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Just Homies


By Chris Carr


July, 2012








Pt I




Marquise is over again. He’s over all the time but now it’s different. Now we’re naked and he’s on top of me again. I like cupping his little ass. It’s so smooth and soft. When I rub it, he starts humping me.  

At first we didn’t kiss. Now we do but it’s not girly. It makes us hotter and we like that. We like all the things that make us hot. Like taking a bath together, or playing with each other’s dicks. Marquise always starts but its all good.  

When he comes over, I don’t even have to get dressed anymore. Sometimes it’s early in the morning.

“Why you not in school?” I’ll ask and he just shrugs his shoulders. I think he ditches school on purpose.  

We used to shoot hoops and he still brings his basketball over but now we don’t shoot as much. He’s got on those same, tan cargo shorts he was wearing yesterday. Different shirt but same shorts.  

He walks past me, his eyes subtly passing over my boxers and plops down on the couch. His shorts rise up his smooth, yellow legs and I can see up the pants leg almost to his nutts. Makes my dick jump and I can feel his eyes on it. We’ll be naked in no time.



Jabari's got a new friend...



Me and Marquise are real close. Almost like brothers. I’m an only child and he’s the youngest of like six kids. He stays up the street from me and there’s always a grip of people at his apartment, most of them way older than Marquise. Brothers, cousins, friends, you name it and his place is always crowded.


He saw me with the basketball and was on me like white on rice. “Wanna shoot some hoops?” I said when he posted up in my front yard. I was idly bouncing my ball against the garage and yacking on my cell phone. When I hung up, he was just sitting there on his ball, watching me like I was his long lost brother or something.


We went to my back yard and shot hoops forever, yacking and laughing about everything. It was like we’d been separated at birth.

“But do you like Robot Chicken?” I bounced the ball, smiling because I can’t believe the shows we both like.

“Yeah, it’s pretty cool. But I like The Boondocks better.”

“Homies ova Hoes!!” He suddenly crooned.


See, that’s why Marquise is so cool! Not only did he know about my fave Adult Swim show, but he was up on the funniest episode. We hit the ground crackin up.

“And that’s when one of them dudes knocked me upside my head and I dreamed he kissed another man.” I just about bust my gut crackin up when Marquise said that! How he gone know the lines like that?!

“How often you have dreams about men kissin?” I shot back and we both hit the ground laughing again.


Yeah, that Gangstalicious episode was one of my favorite Boondocks episodes and Marquise got points for knowing about it. Was over all the time after that. Like I said, all we did back then was shoot hoops. Shoot hoops and talk jive. Shows we liked, music, YouTube videos, all the shit we had in common. It was all good, until that day he spied on me jacking off....




“What are you doing?”  Just about jumped off the bed that day. He’s looking through my window and I didn’t even see him standing there.

“Get the hell outta here Marquise!” I yelled, rolling away from him. Couldn’t believe the little joker had snuck up on me like that. I guess I should’ve closed the blinds but I never anticipated company…especially not Marquise.


Jumped up, put on my shorts and went to the front door. He’s standing there, his basketball tucked under his arm, a big question mark on his face. I shouldn’t have gotten mad but it was a pure invasion of privacy and I was po’d.


Couldn’t stay mad at that innocent face though. That quizzical look on his face, he looked up at me, his question still unaddressed, as far as he was concerned.

“Why you looking through my window Marquise?”

“Sorry,” He muttered, shifting his ball to his other arm. An awkward moment passed, and he finally says, “Can I come in?”


I stepped aside and he casually walked past me, his eyes doing that subtle pass over my groin. Plops down on the couch like it’s any other day and puts his feet on his basketball. I’m looking up his shorts and I can almost see his nutts, but I’m still not happy he invaded my privacy so I don’t entertain that.

“How long were you out there, you little pervert?” I say. He hunches his shoulders and looks away.

“Like what you saw? You like spying on people Marquise?”

“I wasn’t spying. I was gonna ring the doorbell but I heard that music so I was gonna holla at you through the window.” His baby face a dark cloud he’s not happy I’m accusing him of spying.


I want to stay mad at him but he’s my little buddy so I squash it. Bad thing is, I didn’t get my nutt so I was extra horny. And, truth be told, I was thinking about his little butt when he snuck up on me. Yeah, kind of shame to admit it but I was just about to bust a good one, thinking about him naked.


I turned on the TV and the tension lessened. I grabbed a bowl of cereal and he’s looking at me eat so I poured him one too. We’re on the couch, watching TV and he says, all quiet like,

“Can I do it?” 



The things you do for friendship...


At first it kind of weirded me out, my little homie showing up at the most inopportune time but I couldn’t keep fighting it. On a scale of one to ten, I’d say Marquise is a 9.5. Even though he’s young you can tell he’s gonna be a heartbreaker. I feel bad but I can’t stop thinking about what he’d look like out his clothes. I’m watching my porno and just when it starts feeling good, I go to thinking about his skinny little legs and I see them going up into those shorts he’s always wearing. The tan colored, cargo shorts with the pockets on the outside. My mind goes up those legs and then I’m reaching up his shorts and discovering the prize inside and bam, I’m busting a big one.


Today I was taking his shorts off. I’m beating the hell out my dick and seeing myself slipping his little shorts off and then he’s talking to me through the window. A SERIOUS invasion of privacy man!


I know Marquise isn’t going to let this go. If Jabari’s doing it, then Marquise wants to do it. I smoke, and Marquise wants to try.

“You’re too young,” I said then too. But Marquise wasn’t taking no for an answer so I finally gave in and let him try.  Monkey see, monkey do. That’s what I say about Marquise.


I wear mismatched shoes and Marquise does it too. I go outside with no shirt on and his little scrawny ass starts doing it too. Even walked up to the corner store with no shirt on one day. Marquise didn’t even think about it, long as I was doing it.


I looked down at him and he’s got this well look on his face and I know he’s serious.

“You did it before?” I said. He shook his head, those big brown eyes looking at me.

“Never?” He thought about it for a while.

“Like, it be getting hard when I wake up…and in the shower, but not like you was doing.”

“Little perv,” I said, rustling his head. Always wanting to do what the big boys doing. He lowered his head, cereal bowl in his lap. Then he says,

“What were you doing?”


I don’t know why, but this is making me rather uncomfortable and I want to smack him upside the head. I think it’s because he was spying and now I have to tell him what I was doing. But I know he’s not like that. He was just trying to holla at me, like he said. I put my hand on his head and just held it there for a minute.

“You really wanna do it?”

“Yeah,” He nods, his eyes lighting up.

“But if we do, you can’t tell nobody.”

“Com’on man,” He says, rolling his eyes.


My hand’s still on his curly head and I can feel the warmth of his body beneath it. Feels nice, just holding his head like that and I feel the way we’re really connected. I wasn’t expecting it but then my dick started getting hard.

“Wanna take a shower?” I said, trying to get my mind off my dick. I figured, since he said he got hard in the shower, we could try that. He nodded, down for whatever, as usual and we just left our cereal bowls on the coffee table. That’s the cool thing about Marquise, he’s cool on everything Jabari. 






Like I said, Marquise is over all the time now. If he’s not coming over soon as he gets out of school, he’s at the door first thing in the morning. I think he ditches school on those days.

He can’t get enough of jacking off now. He’s like a sex fiend or something, wanting to bust a nutt all the time. I can’t complain though, I’m just as bad. I wouldn’t admit it if he asked, but I’m actually hoping he starts something when he comes over.  

At first he used to say “Wanna take a shower?” And I knew what that’d lead to so I’d always agree. But now we don’t even have to use the shower excuse. Most the time he comes over, I’m either in my boxers or my pajama bottoms and that’s like an open invitation to the little freak. Like I said, he likes examining me, like he’s a doctor or a scientist or something.

“How come mine don’t have hair like that?” He’ll say, pulling his shorts and underwear down to look at his, then look at mine. Or, “My balls gonna get that big?”  

He can’t get enough of looking. The next time he came over after his first nutt, he openly studied my shit, the moment we got to my room. We’d taken a shower like before and when we laid down on the bed, he started in with the questions.

“You’ll get more hair,” I told him as he hovered over my stuff, his warm breath making my dick bobble.  

The more he came over, the bolder he got.  Doesn’t even wear underwear anymore. When he sits down and puts his feet on his basketball (I wondering if he does it on purpose now) I can see up his shorts to his nutts if they rise up enough.  

Like I said, we don’t even use the shower excuse anymore. He’ll come over, sometimes early in the morning, and things just happen. We might act like we’re just hanging out, like we used to do, but we’re both knowing what we really want to do.  

One day he was over early and he’d woke me up so I went back to bed. He’s gabbing about something he saw on TV last night but all I want to do is crawl back in bed and pull the covers over my head. He follows me to my room, blabbing all the way and when I got to my bed, I just got under the covers. The TV was on so he started flipping through channels. He’s laying on top of the covers next to me and it feels good, but I was too tired to do anything.  

Me and Marquise were really close by then. Not only was he like my little shadow, always hanging around me, he was my best outlet for sex too. Yeah, I had my little lady friends at the time but none of them interested me like Marquise. We had a special bond and it came out in the way we were so comfortable with each other. I mean, who else would I have opened the door for that early in the morning? And there’s no way I would’ve had any other dude in my bedroom with me like that, especially not laying on the same bed. But we’d seen each other naked so many times, there wasn’t even a reason to trip about something as little as laying on the bed together, even if we weren’t jacking off.  

Things hadn’t progressed much further from our first time by then, even though we both really got off on being sexual together. We never talked about it, other than Marquise’s questions. And other than his developing curiosity about my body, we didn’t do anything more than bust a nutt together like that first time. Marquise had even got to where he could bust it himself, if he chose. But most the time he liked me to get him off.  

So when I felt him getting under the covers with me that day, it kind of freaked me out. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t like he was doing something bad or something. It’s just, till then, we hadn’t progressed that far.  

I was in my bed, farthest from the TV and, before he got under the covers, Marquise was between me and the TV, which I really didn’t care because I wasn’t watching, even though I was turned towards the it. I should’ve got suspicious when the little monkey left the room for a few but by the time he’d come back, I was almost sleep.  

I’m barely hearing the TV, drifting off to sleep land when I feel him slipping under the covers. Ok, not so weird, I say, excusing him as I head for sleepy land again. Like I said, if it’d been anybody other than Marquise. I feel the warmth from his body next to me and then my eyes bucked open. My nigga’s naked!



Just a teaser boys! Yet another hot story cuming to The Studies!


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