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Sampling Avery's Poll

By Chris Carr

Copyright © April, 2013







The first time Mike saw the kid he should’ve known. A long time staffer it was a no-brainer he’d be called in on this election. Tirelessly working long hours he was proud of the progress his office had made, shoring up weak voting districts and recruiting hundreds to volunteer.

A busy, inner city campaign office, he and his staff had managed to pull a number of enthusiastic volunteers, all donating their time and labor in a massive effort to re-elect their president, including a number of young people. When Mike first saw the boy he paused, his attractive features alluring. Choosing to steer clear than risk drama he made it his business to avoid the young staffer. As with so many occasions however, he found himself pulled into the vortex.

Days in, they were fielding several calls, the volunteers busily dialing while more poured in. All was well save the phones. There just weren’t enough. Meeting with his staff they suggested he contact headquarters. Within a few days boxes of new cellular phones were shipped in the campaign well staffed. Problem solved, or so he thought.

His staffers wishing to employ the kids encouraged him to use Avery to man the phones. “He’ll know more about them than Mrs. Whitmore,” Andrea, quietly told him, her hand over her mouth to ensure the kindly old lady didn’t hear. True, Mrs. Whitmore was an ardent supporter of the president and her contribution had been invaluable but Mike tended to agree, she’d no doubt be a disaster with the new phones.

His fate sealed, he approached the boy in the casual shorts and blue flip-flops. Jeez, did that boy ever have big feet!

“Uh.. yeah, I can set them up,” Avery replied in that monotone cadence of his. All was well and soon volunteers were using the new phones. Simple things, they were basically old bar phones but they did the job. Opening boxes of new phones, Avery faithfully assembled earphone sets with chargers, placing them in baggies which he labeled and assigned to volunteers. Crises avoided.

As he buzzed about the office, answering questions and putting out potential fires, it never occurred to him something foul was afoot. Actually, it was a well-meaning volunteer that tipped him off. He’d accidently walked in on Avery unboxing a new set of phones and, perchance, observed the boy stealthily filching a few in his backpack.

“Umm… not to be a snitch, but I just thought you should know,” The gray haired volunteer said. He’d pulled Mike aside, talking to him in such hushed tones he couldn’t hardly hear him over the den. Shocked, Mike pulled the older gentleman to a side room. 

“Tell me exactly what you saw.” His face reddening, the middle-aged gentleman seemed reluctant to speak. “Look, you’ve done the campaign a huge favor and we’ll handle it internally. You’ll never have to be involved so just tell me what you saw,” Mike consoled patting him on the back.

Talking slow at first, the man detailed how he’d walked in on Avery opening the boxes of new phones just as he tucked a couple in his backpack.

“Did he see you?” Shaking his head, the volunteer looked troubled. “Thanks for your help Mr…?”

“Andrews,” The volunteer said, standing as Mike stood. “He won’t get in trouble will he?” Mike thought it nice the older gentleman cared for the boy. Maybe he too was smitten with the kid’s smashing good looks?

“We’ll handle it,” Mike said, dismissing the man. 


An unusual election is looming...




That evening he brought it up with Andrea, his senior assistant and a couple more of his most trusted staff. The alarm on their faces saying it all, he knew they were sitting on something potentially big. With a race as close as this one, word of a kid on their staff filching phones would be just the fodder for a scandal the other side needed.

“We’ve got to keep this internal,” Sheila, another staffer insisted. The rest nodding, everyone looked at Mike. He knew what they were suggesting but was loathed to involve himself.

“What do you suggest?” He asked, hoping they wouldn’t say what he feared.

“Can’t you handle it?” Andrea said, her face troubled. “Yes,” the rest assented, their faces earnest.

Watching an alluringly cute teen about the office was one thing but having him turned over to his charge was another. Wasn’t there someone else better suited?

“What about Mrs. Whitmore?” He petitioned, hoping to stay out of it. Following a long silence, Andrea finally spoke for the group.

“Mike, we all love Mrs. Whitmore and appreciate her service but we know, and you know that having her handle something of this significance could be potentially risky.” The other women assenting, Andrea continued,

“He needs a firm hand and this needs to be contained. We can’t afford to let the other side get hold of something this potentially big.” Pausing, she studied Mike’s face, hoping the message was getting through. “He needs a man,” She plainly stated.

The fates no doubt laughing at his predicament, Mike was left with no other choice. Accepting the challenge he made plans to approach the boy the next day.

His heart in his throat, he wondered why he was so jumpy? After all, he wasn’t the one stealing phones.
“Need to speak with you,” He told the boy, leading him to a back room. His face impassive, Avery hesitated.

“O… Ok,” He said, putting down a stack of fresh phones. Following Mike through the crowded room it wasn’t until he noticed Andrea’s face he became concerned.

“Have a seat,” Mike said, closing the door.

“Problem?” Avery said, eyebrows knitted together. Taking a seat, Mike looked at the kid’s cherub face. His features gorgeous, Mike surmised he might be biracial, possibly Pacific Islander and Black. Skin silky smooth, he wore braces, his mouth crammed with wire attachments. Somewhat tall for his age he had inquisitive, almond shaped eyes and a cute button nose. Glancing at his sweet, cherry-pink lips Mike had to still himself, concentrating on his words.

“We’ve made an inventory, Avery, and unfortunately, we’re short.”

“Short? On what?” His face earnest, Mike almost believed him.

“The phones, Avery.” The other shoe dropping, his face finally showed emotion. Blinking, he looked away, his ears reddening.

“Why are you asking me about it?” Speaking plainly, Mike said,

“Someone saw you son.” The first hints of alarm showing on his face, the boy still didn’t crack. A cool customer, he didn’t seem easily rattled.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” He said, looking him straight in the eyes. Surprised, Mike accessed the situation. Accepting this wasn’t going to be as easy as he’d supposed, he sat back in his chair.

“Look, this has the potential for something really problematic. I don’t have to tell you how close this race is and all we need is a scandal with one of our field offices for the other side to pounce on. We’d rather handle this internally but if you’re not willing to cooperate, you’re gonna tie my hands son.”

His face stoic, Avery was silent for some time. Supposing he’d have to turn this over to a higher authority, Mike was about to give up when a single tear fell from the boy’s eye.

“What you gonna do?” He quietly petitioned, batting back tears. It was the million dollar question. Gazing at the boy a few, he stood, opening the door. “I’ll be back.”

Walking back into the crowded office, he was immediately greeted by his three confidants. “What happened?” Andrea said, concern on her face. His initial intention thwarted by the looks on the three women’s faces, Mike was suddenly faced with a dilemma. Had he been stronger, he supposed he would’ve deferred to his ‘better angels’ but, the opportunity of a lifetime literally dropping in his lap, he did what any other red blooded boylover would’ve. He went with his baser instincts. His heart thundering in his ears, he replied,

“He needs time. Let me work with him. Spend some time with him alone, see what I can do.”

“Whatever it takes,” Andrea said, speaking again for the triumvirate. Looking at each of the three, Mike felt the horns growing from his head, his darker side taking over. Even this late in the game there was still hope. He could still save himself and back out. A surge passing over his midsection, he recalled the boy’s smooth legs. Creamy smooth legs that ran up from his huge feet, up under his blue shorts, ending at….

“Why don’t I take him away from here? Maybe if he’s out of his element I’ll make better progress?” A bulge developing in his slacks, he barely waited for their assent, his mind made up. Returning to the office he told the boy they were leaving... 



And the candidate is to die for!




Pulling into his driveway Mike hopped out, heading for his door. He’d made it half way before he realized Avery wasn’t behind him. Turning around he was surprised the boy was still sitting in the car. Walking back, he opened the door, his heart rate increasing when he saw those luscious smooth legs and unusually large feet.

“Com’on, buddy,” He said, ushering the boy out the car. Head down, Avery walked across the lawn, quietly following Mike inside... 




“It’s out of my hands, young man. All I’m supposed to do is get the confession, which you’ve just given, and turn that info over to my superiors. Where it goes from there I have little to no say.”

Alarmed, Avery looked like he might actually cry. “My mom will die,” He muttered, pacing again. Watching his slender form, Mike could hardly contain himself. Watching his twin swells swivel beneath his thin blue running shorts, were he left to his own vices, he would’ve leapt up and yanked them down, exposing his cute, boy bottom. Observing the way they hugged his slight curve, he imagined himself plastering his face between those cute buns. Swooning, he pulled back from the edge, struggling to focus.

“I suppose I could work with you… if you’re willing to work with me?” He offered, his voice husky, heart pounding. Pausing, Avery turned his soft brown eyes on Mike. His heart racing, he supposed he would’ve stood in the campaign office butt naked if it would save his ass.

“Like what?” He said, not wanting to get his hopes up.

“Well, if you and I work out a deal, a way for you to work this off and save face at the same time, I’m sure the office will jump at that.”

His dark future looking less bleak, Avery nodded. “That sounds coo. I’ll work with you, Mr. Barnes. Just don’t tell my mom… or the president.” His beautiful, oval-shaped eyes huge, he looked more alarmed at that prospect.

“I’m not supposed to be doing this…”

“It’s coo, Mr. Barnes, I won’t tell.” Pursing his lips, Mike looked hesitant.

“This isn’t what I’d normally do.” Nodding, Avery looked expectantly at him. “Naw, you’ll think it’s weird.” Really playing him on the line now.

“If I do it, will it make everything cool with the office?” If I say so, Mike inwardly grinned. Hunching his shoulders he tossed the kid a doubting glance.

“Ok, what is it then?”

“Well, like I said, this is a big deal and normally I wouldn’t do this. But you gotta do something to make this up to the people.”

“Ok, what is it?” Avery said, hopeful.

“Well…” Hesitant, Mike tendered, “What if there was a way you could do something that would make us both happy?”  

“Both happy?” Confused, Avery frowned. Tipping out on the ledge, Mike continued.

“Yeah, if I can tell the staffers you’ve ‘satisfied’ the conditions of your crime, I think they’d be happy.”

“But… what I gotta do?” His young face was so innocent looking Mike was torn. Part of him wanted to let the poor kid off the hook and the other part wanted to ram his tongue down that unsuspecting mouth.

“Like I said, something that’ll make us both happy.” Eyebrows raising, some semblance of what the man was suggesting crept around his subconscious. Not wanting to panic, he nervously licked his lips, eyes darting. Fearing the worse, he suddenly wanted out of the man’s house.

Sensing the boy’s alarm, Mike pressed him towards compliance. “Look, we’ve got a real mess here, son. You think they won’t find out? Think they’re not going over the inventory right now, accounting for how many phones you took? What’s the street value for those little suck-ass phones Avery? Think it’s worth a few months up at Briarwood? Think it’s worth the whole staff finding out? The president? Your mom?”

Stunned, Avery slumped in the chair, his feet sliding out of his flip-flops. His goose truly cooked, he looked up at the lanky man. God damn that Pookie! He’d really backed himself into a corner. Chancing it, he petitioned,

“Ok, then what?” Smiling, Mike squatted in front of the boy.

“How about we start out with something easy?” Waiting to see what he’d say, he continued when the boy nodded assent. Heart in his throat he submitted, “How about you whip it out and bust a big one for me?”



Coming soon to The Studies, another story of reluctance and coercion that promises to be hot!




Consternation on his face, he flinched when Mr. Barnes walked him over to the bed, practically tossing him on the mattress. Before he knew it the man had grabbed his limp boy wonder, openly gloving his hand up its length.

Legs cocked, he recoiled on his elbows, shocked as Mr. Barnes worked his inches, coaxing it to life. Watching in amazement, he struggled to process all that was happening.

Worry etched on his face he was even more surprised when his dick responded, slowly lengthening in the man’s hand. In time it elongated until, before he could process it all his hips were going up and his balls were retracting.

As Mr. Barnes worked his reluctant growth until it was fully hard, Avery watched in wonder as the head slipped out its warm cocoon. Whathafuck? He thought, his hips gyrating.

Finally getting what he’d wanted for so long, Mike was in heaven. His hand sliding up the boy’s unruly length, he was equally surprised when it started to harden. When Avery’s hips started rising, his own dick did flip flops in his pants.

In just a matter of minutes Avery was letting out reluctant gasps, his eyes closing. His hips writhing, his long legs shook, excitedly fanning as the head of his dick swelled. Gasping, Avery felt the cum ripped from him. Damn, did that mean he was gay now?!

Anxiously anticipating the inevitable, Mike stroked the boy’s throbbing length. With a suppressed whoop, Avery flung his hips upward, his dick wickedly hard, raring up to its full 7 1/2 inches, the pee hole gaping to spit rapid rounds of hot cum. The consistency somewhat thin, it squirted wildly about, slamming against the boy’s heaving chest, beneath his chin, one pelting his rosy lips. 










A reluctant candidate, Avery is put to the test...





Digging his toes in the plush carpet, he stood naked from the waist down. Anxious, he felt a warming about his midsection that flowed over his groin and out his dormant boy tool. To his horror, it invoked a response, extending his growth before he could rein it in. Mr. Barnes undressing, his head down as he removed his pants, Avery prayed he hadn’t noticed.

Thankfully, Mr. Barnes was stepping away, firing up the TV. Turning on his DVD player, the screen filled with the most amazing scene. Eyes glued on the TV, Avery gawked, a young girl slurping on a humongous black dick. Moaning loudly, she slobbed on the large column, her hips gyrating as the man thrummed her nimble pussy.

Turning to face him, Mr. Barnes had the silliest smirk on his face, as if he knew Avery would be impressed. Despite his predicament, the boy couldn’t take his eyes off the TV, his dick bounding when the man got over the girl, planting his hugeness inside her. Whining like a stab victim, the girl gyrated, the large appendage splitting her in two.

Removing his shirt, Mike thrilled to the boy’s helpless reaction. Finding the lone hetero video among his stash a godsend, he’d anxiously awaited the boy’s return. Watching his unruly dick bound, growing despite himself, Mike approached him, pulling his shirt over his head, fully exposing him. The video oiling the wheels, he strummed his knuckles across the boy’s sensitive nipples. Softly sighing, Avery jerked his attention on Mike, his eyes closing to the sensation.

Caught between the exciting video and the man’s stimulations, he marveled at the eerie sway he had over him, provoking reactions to which he had no control. When Mike bowed, slipping one of his raw nipples in his mouth he gasped, his toes clutching the carpet. Every time he thought he’d got the routine down, Mr. Barnes threw yet another curveball.

Wiggling and gasping, he peered down at the man nursing his extra sensitive nip. Whathafuck?! Breaths shallow, his knees buckled, his nipple growing hard beneath the man’s ministrations. Peering at the video, Avery writhed, Mr. Barnes’ tongue driving him towards the edge. At the man’s mercy, he softly sighed, his dick wagging before him.  

Not allowing him a break Mike swabbed his sensitive nub, smiling as the boy writhed, his eyes wandering from his raw nipple to the action on the screen. The girl moaning loudly, it was hardly unavoidable, the poor boy’s attention split.

As he writhed and gasped, Mike lapped mercilessly at his raw bud, flicking it back and forth, making it dance. Writhing and wiggling, Avery turned to putty when Mr. Barnes reached for his appendage. His heart skipping a beat, Mike cooed around the boy’s nipple, the boy’s erection a thrill.

Pleased, his inhibitions diminished. Openly strumming the boy’s excited length, he heard the moist echoes of the foreskin capping and uncapping his swollen head. Avery’s hips edging forward, Mike peered down to observe the glorious sight. Unable to restrain himself any longer, he swooped down, popping the boy’s growth in his mouth.

Loudly gasping, Avery’s eyes bugged, his hips involuntarily jerking forward. Mr. Barnes was sucking his dick! He was watching porn and a man was sucking his dick!

Wiggling and hissing, his toes clinched and flexed, his knees weak. He’d heard guys talk about getting head but was still a virgin in that department… until now. Unlike his friends, however, his first head job was with a dude. A grown man, to be exact! And although he’d always envied his friends, he never anticipated getting his first this way!

Like his mouth on his balls and his ass, Mr. Barnes’ mouth was undeniably good. His dick ensconced in the man’s talented orifice, his hips edged forward, arching his back. His butt cheeks clinching, they dimpled in response, pulling his cheeks tight. As he headed over the edge, Mr. Barnes thwarted his impending orgasm with his invading finger once more. Rising up on his toes, Avery shrieked, his boy hole violated once more. Damn, how he hated that!

Shaking and trembling, he looked down, his hand shooting behind him to yank at the invading finger.

“Take it out!” He demanded, dancing on his toes. Pulling at Mr. Barnes’ hand he struggled to remove the intrusion. Even Mr. Barnes’ mouth on his dick couldn’t offset the rude violation, his dick wilting.

Standing, Mike pushed the boy towards the bed, plucking his finger from his tight ass. Happy the man had stopped, Avery let him recline him on the bed, quietly going along as Mr. Barnes lifted his legs. Starting first with his shrinking growth, Mr. Barnes nursed it back to life. Writhing, Avery’s tool grew, extending to a full erection. His heart pounding, he glanced down, ashamed he was so easily manipulated. With some trepidation his dick bobbled, despite himself, when he considered the man might lick his ass again.

Eyes on the TV again, he tried convincing himself his hips were writhing, his dick bone hard because of the porn. Chancing a glance at the man swinging on his dick, he felt it swell. Torn between the video and the action between his legs, Mr. Barnes’ mouth won. Was a mouth on your dick incredible, regardless who? Would his buddy’s be helpless to Mr. Barnes’ charms, were they in the same position?

His thoughts interrupted, another gasp escaped him, Mr. Barnes’ mouth socketing around his quivering hole. His dick arcing painfully upwards, it was a writhing bar of steel above his quivering tummy, aching to release. Riding the waves again, Avery moaned, his moment rapidly approaching.

Mouth planted on the boy’s twitching opening, Mike slapped his tongue against it, making it dance. It was the greatest satisfaction watching the boy helplessly react, knowing he was a reluctant participant. That he writhed and gasped, despite his objections made it all the hotter.

Staring at the TV, Avery’s dick strained upwards, the girl’s pussy stretched around the man’s dick additional stimulation. Damn-it, had Mr. Barnes blew on his dick right then he was certain he’d blow like a cannon.

Writhing and cooing, Avery’s eyes were glued on the girl riding the huge appendage. Struggling to convince himself no one would’ve been able to resist the overwhelming stimulation, he was swiftly rounding the bases once more.

Heart thundering in his chest, Mike dabbed his tongue against the boy’s excited hole, holding him on the edge. While Avery rode the waves, Mike was busy readying things beneath the bed. Hands working out of site, he made ready the next phase of the boy’s corruption.

Before Avery could protest, Mike brought the well lubed dildo up to his hole and pushed. His hole sensuously relaxed, it easily received the appliance, practically swallowing the entire length before the boy cried out... 









This is just a sampling of The Studies next hot story! Cumming soon!





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