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Gonna Cost Ya


By Chris Carr


Copyright © August, 2010










Crossing the campus he chanced glancing at a pair of passing buns. Another pair of skinny jeans catching his eye he imagined few would believe his odd predilection. Sometimes his wandering eye worried him. In an environment such as his, it could prove dangerous.

Two years he’d worked security at the high school. Not necessarily his dream job but it beat collecting unemployment. For the most part it’d been a routine job. Walking the campus he’d break up the occasional fight or escort some belligerent to the principal’s office. Once he’d proven instrumental in preventing a teacher from being assaulted by a couple of thugs after hours but other than that, things were pretty normal. That is, until they put the cameras in.

Eight of them total, they monitored various obscure locations about campus. He and his partner Rita rotated monitoring them, one of them usually about campus. Harmless at first, he’d seen more about campus, these horny kids frequently slipping up. Not more than once he’d caught some unsuspecting couple, entwined and engaged in what comes natural. And the boy’s bathroom was a virtual hotbed of teen activity!

How he wished a camera could’ve been placed there! The times he could’ve watched some randy boy go at it, uninterrupted, his own dick in his hand! Too bad that was considered a violation. He settled for the scheduled visit to the boy’s bathrooms instead, his heart in his throat every time he entered. On those occasions he was fortunate enough to catch some boy, it was with some sadness he couldn’t do more than send them back to their appointed class.

Rita accounted her stories of girls doing odd things in bathrooms likewise. It’s no wonder they’re coming up pregnant so often. But it was the accounts of girls kissing girls in the bathroom that intrigued him most. Oh to have seen that!

It was on a quiet afternoon things changed. Seated at the monitors he was casually eating a bowl of chili, a baseball game on the radio when movement on camera six caught his attention. For some time various groups of boys had been caught rolling dice on this camera but word apparently got out it was monitored and that activity died down.

Watching the boy duck behind the gym, Dennis surmised that not everyone had heard the area was monitored, the boy blithely lighting up. Leaning against the building, he made himself comfortable, puffs of smoke billowing from his mouth.

Dennis considered apprehending the little fool but decided against it, reasoning he’d probably be gone before he could make it across campus. Slurping another gulp of chili, he watched the poor unsuspecting devil.

Must be a freshman, Dennis speculated, observing the boy’s small stature and baby-like features. Wonder where’d he get shit like that? God, these kids have no limitations nowadays.

In time, the boy finished but he didn’t leave. Dennis watched him a while longer, the realization dawning on him he might have to go out there. Why isn’t he in class? Man, these kids are a mess!

He was about to stand and leave when he saw the kid look right, then left, as if checking. What tha? The area deserted, it was why the school had placed a camera there. Watching him intently, Dennis almost gasped when the little bugger reached in his pants!

Leaning forward, he strained at the grainy image, his heart skipping a beat. Right there before his eyes, some horny kid was playing with himself. His hand tucked inside his scant jeans, the obvious movement was unmistakable.

Damn, he couldn’t believe his luck! Scooting closer, his hand involuntarily wandered to his own growth. Squeezing it through his uniform, he watched as the boy’s hips slowly arched forward. Was the little snot gonna cream inside his pants?

Barely containing his excitement, he reached inside his own pants. Momentarily remembering the unlocked door, he quickly locked it, returning to the monitor just in time to see the boy turn toward the wall and extract his wickedly hard dick.

The image of poor quality, Dennis had to look closely to catch the full picture but sure enough, his little friend was rounding the bases, his hand whipping wildly about the head of his exposed dick. His own dick sticking out his pants, Dennis matched his movements, his heart thundering in his ears.

In a matter of minutes the boy raised up on his toes, his dick aimed at the wall...





The next day he made sure to be in the monitor room at the appointed time. All he needed was for Rita to catch the little shit jacking off on cam. Certain the boy wouldn’t return, he was more than shocked when, once again, Rayshon showed up. You have GOT to be kidding me! Dennis couldn’t believe his eyes.

Like the day before, he casually leaned against the wall a while, that funny hat pulled over his eyes. When he reached in his pants, Dennis felt his dick swell, despite his reservations. I’ve got to stop doing this!

Holding on as long as he could, when the boy whipped his hard inches out, smirking at the camera again, he involuntarily reached inside his pants. Slathering the angry head of his dick with his juices, he stared at the camera as Rayshon obviously performed. There was no doubting it now. He was doing this on purpose, the consequences be damned.

His hips edging forward, Dennis felt himself careening towards another illicit nutt. His balls taut, he swore he’d catch the kid the next day. Blasting his issue against the wall, Rayshon’s hips bucked, his dick thrust forward. Likewise Dennis assaulted the lone monitor carrying the image of the delicious boy. This has got to stop.

The next day the boy didn’t show. Relieved, Dennis suspected he’d had his fill. Typical, he thought, going about his business. The hour almost over, he was about to wrap up when Rayshon casually walked on cam. Ah hell, Dennis sighed.

Pulled into the vortex, it wasn’t long before they both were happily stroking, Rayshon glancing up at the camera while Dennis stared. Captivated, he couldn’t believe the incredible pull this simple act had on him. While he knew there were heavy penalties associated with things like this, he couldn’t help responding, every time the little snot provoked him. In fact, his mind running ahead, he was even considering other things, even more risky. Was it possible this could be the one exception? Maybe he could get away with it?

His dick aimed once again at the monitor, he bathed it in cum, the instant Rayshon started bucking his hips. He had to admit, these were some of the most powerful orgasms he’d ever had. And while that confused him, he nevertheless felt himself pulled further into the abyss.


Determined to not fall prey to the youth’s manipulations, Dennis waited out of sight the next day. Though he loathed bringing their escapades to an end, he knew it was better to not continue. Like clockwork, Rayshon appeared, that silly hat over his eyes.

"Hey," Dennis called, stepping around the building before he could get started. His eyes two surprised zeroes, Rayshon practically jumped off the ground. As he approached, Dennis watched as the boy took off, running top speed around the corner, out of site....





..."Why’d you run?" Dennis began. Hunching his shoulders, Rayshon looked at his worn tennis. Waiting, Dennis gazed at his slight form. God, this boy was fucking cute!

"Well?" Dennis prompted.

"I dunno," Rayshon muttered. Hunching his shoulders again, he picked at a hole in his jeans. "Thought you was gonna arrest me or something."

"Arrest you?" Dennis chuckled. "I’m just a school security guard. I can’t arrest you kid."

"Well, I didn’t know," Rayshon blistered. "Besides, I thought you’d tell my mom."

"Moms would kill you huh?"

"Dead," Rayshon said.

"Maybe I should tell," Dennis taunted. "Teach you to not do shit like that on camera."

His face reddening, the slightest hint of fear registered on his face. Staring for some time, that devious smirk eventually returned. "You liked it?"




...Against his better judgment, Dennis chanced a glance at the boy’s groin. Sure enough, the prominent swell was still there, but now there was also a tiny wet spot.

"Want me to take it out?" And before Dennis could say no, he’d unbuttoned his jeans, ripping them open. Reeling, Dennis got a face full of hard, boy dick.

"Damit boy," He exclaimed, rushing to lock the door, "you trying to get me fired??"

"Sorry," Rayshon said, that silly smirk widening.

Whatever his inhibitions were before, they were quickly failing in the face of such unexpected beauty. Though he’d seen the kid’s dick before, it still caused him to swoon. Sinking fast, he glanced up at the boy, desperately trying to communicate his distress. Rayshon met his anxiety with a smile, none the wiser. It was like he was proud of himself… of his great achievement.

You like it? His face seemed to be saying… and how he did. His heart pounding, Dennis couldn’t find the will to tell him to put it away. Throbbing to his heartbeat, his dick hovered above his taut belly, the head slightly glistening with his juices. He’s uncut? Dennis accounted, wondering why he hadn’t noticed the extra skin before.

Raising his shirt higher, Rayshon lay back in the chair, his groin exposed. A decent growth of hair above his throbbing inches, they were curly like the hair on his head. As he watched, the wily youth spread his legs, his taut balls falling between them.

Like a moth to a flame, Dennis was drawn, his hand extending of its own volition. Clasping the boy’s warm growth in his hand, he slipped it up the shaft and around the head. Rayshon’s breathing raspy, his eyes widened.

Aware the monitor room wasn’t totally safe, Dennis felt himself plotting. "Listen," He started, his hand still holding Rayshon’s hard inches, "where do you live?"

"On the east side, near that Big K-Mart." Releasing the boy’s throbbing dick, Dennis’s resolve stood no chance.

"Come by my office after school," He conceded. "Now pull those up!"




The day flying by, Dennis went from moments of pure elation to sheer terror. Maybe he’ll do me a favor and not show up. That’s it! I’ll really know how interested he is in then. Gambling on the boy not showing, he made it through the rest of the day.

Long after everyone had left, he finished up his paper work, convinced he wouldn’t show. He was just about to lock up when there was a knock on the door. His heart suddenly pounding again, he opened the door.

"Sup?" Rayshon smirked.













..."You like them?"

"Hell yeah!" Rayshon gushed, posing in front of the mirror. Returning to the closet he pulled more items down, throwing together a hasty ensemble. Without prompting he started removing clothes, exchanging them for the shirts, pants and hoodies in the closet.

Sitting on the bed, Dennis watched with satisfaction as the boy tried on article after article. Each combination better than the last, it was like Rayshon was modeling for him. Trying on outfit after outfit, at one point he bounded for the bed, bowling Dennis over.

"Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!" He raved, hugging the startled man. The youth’s warm body suddenly laying atop him, Dennis blanched, his breathing accelerating. He was just about to reach around the boy when he lifted up. Their eyes locking, Dennis was certain the boy was about to kiss him. His heart pounding, he almost gasped when the boy fell on top of him, laying his head on his shoulder like a child.

"Thanks," He said, close to Dennis’s ear. They lay like that for some time, heartbeats pounding against opposing chests. The sheer warmth of the boy’s body electrifying, Dennis prayed it would never end. But, typical kid, Rayshon soon bounded for the closet, removing clothes in exchange for another outfit.

Not until he’d tried on practically everything did his attention return to Dennis. "Can I have this?" He asked, indicating the pants and shirt he was wearing.

"Much as you want," Dennis said. "But maybe just a couple of things today, so your mom won’t get suspicious?"

Reluctantly Rayshon agreed, staring longingly at all of the clothes. "My moms wouldn’t notice," He muttered, "But ok." Dennis realized his intentions were self-motivated, all in hopes he’d get the boy to return, but he said nothing.

Removing the shirt and pants, he stood in his worn underwear, gazing at the clothes.

"Let me get those undies," Dennis said. Walking to a dresser he extracted a handful of socks and briefs. Although Rayshon wore boxers, he imagined he’d gladly take a practically new pair of briefs. Handing them to the boy, he held his breath, waiting to see if he’d leave to change.

Pulling his socks off, Rayshon balanced on first one foot then the next, working the new socks on his bare feet. Wiggling his toes inside them, he glanced up at Dennis, a broad smile on his face. Reaching for the briefs, he paused a minute, then finally turned away as he pulled his old worn boxers down.

His pert ass momentarily exposed, Dennis’s face flushed when the boy bent over to puts the briefs on. His crack parting, Dennis could almost see his diminutive button. Standing, he turned to face Dennis, that smirk on his face once more...





...Dennis watched him for some time, the youth’s dick fully erect beneath the briefs now but still he stared, head down. The pinprick of wetness spreading, his dick swelled, filling his briefs. After a long while Dennis finally moved closer.

Rayshon remained posted, his bound fist anxiously thumping the side of his hips. Reaching out, Dennis palmed the clearly outlined length beneath the boy’s new briefs. His hand trembling, he heard his breath quickening as he thrummed the boy’s anxious swell.

Prying his briefs open, Dennis gasped when he spied the boy’s turgid endowment. Unfettered and uninterrupted, he gazed at the luscious offering, time frozen.

When he reached inside and extracted the randy rapier, Rayshon quivered with excitement. Glancing up at him, he was surprised to find his head still down, as if studying his feet. Slipping his hand up his slender blade, Dennis heard the boy’s breathing speed up.

In a matter of minutes, the boy’s dick twitched and enlarged, indicating he was near blowing. Though he wanted to fall before him and swallow him whole, Dennis kept stroking, his eyes glued on the boy’s reacting body.

His toes clutching the floor, Rayshon let out an excited gasp, then, his dick swelling bigger...


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