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He Wit Me

By Chris Carr

Copyright © 07/19/2013



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Yeah, I was at the summer jam. Kicked some mutha fuckin’ ass too. Yeah, this here’s Legit and if you ain’t knowin’, I’m the O.G. from South Central. We was chillin’ and throwin’ back a few, some Hennesy and a li’l purple, ya’ feel me, listenin’ to some Snoop. Niggas was gettin’ fucked up and then these tired mutha fucka’s started dancin’ and throwin’ up signs and shit and shit got started.

Ain’t no way me and ma’ boys was goin’ let that shit go so, next thing I knew, chairs was flyin’ and heads was gettin’ busted and shit. Musta’ busted up on a gang of punks, till the po-po showed up and we had to get outta there.

We was kickin’ it just outside, playin’ like we was innocent and pointin’ at everybody else when the po-po came around askin’ when this shawty walks up and starts talkin’. Kon was lookin’ at me, tryin’ to see if I knew who he was and I just looked back at him ‘cause I ain’t seen this nigga befo’. He mouthin’ on, talkin’ ‘bout the niggas he done busted up on and tryin’ to get a swig from my homey’s forty like he one of us or somethin’ but I didn’t do nothin’, just listened.

"Yeah, yeah, a nigga was throwin’ down," he sayin’ all cheesin’ and shit. He got on a fuckin’ wife beater, jeans all hangin’ off his li’l hips, new tennis shoes, doo-rag on his head and all iced up with silver round his neck, diamonds in his ears and shit. Couldn’t get past the new tennis shoes, though. They was spotless. Like maybe his momma had just bought them for him that mornin’, ya’ feel me?

Anyway, I could tell he was sweatin’ us real hard, probably ‘cause he saw the way we was whuppin’ up on niggas befo’. Always get these li’l wanna-bees, jockin’ us when you go to shit like this. Most the time Kon or Crim’ll just get rid of they ass, tellin’ them to get the fuck on or givin’ them a look that makes ‘em pee they pants but we was still buzzin’ from all the shit we took so nobody did nothin’, includin’ me.

Shit was gettin’ whacked at the stadium and the police was just out for any and everybody so I figured we best ta get shakin’. Li’l man was still hangin’ around, them suspicious eyes of his lookin’ all around so I threw my head up at ‘em and he hopped to it, followin’ me to my ride. He was ‘bout to jump in the front seat ‘til he saw Criminal comin’ up. Least he had to sense to know his place, I’m thinkin’ watchin’ his ass crawl up in the back seat.

"Yeah, so who you wit?" I asked, lookin’ at him in the rear view mirror.

"Y’all," he says, and me and Crim had to laugh.

"Where you from?" I says.

"Everywhere. I was born in L.A. Then we lived in Inglewood. But now I’m back in L.A."

I was intending to head to the spot wit’ my niggs but I kept lookin’ in the rear view mirror at this nigga and that sinister side of me got to actin’ up. Crim saw the way I was lookin’ at him and I knew he knew what I was thinkin’ but we cool, ‘cause, he got that freaky side too. I told him I was gon’ catch them lata and I dropped him off at the spot. He grinned at me through the window as homey hopped in the front seat and I threw my head up at him lettin’ him know it’s all good.

Don’t ask me why I gets the devil in me sometimes, just like that. You know, they say a bear get taste of some human meat, he gets fucked up and be wantin’ to eat people all the time. Guess that’s the way it is with me and my dark side. If I hadn’t never had a taste, I probably would’ve never been like this. Sometimes I feel like a fuckin’ vampire or somethin’. Like I been inducted into this dark order of blood suckin’ mofo’s, creepin’ on the low-low.



I lit up a blunt and let li’l bit get some. He was kickin’ my bad side up, the more I looked at him with his smooth skin and big brown eyes. Yeah, I know y’all knowin’ what I’m talkin’ ‘bout now, I go to talkin’ ‘bout how he look so all you hata’s can get to steppin’ now, you ain’t down with it. And fuck you too, ya closet hidin’, dick sucka. Whacha readin’ shit like this fo’ anyway!!


See, that’s why I don’t be wantin’ to talk ‘bout this shit. Anyway… back to my story. Li’l bit was stirrin’ shit up so I tells him we gon’ kick it at my place. "I’m down wit’ that," he says, all eager like. You know, when I look back, I should feel bad… but I don’t, HA HA!

So anyway, we stop over to my place and he’s lookin’ all ‘round at my shit. My stereo, my big screen TV and the DVD player, mouth dropped open. I like seein’ nigga’s face when they see my crib. Most nigga’s from ‘round the way ain’t seen shit like this, less it’s they momma’s or they uncle’s out in the burbs, ya’ feel me?



I’m madd lookin’ at his face and it was doin’ things to me, with that smooth, coffee and cream brown skin of his and them sexy assed lips. He actually looked pretty young but, don’t ask, don’t tell, right? He’s over at my CD rack, lookin’ at my collection and I couldn’t help lookin’ at his ass. I guess if this was one of them scary movies or somethin’ this’d be the part where my eyes would start glowin’ and be all red and shit, ‘cause I was stone checkin’ that ass out. A nigga can put on all the baggy clothes he want but when he got a round ass, it still makes that shit sit up and take attention! Got Da-yum!


Blood’s rushin’ from my head to my dick so fast, I’m gettin’ light headed, then he bends over to see a CD and I ‘bout nutted up. I decided I better stall that shit out befo’ I hurt his li’l ass, so I stepped to the kitchen and got us some drinks. He wandered in behind me, still lookin’ all around at my shit, then he sat at the kitchen table.

"So you ain’t rollin’ with nobody, huh?" I said, handin’ him a drink. He took it and I noticed he got long fingers, almost like a girl. He shook his head no, swallowin’ from his drink. For a nigga that did so much talkin’ before, he sure was quiet now.

"Why you wanna be with us then?"

"Y’all was kickin’ ass."

"Oh, you like that, huh?" He nodded his head. "You ever scrapped befo’?"

"All the time." He smiled, big time.

"Lemme see what you got," I said, standing. "Go ‘head, right here," I said, pointin’ at my stomach. I wasn’t worried, all the weights I been liftin’, but I wanted to see if he was all talk.

He looked at me a couple, then he stands up, all nervous, ‘cause I’m lookin’ him right in the eye. Guess he was tryin’ to figure out what to do ‘cause, he stood there for a minute, then finally, he bawled his fist and fired. His punch was solid but even more important, it helped me see what I was up against. I looked at him like, nigga whut? And he tried again, this time harder. When he wound up for the third punch, I grabbed his arm and jerked him around.

"Yeah, now what you goin’ do?" He moved to snatch his arm from my grip but I yanked it up his back, bendin’ him over.

"You wantin’ to roll with us?" I says, pushing him across the kitchen.

He grunted, "Yeah, nigga."

"Get yo’ ass loose then, nigga," I said, yankin’ his arm up some mo’. This nigga sort’a squeaks and then he went to pitchin’ and jerkin’, tryin’ to get loose. He was a slippery li’l somethin’ though and I almost lost his wigglin’ ass. He even tried kickin’ me a couple of times but I been in enough scraps to know that move.

In a minute, he was sweatin’ and breathin’ all hard and I could tell he was gettin’ mad. He couldn’t get his arm out my grip and he was loosin’ his focus, wigglin’ and snatchin’. I kept pushin’ him across the kitchen ‘til we hit a wall. I stood him up and slammed him against the wall. He let out another squeak and I could tell his ass was scared because he quit fight’in.

"You think you bad enough to roll wit us?" I said, all low like in his ear. "Oh, you cain’t talk now, huh? Talk. Yeah, that’s ‘bout all you is, huh? Talk." He still ain’t said nothin’, his face all smashed against the wall.

Yo, wassup?


I stepped up behind him, my breath hot on his back. I was so close, I could smell his sweat. He’s breathin’ all hard, tryin’ to look over his shoulder some and I’m gettin’ off on bein’ ‘gainst him. That dark side kicked up again and my dick jumped, once… twice, on his ass.

‘Bout that time, homey feels it and he gets this worried look in his eyes. He had to know he wasn’t gon’ just waltz in. That his ass was gon’ pay, one way or another, but he ain’t put it all together ‘til he felt that thump on his ass. He went to sweatin’ fo’ real then, cuttin’ his eyes real hard over his shoulder, tryin’ to see. I just rubbed my dick on his ass a couple of times while I had him pinned to the wall...



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