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Girls, Boys, and Toys

 By Chris Carr

Copyright © 05/02/2016





I guess there was a part of me that knew. Like that part of you that knows when someone is pulling your leg. I had a neighbor once that insisted the small, suspicious looking weeds in his garden were collards. Uh huh, right.

That he was the cutest thing I’d ever seen was a huge factor too. Even if I hadn’t known, it would’ve been worth the risk. Every time I saw him, my heart skipped a beat. Let me just say here that we all have our "types". Some of us like the thug look, hard features, a few scars. Got a buddy that likes chubbies. Older, younger, tall, short, thin, fat. Listen, the bottom line is, this boy made my day, you fill in what works for you.

He used words sparingly, sometimes barely mumbling a response but that didn’t stop me from trying to engage him. I volunteer for youth services at the local park, another one of my vices, which, by chance, provided me close proximity. He and I, along with a couple of other cuties, were assigned kitchen duty, serving lunches to the neighborhood kids.

I swear, that first day, it took all I had to concentrate on the task at hand. We got the lunch packs together, then divvied them out to the kids according to age. It kept us running and I had little time to talk. Every chance I got, however, my eyes were on him.

I so wanted to break through the wall that separated us. I made awkward attempts to chat with him during breaks. All I got was speculative glances and muttered grunts. But it wasn’t just me, this boy kept to himself and reserved comments for only a select few.

A silver chain dangling from his neck, he often fiddled with it, raising it to his sweet lips to nibble on. My efforts to find a common ground failing, I tried the "be a friend" approach. He additionally wore a silver bracelet on his slight wrist. He was always taking that thing off and laying it aside. One day he left it on the counter, long forgotten as he headed for the door. I picked it up, my fingers running over the raised letters exciting me. "Kalanie", I whispered, watching him fade into the distance.

Jogging to catch him, I handed it over. With a suspect gaze, he took it, bobbing his head upward as he muttered "thanks". Does the voyeur know when he’s stopped being an ardent observer and crossed the line into pure stalking?





He acted no different, the next time he saw me leading me to believe all was lost, and then, in a quirk twist of fate, opportunity knocked. Exiting the gym one Saturday, I spied him chatting it up with Tamika, or Mika, as I knew her.

Slowing, I watched as he talked more animatedly than I’d ever seen him converse before. His head cocked, he was laying on his rap, pressuring her to some action I couldn’t hear but soon came to understand. Mika smiled, apparently enjoying the attention but wasn’t budging, even when he reached out to playfully pull her towards him.

As I ventured closer I heard him whisper, "Com’on," pulling her by the arm once more. Mika giggled, demurring under his charm but still resisted until finally, she broke away. He anxiously called at her, but she continued with not so much as a glance back. Hope renewed, I walked past him, tossing him a knowing smirk. God, kids are so naďve, I chuckled, entering my car...




I playfully call Tamika my boytoy. Both of us straddle the fence, I think we were destined to find each other. Whenever one of us feels the need to "walk on the wild side" we end up in bed together. Freaky, I know, but it’s all part of the new sexuality.

The next time she came on to me, I eagerly received her advances. By the time she finally gives in and starts throwing hints, she’s usually hotter than a furnace and this time was no different. On a trip to the deserted kitchen, she followed me, a sensuous smirk on her face. When I turned around, she squared off in front of me, demurring as she peeked once over her shoulder then darted her hand between my legs. The can of concentrate in my hand wavering, I studied the door. "Do something for me?" I whispered, lowering one hand to cup her sweet breasts…







Having them both in the same room was so intoxicating, I hardly knew where to start. Not to worry, Mika decided for me. Still parked behind me, she pulled my hand between her legs and whispered, "He’s cute" as it grazed her warm quim.


Enthralled, I drank in his alluring beauty as I probed her sizzling slot. Periodically, his eyes would dart in our direction but for the most part, he studied his feet. Mika was going over the edge quickly, her inhibitions melting just as fast, freak that she was.



Maybe it was the sheer thrill of two males wanting her or possibly the incredible rush of having an audience but, without provocation, she yanked my pants open and dove between my legs....



..."Take it out," I whispered. He blinked a couple of times, some of that street hard bravado surfacing in his hesitation but relented, fishing his throbbing boy wonder out... 




...Mika really worked his dick this time, then moved back to mine. Soon she was playing two skin flutes like a pro, licking and suckling mine, then laving Kalanie’s. Little by little, our dicks edged closer until finally, they touched in front of her. Mika fell right in step, strumming her flickering tongue down the underside of my man-sicle, then scuttling beneath Kalinie’s lesser buck-whistle. Back and forth, pulling us closer and closer, our dicks bumping against each other, sending me into pure nirvana.

Kalanie said nothing, peering down at our dicks, his lithe frame shuddering at times. He’d gathered all his shirts up and was holding them above his stomach. I gazed at his wiry frame unabashedly, adoring his slender legs, the faintest growth of hair about them, on up to his quivering six pack. He saw me looking but offered no apparent objection, leaving me to wonder what was going through his head. How I wanted to reach out and touch him, but I still wasn’t getting a clear sign.


Mika was driving me up the wall, her lips locked around the head of my dick again. She’d all but abandoned Kalanie, her attention on my rock hard powertool. I’m looking down at her round eyes, peering around the head of dick and it’s like all the other times, except now my dream boy was here. I simply had to get at this trophy or, at least, put my suspicions to rest....





...imagining her finger, lodged inside Kalanie’s tight hole, I lapped at her juices, eagerly anticipating the next step. Pushing her full lips aside with my tongue, I drove it inside her tight hole, then over her erect clit, diddling it mercilessly. She cried out, spreading her legs more, her hips gyrating. The time was right, at least for Mika, that is.

If I could’ve taken a picture of Kalanie at that moment, I would’ve framed it and mounted it over my bed. Get this… miracle of miracles, his dick was hard again and he had this far away look in his eyes, as if trying to assimilate the new onslaught of sensations, bombarding him.... 


"Damn, look at this shit," She enthused, motioning for me to join her. Ain’t it amazing the way things can progress, dropping what you want right in lap in a way you never saw coming??? I’m feenin’ like a fiend for some Kalanie, trying to watch for my opportunity and it sneaks up behind me and just taps me on the shoulder!!

I crawled around him, joining her behind his saucy ass, my dick jumping like a tent pole in the wind. My mouth dropped open, I glanced at her as she grinned, sliding an additional finger deep inside him. Quivering, Kalanie gasped, pushing his ass further up. 

I didn’t have to be coached to anticipate my next move and, dashing into my bedroom I grabbed the lube, quickly returning to rejoin Mika behind him. My hands trembling, I quickly slathered the slippery substance about my dick, then moved behind him, at the ready....


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