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One Hell of a Summer

By Chris Carr

Copyright © August, 2012







Passing dilapidated buildings and vast open fields, Carsey stared out the window. His mom told him they’d visited this part of the country when he was three or four but he had no memory of that trip. The car rumbling over some train tracks, he answered his aunt.

“The trip down was cool. And yeah, it’s pretty hot.” Sweltering, in fact, his T-shirt clinging to him, he’d never sweated through the arm pits before. Rambling on, Gloria told him about the town, the Quick N’ Serve, the neighborhood pool, etc, but Carsey stared out the window, trying to figure what he’d done in one of his past lifes to deserve Hollister?

“Just for the Summer honey,” His mom’d said.

“But why?” Carsey’d whined. This was unusual, even for his mom. Why she couldn’t let him stay with his dad was confusing and frustrating. For him, Hollister sounded like a concentration camp on the other side of the world.

“I think it’s better if you spend time down South,” His mom said as she applied makeup. He’d tried reasoning with her but her mind was made up and here he sat, whizzing along an empty highway with his aunt in east Bumfuck Alabama.

Turning off the highway onto a smaller road, Gloria pulled into the driveway of a lone house. Getting out, he sensed a vague memory of the quaint house but the details were foggy. Walking towards the door his steps were slow, the house, neighborhood and town seemingly so isolated. What the hell did people do for fun down here?


“Karon, come say hi to our guest,” Gloria called as they entered. A minute passing, Gloria turned to him and said, “He’s been moody lately.” Calling him again, she was about to start towards the back of the house when an older boy appeared in the hall. Standing idly in the dark light of the hallway, he glowered at them.

“Com’on Karon,” Gloria said, motioning with her hand.

“I can see ‘im,” Karon said, holding Carsey with a dark stare then disappearing back in his room. Smiling, Gloria quipped, “He’ll come around. You want something to drink?” Nodding, Carsey’s heart sounded in his chest. Could the fates grant him one wish and he not have to room with the sullen boy?

Time passed, Gloria chattering on about the house, more about the town (there was a carnival coming) and Karon.

“He’s not usually like this.” Sipping her orange juice, she asked him if he wanted some more. He would’ve preferred a Pepsi but nodded his head nonetheless. She opened the fridge, pouring him another glass as she continued,

“I think he’s upset about my new man friend.” She’d put extra emphasis on ‘man friend’ as if differentiating between a ‘friend’ and a ‘boyfriend’. Why did women do that, Carsey pondered, when everyone knew they were boyfriends?

“I’m gonna have to put you with Karon. I would put you up in the guest room but I’ve been using it as a temporary storage space/exercise room. One day I’m going to have to get in there and sort all of that stuff out. Maybe I can get Elgin to help me.” She prattled on about the guest room but Carsey barely heard her after hearing he’d have to room with Karon. As if being forced to stay in Shitville wasn’t bad enough, now he was doomed to room with Dr. Gloom.

He was a stranger in a strange land. He knew no one, save Gloria, and The Dark One, and his mom was hundreds of miles away. Sometimes his life sucked the big one.

Gloria prattled on more until eventually she doomed him to his fate. “Well, I’ve gotta make a run to the grocery store so you go ahead, put your things in the room and make yourself comfortable. Soon as I come back, I’ll make dinner.” Can I just sleep with you?

Walking down the hall he felt like a prisoner, heading to the gas chamber. Tapping lightly on the door, he waited but nothing. Tapping again, he turned the knob, opening the door as he tapped. Karon was laying on his bed, his head buried in a sports magazine. His shirt off, his smooth chest was exposed, as well as his oddly large feet.

A cot topped with an air mattress opposite Karon’s bed, Carsey imagined Gloria had put it there, just for him. Karon said nothing as he sat on it. It was as if he knew Carsey would room with him but didn’t like it, nonetheless. Almost on cue, he sat up, glaring at Carsey when he started unpacking. Immediately jumping up the minute Carsey put his iPod on the table between the beds, he grabbed it, tossing it on Carsey’s cot.

“Rule number one: This is MY room… MY shit. Keep YOUR shit off of my shit and we’ll be cool. Rule number two: Don’t touch MY shit.” Returning to his bed he punched the button on his boombox and picked up his magazine again. Gangsta rap raging from the box, it bounced off the walls of the small room, pounding Carsey like a fist.

Sulking, Carsey didn’t protest, removing only the essentials from his suitcase instead. Putting his earphones on, he lay on the bed, staring at the ceiling. This was going to be a long summer.  








Sometime after the first week Gloria got an evening shift at the restaurant/bar she worked at, informing him they’d probably be asleep before she returned. Karon said nothing, shoveling food into his mouth as he read the newspaper’s sports page. Carsey felt a twinge of alarm but said nothing. Leaving not long after dinner, Gloria charged them to wash the dishes. Of course Karon ignored her, retiring to his room while Carsey cleaned up.

Staying up front as long as he could, he finally succumbed to the overwhelming urge to sleep, venturing down the hall to Karon’s room. Something about the boring, painfully quiet town seemed to make him sleepy.

Undressing in the bathroom that adjoined their room, he plopped down on the bed in a pair of quite revealing boxer briefs. They were all the rage in his home town, he and his friends frequently shopping the latest designs, so he thought nothing of them until Karon sneered,

“The fuck you get them sissy panties from?” Staring at him, Carsey couldn’t believe his ears.

“These are Hugo Boss,” He contended, certain that would make his case. “Hugo Boss? They’re like $25 each!”

Karon snorted, shaking his head. “Hugo Boss? He make women’s clothes?” Chuckling, he guffawed at Carsey, pointing an accusing finger at his patterned briefs. Ignoring him, Carsey curled into a ball, turning away from him.     

“Thing is, you can’t be wearing faggot panties in my room,” Karon stated. Craning to look over his shoulder, Carsey looked at him, incredulous.

“What I’m supposed to wear?”

“I dunno know. You ain’t got no boxers?” Carsey shook his head. “Shorts?” Irritated, Carsey shook his head again. He had packed a pair of shorts but wasn’t willing to change just for Karon.

“Guess you gotta sleep naked then,” The boy said, his voice flat and emphatic. Turning to face him, Carsey couldn’t believe his ears.

“What for?”

“My room… MY  rules,” Karon snapped. Ignoring him, Carsey turned away, curling into a ball again, knees at his torso. A few minutes later Karon decreed,

“You got two choices: 1, Ya take them faggot panties off or 2, I beat the crap outta ya.” Concerned, Carsey held his ground. Tonight he was from the ‘Show Me’ state.

“One… two…three,”  When he got to three, he heard Karon get up. Fear gripping him, he ignored the boy. “Four… five… six…” At seven he was standing directly over him. When he got to nine, Carsey turned to face him.

“Com’on Karon, I’m tired and I just wanna go to sleep.”

“Not in those,” He said, snapping the waistband of his briefs. Turning to face him, Carsey insisted,

“So what? I’m supposed to sleep naked?”

“I don’t care what you sleep in, but you’re not sleeping in those panties.” Exhaling in utter frustration Carsey countered,

“These aren’t panties.  You can look them up on the internet, they’re men’s briefs!  The internet… you know, that thing on your computer?” Enraged, Karon flew into action.

“Fuck you,” He spat, snatching at Carsey’s briefs. “Take this shit off.” Pulling and yanking, he’d pulled them past his budding pubic hair before Carsey could grab them and start pulling them back up. The boys wrestling, Carsey’s small, swimmer’s build was no match for Karon’s more developed physique.

Tossing and turning, Karon’s rough hands scraped him, his briefs slipping down his slim legs, despite his protests. Gloria nowhere to be found, he fought the urge to panic. Yanking his designer briefs off his feet, Karon threw them on his bed. Both boys huffing, Karon glared at him, finally returning to his bed.

Huffing also, Carsey watched as Karon picked up his briefs. Lifting them, he examined them like they truly were a woman’s undergarment or something stranger. Shaking his head, he pulled the elastic, stretching them so hard, Carsey feared he’d tear them.

Exposed and nervous, he’d scrambled under the covers when Karon removed his briefs. Wishing for them, he curled into a ball again, albeit, facing the boy this time.

“Didn’t know they made panties for boys,” Karon taunted, snapping his shorts towards the foot of his bed. Picking them up with his big toe, he reached them to his hands only to snap them again. “Makes your little ass look real cute though,” He sneered, holding them up. “Lemme see.”

Shocked, Carsey quizzed, “See what?”

“That little ass of yours. Let’s see if it’s just the panties or your ass.”

Things taking a very uncomfortable tone, Carsey prayed his aunt would return soon. “Com’on, turn over,” Karon taunted, twirling his briefs now. Maybe if he quit objecting Karon would grow tired.

“Turn over!” Karon snarled, sitting forward. Tired of the conflict, Carsey slowly complied, rolling slowly to his side. “Now pull those covers back.”

He heard Karon’s demand but couldn’t believe his ears. Was this some sort of test? Was he supposed to fight him, to prove his manhood? His heart pitter-pattering in his scant chest, he looked back at the boy.

“Yo, Karon…”

“Pull the fuckin’ covers back or I beat yo’ skinny ass!” The glare in his eyes combined with the growl in his voice unnerving, Carsey surmised compliance was probably safer than contesting. What was it going to hurt for him to see his ass anyway?

His breathing ragged, he reached back, slowly lowering the covers until he felt the room air on his bare behind. His heartbeat echoing in his ears, he heard rustling in the other bed, the sound ominous, yet familiar.

“Congratulations homo, guess it was your ass,” Karon smirked, his voice husky. “Not bad, Carrie,” He breathed, more clothes rustling. When he heard the strange sounds from the next bed, he was tempted to turn.

“Stay right there!” Karon spat, “Don’t move!” Freezing, he kept his back to the boy, a question mark on his face. What the hell was he doing?

In time he heard a familiar sound, his heart rate racing. Click… and as if to emphasize it, he saw the flash. Click, another picture was taken then he heard Karon say,

 “Move your legs.” Shocked beyond belief, at first Carsey didn’t move. “Move ‘em up closer to your body… yeah, like that…” Calling out commands, he flashed away, the boy’s ass soon positioned to his liking, Carsey’s twin globes slightly parting as he curled into a ball. Wheezing, Karon was suddenly over him. Moving the covers further back, he exposed Carsey’s whole ass...  




Just a boy from the city, Carsey's summer's not going well...





Days later, Carsey was on his way to the lone movie theater to watch a lame film. It beat hanging around the house with, he figured. Karon had left some time earlier and he wasn’t missed. His presence a dark pall over the house, even Gloria seemed to avoid him.

Turning the corner onto the main street of Hollister he ran smack dab into Karon and his two buddies. All three of them on bikes, they almost ran him over. Pulling up, Carsey had to stand on one foot to avoid one of the boys whizzing by. His eyes huge, he was certain he’d be hit but they navigated around him, dashing around the corner.

His heart pounding, he remained glued to the spot a few seconds before he finally walked on. His knees wobbly, he’d just proceeded when suddenly they were back, Karon leading the pack. Circling him with their bikes, they leered at him with taunting looks.

Riding right towards him, Karon swayed his bike sideways, stopping so close, Carsey flinched. Chuckling, Karon announced,

“Didn’t I tell you he’d jump like a li’l girl?” The other boys chuckled, one of them stomping his foot at Carsey, making him flinch again. The group laughing again, they all stared at him, like he was from another planet.

“The fuck is he wearing?” One of the boys accosted.

“Something the faggots wear up North,” Karon sneered. The taunting continued, Carsey staring them down, trying to hold his ground.

“Think he got them panties on?” The other boy goaded. Shrugging, Karon quipped,

“Hey faggot, you wearing panties?”

Carsey thought to explain they were men’s briefs again but knew it futile with this crowd. How backwards were these people?

“Lemme see,” Karon stabbed, reaching for his pants. Alarmed, Carsey stepped away. Moving closer, Karon snarled, “I said… lemme see.”

Shocked, Carsey declared, “On the street? Com’on Karon, quit playing….” Cutting him off, Karon snatched at his pants again. Dodging, Carsey backed away. The three boys circling, they dropped their bikes, dragging Carsey around the corner, off the main street. In the shadow of the lone building two of them held him while Karon lowered his pants. To their delight Carsey was wearing the strange, designer briefs once more.

His ass partially exposed in public, Carsey fought the urge to lash out. The other boys guffawing, Karon snapped,

“See? What I tell you?”

Letting him go, the boys laughed until they fell on their knees, pointing and giggling as Carsey snatched his pants up. Appalled, he ran around the corner, his afternoon movie long forgotten.  




At Karon's mercy, he's on a one way trip to hell




As luck would have it, Gloria and her ‘man friend’ cleared out after dinner, the couple attending a movie in the next town where there was a larger Cineplex. Loathing venturing to the room with Karon, Carsey decided he’d sleep on the couch.

Ducking in the room to grab a blanket, he was on the way out when, in a flash, Karon was across the room, blocking his exit.

“Where you going?” He leered, standing before the door. Tired of Karon’s abuse, Carsey didn’t answer, walking around him, reaching for the door. Blocking him, Karon glared, “I said… where you going?”

“Move Karon,” Carsey fumed, reaching for the door. A small scuffle ensuing, for some reason Karon relented, allowing him passage.

Curling up on the couch, he was happy he’d avoided another abusive night with the boy. Just as he got comfortable, he heard the air conditioner turn off. Glancing up at the vent, he wondered how it could possibly turn off in all this heat? Was it broken?

Patiently waiting for it to cycle on, it quickly grew hot in the small house. When it neared unbearable, he threw the blanket back, sitting up. Walking down the hall, he looked at the thermostat. The settings foreign, he couldn’t tell if it was on or off. Taking a chance, he turned a dial. Immediately the air roared on, blessed cool air filling the house.

He’d no sooner gotten comfortable beneath his cover when it suddenly stopped again. Certain it was Karon, he stormed down the hall, determined to reset the thermostat. The door to Karon’s room opening, he blasted,

“Leave it alone!” Looking at him, Carsey paused.

“It’s hot.”

“Too bad. You wasting electricity.”

“Because I’m using the air?”

“We don’t use it in the house at night,” Karon explained. “We got units in our rooms so we turn it off at night. Too much electricity. Leave it alone.”

Slamming his door, he left Carsey in the rising heat. Choosing to suffer than deal with another night with the angry boy, Carsey stomped off to the front room, stripping down to his briefs, plopping down on the couch.

Fuming, he couldn’t imagine a worse summer. Counting the days till he could return to the comfort of his home town, he was soon dripping sweat. The heat in the house stifling, Carsey knew it would serve no purpose to open the windows. Suffering as long as he could, he finally gave up, skulking down the hall to the room of doom.

Quickly jumping under the sheets, he turned to the wall, facing away from Karon in the dark. The utter quiet of the Southern town something he’d never get used to, he lay for some time, trying to fall asleep. He was nearing his desired goal when he heard Karon say in a husky voice,

“Lemme see them panties again.” Thinking he should give up the fight and wear pants to bed, Carsey was grieved by the boy’s request. What was with him? How could he tease him and call him faggot then ask to see his ‘panties’?

“Must like these faggot panties,” He quietly taunted. Hearing the boy move behind him, Carsey heard him retort,

“What’d you say?” Turning onto his back, Carsey was so through with the absurdity of it all, he quipped,

“All this calling me the faggot, but who keeps tryina peep at my drawers?”

“Nigga, don’t get it twisted, ain’t nobody interested in yo’ stanky assed draws!” Standing, Karon crossed the room. “But like I said, MY room, MY rules!” And with that he threw the covers back and proceeded to yank at Carsey’s briefs.

“Why you gotta see my ass, Karon?” Carsey demanded, struggling against the boy. Angered, Karon snatched harder, tearing the fabric as he lowered them below Carsey’s ass. Huffing, Karon picked up his camera. Flipping on the lights, he aimed it at Carsey’s smooth ass.

“Ain’t gotta tell you nothin’! MY room, MY rules!!”

The camera flash filling the room, Carsey closed his eyes. Were the boy not so much muscular than him, he would’ve went a few rounds with him. Seething, he waited until he finished flashing pictures, then grabbed the sheets, pulling them over his exposed ass.

Yanking them back, Karon snapped, “I tell you you was through?” Pulling the sheets completely off the bed, Karon stood over him, his nostrils flaring. “Be pulling my covers up till I say so.”

Glaring at him, Carsey barked, “Your covers? Last time I checked, this ain’t your house, its aunt Gloria’s!” Punching him in the chest, Karon snarled,

“MY Room, MY Stuff!”

“Oh, so what, I’m your stuff now, Karon?”

“You in MY room, then hell yeah!” Pounding his chest, Karon snatched his boxers down, exposing his boyhood to a shocked Carsey. “And to prove it to you, get on this faggot!” Thrusting his hips forward, he presented his swiftly hardening dick to Carsey.




Carsey's nightmare is just beginning, his trip down south one he'll never forget. With plot twists and surprises you won't believe, this one will keep you on the edge of your seat! 


His ears perking up, he tip toed towards the back room. The boys seemed embroiled in a scuffle, Carsey protesting while Karon barked edicts.

“No use  fighting, punk,” The older boy snarled. The raucous increasing, he heard things hit the floor. Tipping to the door, he peered around it, his eyes bucking when he saw what was happening.

His head crashing into the table between the beds, Carsey toppled everything on it. Trophies, CD’s and Karon’s boombox falling on top of him, he wailed as Karon wedged his dick between his cheeks...



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