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I Dare You!

By Chris Carr

© 1998






The summer after my sophomore year, in a time a lot simpler than today, I was sentenced by my parents, along with my good friend Kevin, to attend summer school. They were concerned we would waste the summer away 'not using our brains.' "Idle mind is the devil's workshop," and all that shit, we've all heard it.

Contrary to most kids, however, I liked school and that was fine with me. Guess it was just one more 'weird' thing about me, along with being teacher's pet, and looking at boys, but I digress. In those days, kids didn't have the convenience of being shuttled to and from school by their parents the way they do now, so we walked. The school was a good twenty to thirty minutes from our neighborhood, depending on which route you took and Kevin and I always took the longer way home affording us more time to hang out. Friends since elementary school, we'd have a ball walking home, clowning around, empty windows from the homes we'd pass staring at us.

"You drink William Potts' pee," one of us would say.

"You lick his asshole" the other would counter, both of us cracking up at the absurdity of it all.

A common game played between us was one we called, "I dare you." Typical boys, always out to demonstrate our superior machismo, we'd dare each other to do something a little out of the ordinary. It was all innocent, one daring the other to call a girl from our school and make an obscene phone call or drinking some weird concoction like Kool-Aide with vinegar and hot sauce in it. Silly boy stuff, but on one hot afternoon in July, everything changed.

Strolling along, no particular place to go, our conversation drifted to things sexual, a frequent occurrence. Neither of us had any real sexual experience to speak of, but that didn’t stop us from dreaming. Various girls would suffer countless sexual encounters, a result of our vivid imaginations. Kevin was hot for this girl in our math class named Jennifer.

"Dangggg, I'd like to get that!" he beamed.

"Hell yeah, man!" I seconded.

"Like, what would you wanna do?" I asked, our sexual conversation making me horny as usual.

"Stick my dick up her pussy!" Kevin exclaimed, shifting his hardening dick in his jeans.

"Yeah, me too!"

"Man, that shit makes me get all hard," Kevin harped, taking a quick glance at my groin.

"Yeah, me too."

"You getting hard now?"

Glancing down at the bulge in my pants, I simply nodded yes.

"Hey! I dare you!"

"Aww, here we go again," I moaned. "Ok, what’s the dare?"

Kevin glanced at my bulge again, and with a sinister grin on his face he challenged,

"I dare you to take your dick out!"

"Right here?" I cried, looking around at the houses.

"Yeah! Com'on man, I dare you!"

"You crazy! Hell no, man!"

"Com'on, man, you took the dare. You know you can’t back out if you take the dare!"

"What about you?" I countered, "I dare you!"


Kevin regarded me cautiously for a minute, then begrudgingly replied, "Ok, what’s the dare?"

"I dare YOU to take YOURS out first."

The growth in his pants was so pronounced now, you couldn't miss it. That baby was just begging to be released, causing my own dick to throb harder in my pants.

"So, we do a double dare?" he asked, resigned.

"Yeah" I said, a smirk on my face.

"If I take mine out, you'll take yours too?"

"Yeah" I promised.


Kevin looked around warily, searching the blank windows for any movement then, to my utter shock, reached down and started unzipping his pants. His clean white briefs gleamed in the afternoon sun, and there was a small wet spot where his hot prick had started dripping. He reached into his briefs and pulled out his dick, a drop of pre-cum glistening on the head.




 It was almost 7 inches long with a bulbous, mushroom shaped crown and a long, lank shaft. Dismayed, I was caught between gawking at his stiff, tan-brown dick, and jerking my head around to make sure no one was around. I couldn't believe it, my best friend was standing right in the middle of Denker Ave., his hard as stone dick sticking out from his Levi's! He looked up from his ramrod at me, grinning like a thief who's just stole the crown jewels.


"Your turn" he said, waving his dick at me.


Nervously, I reached down and unzipped my pants, frantically searching the houses to see if anyone was looking. Barren windows stared back at me as I reached in and pulled out my own throbbing member. I glanced down, sizing our stiff poles up, my heart in my throat.

Whereas my dick was a sweet, caramel-brown, his was a vivid honey-brown. We were both about the same length and both VERY hard.



"Damn" Kevin said gazing at the twin boy spears. Engrossed, we never noticed the old lady staring at us.

"What in God's name are you all doing?" she shouted from her yard, shaking a rake at us. She must've come from her backyard because my earlier search had turned up no one.

"You nasty boys get out of here!" she yelled, a look of disgust on her wrinkled face. Mortified, we quickly stuffed our dicks in our pants and made a mad dash out of there, laughing so hard we could barely run....








...Assaulted with the image of Kevin's dick, jutting out from his Levis, a bulge started growing in my pants. Glancing over at Kevin, I noticed that a visible mound had also cropped up in his pants. Although neither of us would dare admit our mutual feelings, we couldn't take our eyes off each other's developing hardness. Staring at his bulge, I got a lump in my throat when he made it twitch, the crotch of his jeans pulsing as he did.

"Wanna go to the cabana?" I suggested, my voice cracking. Kevin nodded, and we jumped up, prominent tent poles in our pants, as we walked.

There was an old abandoned storage shack on the lot which Kevin and I had cleaned up and christened our 'cabana.' It really wasn't more than a floor with four walls, but it was sturdy and secluded enough to allow us privacy. We’d hung this sheet across near the back of the shack which served as a changing area. On extra warm days, we used it to discretely change into our swimming trunks before going back out to the blankets. On the rare cooler days, we'd stay inside, and play cards, or some other board game. Up until now, this had been an innocent way for us to get as close to being half-naked with each other without actually admitting it.

Stepping inside the door, we both took seats on the worn lawn chairs provided from our homes. There was no door on the entrance to the shack and between it and a few cracks in the plywood ceiling, we had adequate illumination.

"Wanna change?" He volunteered, his voice husky.

"But we don't have our trunks," I protested.

"We'll pretend."

"Pretend? What do you mean?"

"We'll just pretend our underwear is our trunks."

"Oh." I was realizing his intent. Reluctant to go first, I offered him another dare.

"I dare YOU!" His eyebrows rose, surprised by my constant counter-dares.

Hesitantly, he granted the dare.

"Whatever I do, you have to do more."

"Ok, but I dare you."

My dare countered, I was determined to not be bested.


"YOU go first, this time." This was becoming so exciting I could hardly speak. My voice quavering, I insisted, "Ok, but remember, whatever I do, YOU'VE got to do more."

"Ok," he promised....



...I rose slowly, stepping behind the sheet. While this little game was driving me wild with excitement, I was wondering just how far we were going to go. My hands trembling, I removed my shirt as he had done, opting to remove my socks next. As I walked across the cool, swept floor, I was excited by the way Kevin's eyes were poring over my body. Sitting down, I announced,

"Your turn."

Kevin cautiously rose, stepping behind the sheet, our little game heightening our lust by the minute. After a few minutes he stepped from behind the sheet and I stifled a gasp as I observed his near naked body. How was it possible I hadn't noticed the way the muscles in his stomach rippled when he moved, or how attractive his sinewy legs were before? Padding across the floor, I followed his large, delectable feet, my dick growing harder in my pants. My eyes slowly scanned his body, from his legs up, stopping at his groin. His dick was pushing out the front of his briefs like a circus tent.

He quickly sat down, a little unnerved by the canopy in his briefs, I suppose. Weak, I arose, stepping behind the sheet, removing my pants, choosing to leave my briefs on. Heck, he was the one that had to do more, let him get naked first. My briefs were sporting a teepee equally as large as Kevin's as I returned to my seat. His eyes followed my hard-on, consuming it as I sat. He lingered in his seat, reluctant to move, aware that this was it. The ante had been upped, leaving him the onerous task of being the first to fully undress.

He eventually stood, ambling slowly behind the sheet. Observing his movement behind the sheet, mindful that he was wriggling out of his briefs, produced untold feelings of arousal in me, the lump in my throat making it hard for me to swallow. Kevin finally reappeared, but he'd added a little twist to the game. He'd picked up his T-shirt and was holding it in front of his bare body, shielding his pronounced hard-on. His modesty merely stoked the fires of desire in me. Standing, I approached him, reaching out, and forming his T-shirt around his jutting dick, encircling the length of it.

"What do we have here?" I teased, alluding to the wicked imprint of his hard dick. Thrusting his T-shirt out he said nothing, his breathing audible as he peered at his hard dick.

"Move your shirt" I murmured, urging him to reveal his erection....


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