect ass, he goes out of his way to posses it. 

Mind Yo Bizness

Jordon's easily distracted "urges" gets him in a world of trouble.

He Wit Me

Given only one option to join this gang, this nigga writes a check his ass can't cash!