This section features musings, fantasies and short accounts of past encounters. A sort of mish mash of collective works, they're just off the top of my head and...

Off the Clock

Twice as good


A short account of first times... squared, when brothers work together to... "get theirs". 
Letter To G


Obsessions, adulations and anxieties... but does he know? And does he care?
Across The Yard   In the quiet and solitude of late evening, a secret is shared, across the yard.
Letter To G II The fun multiplies with a few new friends!
Surprise, surprise! A youth relates his accounts of guys with... surprises!
The Postman Took My Cookies Young Diondre gets an unexpected delivery when the postman cums knocking!
The Ice Cream Man Stole My Cookies Tyrel loves sweet treats but his sweet tooth isn't enough to feed the craving he's after.