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The Lesser of Two Evils

 By Chris Carr









He came to him after his options ran out, which were few. Hair unkempt, he looked thinner, the former baby fat roundness of his face slackened. His thin hoodie insufficient, he looked chilled to the bone.
“Hey,” He mumbled, hands shoved in his pockets.


Ever been down on your luck?


The night air whipping about his poorly clothed form, Adrian ushered him in. He took a seat, his hands still shoved in his pockets. His hoodie falling off his head, Adrian noticed the rings under his eyes. Curious what could’ve lead him to such dire straights he said nothing, waiting for him to speak.
“Been a while, huh?” He said, his dashing eyes flicking towards the older man then darting away. Silent, Adrian merely nodded, sitting back in his seat.
“Not sure if you heard but, things are pretty fucked up for me right now,” He stated, in that, monotone cadence of his. Deciding to take the bait Adrian asked what’d happened. He hesitated, glancing at him a couple of times.
“My mom,” He finally muttered, so low it was almost inaudible...


With a troubled history, Nadji and Adrian are unlikely partners. Still, when the chips are down, a friend in need is a friend indeed....


The wait seemingly an eternity, the boy finally lifted his head.
“Well, I know it’s not cool how I acted and, like I said, I’m sorry, but could you let me stay here? Say a week or two, just till my mom cools down?”
“Wouldn’t be easy,” Adrian returned. “We’d be all on top of each other, day and night. And I’d at least need you to do something to pull your weight.”
“Like?” Distracted, Adrian gazed at the hallway leading to his room. Looking back at the boy he shook his head
“Oh, we’ll work that out,” He allowed. “Bet you’re pretty hungry?”
“You have no idea,” Nadji gushed.
“Pizza?” Adrian said, picking up his phone. Nadji nodded, happy he was finally getting some food but concerned about  Adrian’s last statement...


Their agreement sketchy, young Nadji becomes Adrian's houseguest....


As the days went by, Nadji became more comfortable, his old ways surfacing. Lazing around Adrian’s apartment he’d done little to no job hunting. Spending most the day on the couch he thrilled to playing his new game on Adrian’s flat screen TV as he chatted away with friends on Adrian’s phone. When he wasn’t on the couch, he was in the kitchen, scarfing down chips, cookies and other snacks, his slack face filling out once more. 


Things go reasonably well until...


In time Adrian’s funds ran low, the boy practically eating him out of house and home. He’d also noticed a sizable bump in his last utility bills, Nadji constantly leaving lights on, and taking ridiculously long showers. Things all came to a head when Nadji deigned to make good on Adrian’s earlier offer.
“Ask a question?” He said, peeking around the door of Adrian’s room.

Reclining on his bed, Adrian was deep in thought. His unemployment running out in just two weeks, he was at his wit’s end trying to think of how to make ends meet. Accepting he’d probably have to take a non-skilled job until something else came through he wasn’t relishing the idea.
“Ok?” He said, wondering what the boy needed now.
“Mind if I get some of that good-good?” Sitting up on his elbows, Adrian tossed the boy a curious look.
“You got money to buy it?”
“Oh… no. I meant… mind if you buy me some?”

Sitting all the way up, Adrian stared at the boy, a thousand thoughts going through his mind. Nadji blinked, still without a clue, wondering what was taking him so long to reply.
“Know how much the electric bill was this month?” Shaking his head, Nadji wondered what that had to do with his shit.
“$60. Highest it’s ever been was $30. Take a guess how much the water bill was,” He said, swinging his feet off the bed. Hunching his shoulders Nadji was wishing he’d stayed in the front room.  
“It’s doubled too,” Adrian announced, his eyes narrowing. “I don’t even want to see what that phone bill’s going to look like and I don’t even think about what I’m spending on groceries.” His voice raising, he stood, approaching the boy. “I told you, I got no income, my unemployment’s about to run out and you want me to buy you something for you to smoke?”

Looking up at the man, it finally dawned on Nadji he might’ve pushed it.
“Well, you said you’d hook me up so I was just asking,” He said turning to walk away.

“Naw, naw, let’s talk about it Nadji,” Adrian exploded, grabbing the boy by the collar. Incensed, Nadji bit back words, biting his lip instead… he didn’t like being manhandled.
“Yeah, let’s talk about your little request,” Adrian steamed, pulling the boy back and slamming him on the bed.
“Ok, I said I’d ‘hook you up ‘if you play your cards right’. Remember that?” Nodding, Nadji was starting to feel like he was home with his mom.

“But yeah, since you seem to think you’ve earned you some shit, let’s make good on that,” Adrian said, opening his pants. Alarmed, Nadji’s eyebrows raised.
“You want yo' shit? Well I want some Ass,” Adrian blasted. “Problem is, your ass is always here! I told you we’d be cramped in this little place but I’m about to go out of my mind for some ASS!” Reaching in his underwear, Adrian approached the petrified boy.
“And since I can’t have nobody over, I’ll just have to make do,” And with that, he whipped his hardening dick out.

Recoiling, Nadji couldn’t believe his eyes. “I told you I’m not gay,” He said, pulling back when Adrian moved his dick towards him.
“Not my problem,” Adrian quipped, grabbing the back of his head and pulling him towards his rapidly hardening dick.
“But I don’t suck dick,” Nadji insisted, pulling back.
“You do now! You do or you can get your potato chip eating, lazy ass out!”

Applying more pressure, Adrian pulled the boy toward his now fully erect appendage.
“Wait, wait!” Nadji pleaded, pulling at Adrian’s arm.
“Wait for what?!” Adrian fumed, pulling harder.

“Ok, I’ll move,” Nadji finally said...


His choices few, Nadji's left with few options...


More disheveled than before, Nadji looked a mess when he returned a few weeks later. Head down, he plopped down on Adrian’s couch, the weight of the world seemingly on his shoulders. Feeling a drink might be appropriate, Adrian retrieved both he and Nadji a beer. Popping the cap on both bottles, he handed one to the boy.
“What happened to you?” He started. Chugging on his beer, Nadji said nothing. His curly hair an uneven mess, he looked worn. The rings were under his eyes again making Adrian wonder how such an attractive kid found it so hard to fend for himself?
“Can I just come back?” He finally said. “I mean, we had a good thing going and its way cooler here than…” His voice trailing off, Adrian wondered where he’d been the past few days.
“But you know the terms,” Adrian insisted.
“Dude, you used to be married…don’t you like ladies too?”  
“I might,” Adrian admitted, placing his hand on the boy’s leg. “But why bother with that when I can have this?” Moving his hand towards Nadji’s groin, he looked at the boy. “Com’on Nadji, it’s not that bad. Besides, play your cards right and you’ll be smoking some of that bomb assed shit,” Adrian said, his hand enfolding around Nadji’s concealed package. “What about we start with…” Opening the boy’s pants, Adrian reached inside, “a blowjob?”

Whipping the boy’s dick out, Adrian stroked it. Rapidly responding, Nadji’s dick was soon hard as wood. Watching as Adrian played with it, he debated sleeping on a cold hard park bench against a warm house and Adrian’s offer of his desired blunt. His heart thumping he accepted that this was the lesser of two evils. Just let him have his fun and you’ll be hooked up, he reasoned, the man opening his pants...


Another sizzling story comes to The Studies soon! Challenged beyond his wildest expectations, Nadji finds "doing his part" comes with a high price tag...

Holding onto the bed, Nadji felt his backside light up again. Confused, he couldn’t imagine how such a lewd act could be enjoyable, neither for himself nor Adrian, his mouth on a dude’s ASS! But despite himself, he felt his ass pushing back, his back arching in an effort to get better access to Adrian ’s wicked tongue.  

Adrian saw him arching his back, raising his jiggling ass against his tongue, the boy’s helpless reaction making him white hot with passion. Whimpering with desire, he all but doubled his efforts, making love to the boy’s beautiful round butt. Slapping his tongue against Nadji’s well lubed orifice, his dick dripped in anticipation. When he could take no more, he suddenly raised up, sidling up behind the boy, his dripping post suddenly pressed against his trembling opening.  

Panicked, Nadji protested, looking over his shoulder in fear. “What the fuck Dre?” He cried, watching Adrian line up. But before he could make him stop, his words became a scream, Adrian ’s ramrod finding its mark.


Reaching forward, Adrian slapped a hand over the screaming boy’s mouth as Nadji scampered up the bed, trying to escape. Following him, Adrian extended himself atop the youth, pinning him to the bed. The very idea he was busting a true virgin ass further igniting his desire, there was no turning back now. Well past the point of no return, he could no more stop himself than stop a speeding train. Holding the boy beneath him he’d determined to exact his pound of flesh.  

His libido on fire, he pushed forward, wedging his dick further up the boy’s incredibly tight chute. Screaming and wiggling beneath him Nadji’s ass felt like a red hot poker had been rammed up there. Trying in vain to extract himself he knew it was futile, Adrian much larger than his small weight.  

His eyes rolling into the back of his head, Adrian had forgotten how impossibly tight virgin ass was. Nadji’s asshole fighting to keep him out, he had to almost double his efforts. Feeling the man’s dick wedge deeper, Nadji wailed against his hand. His asshole on fire, he contemplated his options. Sleeping on a park bench couldn’t possibly be worse than this!  


Nadji's troubles are just beginning and you won't believe where they takes him.

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