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Nothing you’d be interested in

By Chris Carr

Copyright © 05/02/2016






Eugene lets me sit on his face. His tongue eagerly flicking about my asshole, I like watching his sleek body and small, boy tool while I jack off. Sometimes he gripes, momentarily resisting his role in our sex play but eventually he relents, his need greater than his pride.

He initially resisted my advances, feigning disinterest on grounds he wasn’t ‘like that’ but I didn’t sweat it because I had plenty of other fish to fry. We’d met at this youth poetry reading and, for some reason, he’d taken a liking to me, clinging to me like gum on your shoe, which is why I thought he’d be down.

Like I said, his snub was no big deal, just sort of irked me even though he ain’t my type. Once he turned me down, I sort of lost interest in him, moving on to other pursuits. I’d had a couple of hot, anonymous sessions in that cruising bathroom on campus but my real interest was this boy Brock, who stayed down the block from me.

Sometimes, we hang out but I can’t get a clear enough signal from him to make a move and it’s driving crazy. He’s a real fan of GTA and I use it to my advantage, inviting him over to play every chance I get.

Brock works out and it shows, especially about his muscular torso. His pecs are ripped and his arms are well defined. Grand Theft Auto can get pretty intensive at times and when he’s really involved, I like watching the way they flex as he moves the controller.

So I’m biding my time, drooling over him while he plays GTA. Sometimes, Brock, Elton and I go swimming at the college. Those times are real treats, watching them walk around in nothing but wet trunks. Nearly drives me out of my mind.

What’s this got to do with Eugene letting me sit on his face, you say? Hold up, I’m getting to that.







Weeks later, I was on my way to the school library when I passed Brock, on the way over to my house.

"Where’re you heading?" He asks. When I told him he just stood there. I waited a few but I needed to get so I asked him what was up? He hunches his shoulders and looks at the ground, which is real weird for Brock so I killed the engine.

"How long you gonna be?" He says, a few minutes later. I hunched my shoulders but I’m really getting weirded out by his actions now so I tell him it can wait.

"Naw, that’s ok," He says, but he squats beside the car so his face is right at the window.

A lawnmower is running, somewhere behind us and I listen to it churning a few, still trying to figure out what’s happening. He sat there a long time, glancing at me then looking up the street he says,

"Talked to Darnell."

Alarms are going off now because I had no idea he even knew Darnell, let alone talked to him. I’m running all kind of scenarios through my head, each one more horrific than the next but can’t stop. Finally, the most I could muster was a conciliatory bob of my head, hoping I’d dodge the bullet but really wanting to hear where he was going.

"So… you gotta go?" He says, his eyes scanning my face. Which answer would save my ass? I mulled, glancing at him every few seconds.

"’Sup?" I stutter.

"Aww… nothing, just…" He looked up the street again, squinting against the sun, then back at me. "Just thought maybe we could…" He hung his head, looking at the ground then hunched his shoulders again.


He was gripping the window seal so hard, his knuckles were starting to blanch. I’m listening to my heart, beating like a huge drum but my curiosity’s piqued so I ask him if he wants to get in the car. He waits a few, his head still down and I notice his jaw flexing, like he was gritting his teeth.

Finally, he jumps up and runs around the back of the car, towards the passenger side. He’s hanging sort of low alongside the car, like he’s trying to hide or something but he ducks into the passenger seat and plops down fast. I started the car, glancing at him a few, heading I knew not where.

When I saw that bulge in his shorts, it all came into focus. My boy was one of the tribe. I circled around the neighborhood, trying to find someplace to stop (hide) but nothing came to mind.

"Ain’t nobody over Elton’s," He volunteers, looking out the window.


"He cool," He says, glancing at me.

"Naw, B…"

"Trust," He interjects, "it’s cool."


The day had gone totally upside down, leaving me reeling. One ‘sharing session’ with Darnell and the next thing I know, I’m getting not one but two offers at the hottest boys in the neighborhood? Speechless, I heeded Brock’s admonition and drove to Elton’s house.

Ok, here’s a little more on Brock and Elton. Both of them attend the same high school and while I frequently drooled over Brock, I was secretly aching for a chance with his running buddy, Elton, a quiet, slim cutie.

Just the thought of me, a junior in college, getting freaky with my two dream dates was beyond my wildest fantasies. While we were in route to Elton’s, Brock called him on his cell. He talked in hushed tones, at one point repeating "yeah" several times, apparently trying to give Elton a coded head’s up it was all good.

He met us at the door in a pair of boxers and a wife beater, a confused look on his face. Brock dashed past him, his body subtly grazing against the near naked youth, his hand, moving so fast I almost missed it, gingerly caressing the bulge in his boxers. I followed, inhaling his faint body odor as I passed, a more confused look on my face.

"Yo, you got some bud?" Brock said, plopping on the couch. Elton was still standing at the door, staring at me, a slight bulge in his boxers. His bare feet padding across the carpeted floor, he left us alone as he headed deeper into the house.

"Sit down, G," Brock said, totally in charge now. Picking up the remote, he turned the TV on, channel surfing to a station playing Rap videos, then reclined, a slight smirk on his face. I sat on the couch, sort of hanging off the edge like I might leave any second, trying to catch up.

Elton returned, a cigar box in his hands which he sat on the coffee table in front of us. Squatting opposite us, he opened it and started rolling a blunt. I watched enthralled as I’ve never smoked before, let alone saw a person making the joint, or blunt as they called it. Brock’s staring at the TV, but he keeps glancing at me and smiling, which kind of makes me nervous. Elton’s quietly rolling the blunt then finally offers it to his road dog.

Brock eagerly takes it, lighting it up like he’d done this a thousand times and inhaling deeply. Holding the smoke in his lungs, he passed it to Elton who did likewise, then he passed it to me.

I looked at it, wondering what I was supposed to do then glanced over at Brock. He let the smoke out of his mouth, curling it around his nose as he inhaled it once more, then finally blew that out.

"Just hold it in," He instructed, tossing me that weird smile again. I was down for anything, at least once, so I inhaled like I’d seen them do. Trapped in my virgin lungs the smoke exploded, burning them like hot acid. My eyes bulging, I started choking, nearly hacking up a lung, my eyes watering. They chuckled, informing me I’d done it right but you couldn’t have told that by me.

We passed the blunt around some more, Elton and Brock taking way more than me until it was so small, it almost burnt our fingers. Satiated, Brock lay back, a satisfied grin on his face. Elton stretched out on the floor, between the entertainment center and the coffee table, his long legs extending in front of him as he cocked back on his elbows. I sort of laid back too but my head was spinning so I had to sit up again.

Music ushered from the TV, some rapper bouncing to the beat as he mouthed the words, but it sounded far away. This feeling of calm comes over me and slowly, all of my cares seemed to melt away until I didn’t have one care in the world. Only one thought remained and it blazed to the forefront, setting my tenuous libido on fire.

Turning to look at Brock, I felt myself smile, almost in slow motion.

"Shit’s good, huh?" He said, nodding his head. I nodded, that silly smile still on my face. Brock scooted closer, his hand in his shorts, but he hadn’t opened them. I stared at his hand, moving beneath the fabric, then reached out and put my hand on his. All of my inhibitions diminished, there was nothing to hold me back. Soon I was groping his dick through his shorts and didn’t even care what the ramifications were...



Out the corner of my eye, I noticed Elton standing beside me. Turning, I came face to face with his up thrust flagpole. Sniffing his tangy odor, I got the impression Brock must’ve caught him in bed when he’d called.

Like Brock, he trembled and moaned when I swept my lips up his randy length. Rocking on his toes, he swung his hips, dipping his boy wonder deep within my throat. I haven’t learned to deep throat yet, so I started gagging, forcing him to withdraw.

He waited for me to compose myself then I started sucking on his lovely sword again. I held it at the base to prevent him from choking me with his length. He started fucking my mouth again and I reached around him to play with his exposed bottom. Honestly, being buzzed is the great equalizer because I wouldn’t have never did anything like that without it.

Elton had a downy covering of hair about his round bottom and I couldn’t get enough of it. Palming my hand up and down his hairy buns, I gulped his long dick, edging him closer and closer to his release. Unlike Brock, he took a lot longer, working extra hard to find the right combination to get himself off. Over and over he swung his hips, his ripe balls bumping against my hand, filling my nostrils with his scent. I was openly caressing his ass now, occasionally slipping my hand between his cheeks. He didn’t seem to care, all of his attention on his unruly cock.

As I ran my hand between his legs and up his warm split, I softly fingered his hot hole. Slipping my finger back and forth across it, I felt him stiffen. His dick leaping in my mouth he let out a loud groan, rising up on his toes. I continued stroking his hole and then I felt his dick swell and spurt, just like Brock’s...





Not long after that, I was hanging with Eugene and Brock’s name came up. We were talking about the football team, which Brock plays on and I worked his name into the discussion.

Although Eugene wasn’t exactly my type, I couldn’t avoid the lure of a possible romp with him. You know, the ‘what if’ syndrome. As we talked, I was struck with the enviable knowledge I had a secret. Valuable knowledge, the kind that could sway even the most resolute ambivalent.

A smirk spread across my face that caught Eugene’s attention. "What?" He says, smiling curiously. I shook my head, aware that I couldn’t say anything if I wanted. Eugene was no dummy, quickly putting clues together. Sitting forward, he insisted I tell him what was up.

"Nothing you’d be interested in," I taunted. His eyebrows raising, he couldn’t hide his enthusiasm... 


What things? He pressed, licking his chops. Leaning close so he could hear me, I taunted, "I told you, you probably wouldn’t be interested."

"Why not?" He stressed, his voice anxious.

"Because… you told me," I said, playing him like a fish on the line. He gaped at me, confused. I could tell he was trying to recall what he’d told me but couldn’t quite put it together. When he’d stewed long enough, I dropped,

"Remember? When I’d asked you ‘bout messing around? What’d you say?"

Staring at me for a couple of ticks, I saw comprehension trickle down his face. It was all laid out in front of him now and I waited to see what he’d do with all the pieces. In the meantime, I took in the view, savoring a few of the cuties passing by. A whole new world had opened up to me and the possibilities were almost mind boggling. Even if Eugene hadn’t taken the bait, the world was my oyster, or so it seemed.

Eugene sat there for a long assed time, staring idly into the distance. I guess this was a bigger leap than I’d thought. We watched the traffic, both of us lost in our own worlds then he plainly says,

"Ok." A couple of guys went to talking real loud, slapping each other five then I looked at him.

"When?" I posited. He hunched his shoulders, looking nervously away. Excited, I stood. He looked up at me, a bit surprised but followed with a dazed look on his face...


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