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Shooting for Accuracy

 By Chris Carr






Coming soon to The Studies


That horny boy next door is at it again. God, how can anybody be that full of cum? I’m passing the back room window and BAM, there he is, dick hard as a stone post, his hand a blur around it.  

It’s like every night with this kid. Very distracting…not that I’m into guys or anything. Ok, I did the teen “experimenting stuff, like most guys. You know, show and tell, a little measuring… all natural. But even if I was gonna look at some guy, it wouldn’t be this horny kid next door.  

What’s weird is that he leaves the lights on! When I was that age, the last thing I wanted was lights when I was… busy. Why doesn’t he just do his business in the dark, like normal people?!  

Can’t believe I’m still standing here. I know Lanette’s gonna come looking for me, I stay back here too long. But it’s like trying not to look at a horrific accident. You know you shouldn’t but still…


Hmm, I’ll give it to the little snot, he’s got a pretty decent body. At least from the small portion I can see. I guess if I move over here…. yeah, got a better angle. Ok, I’ll give it to him, he’s got some definition. All natural, it seems, not the kind you’d get from working out. Besides I’m just seeing his lower chest, stomach and… that. The little brat’s jacking off with his pants still on, his shirt raised above his stomach. Gonna make a mess if he’s a real squirter.  

What am I saying? Where’s that magazine Lanette sent me for? Searching the room I spy the Essence and make a hasty retreat.





Troy's got  neighbor problems... and his horny teenaged neighbor needs to close his blinds!



Ok, I swear it’s been every day this week now! And like a moth to a flame I’m pulled to the back room. I was sitting in the living room enjoying a game and I kept getting that thought in the back of my head…’bet he’s back there jacking off again’.  

I know its lame but I came back here under the guise I’m checking the color of the room. But for real, I am planning to repaint this room. Lanette’s been bugging me anyway. I’m looking at the bland Eggshell White walls and sure enough, the horny bugger’s going at it.  

He’s like Old Faithful , you can practically set your watch by him. He probably comes to his room after dinner. Jeez, I can think of a hundred better ways he could spend his time. Poor horny bastard must really be bored, or pretty isolated. Bet he doesn’t have a friend in the world….except his…



It's a sticky situation and Troy has no idea just how...sticky!


...“I’m sorry. I’ll close the blinds from now on,” He says, walking around me.

“No biggie,” I said, following him. For some reason I’m a little let down by his decision. “Yo, we all do it,” I added. He paused, hand on the door.

“You too?” He says, his back to me.

“Sometimes.” Now I’m feeling uncomfortable. His hand is still on the doorknob but he’s not opening it. We stand like that a few, my heart in my throat. Then he quietly says,

“It was mostly an experiment.” Turning to face me, he’s wearing a look of frustration. “Marcus is talking one time and this nigga says he blew all on his face and shit.” Shaking his head, he drops his shoulders.

“How far yours go?” Whoa, caught me off guard! Hunching my shoulders I cautiously submitted,

“I don’t know. Maybe to my shoulder...if I’m hot enough.” Crestfallen, he lowers his head. Maybe he’s just competitive or naive, or both, but this seems important to him.

“It’s not that big a deal,” I say, patting him on the shoulder. “You’re young. You get older, it’ll probably go further. Besides, I bet you’re not properly stimulating yourself anyway.” At least, from what I see.

“Stimulating myself?”

“Yeah. you use porno?”

“Don’t have any.”

“Well see? A dude’s gotta have something to get him hot.” He seems heartened by this so I continue. “And there’s things you can do that’ll make you more stimulated.”

“Like what?” Aww shit, I’m sorry I even said anything now!

“I don’t know. Like playing with your nipples... or...your balls.” I can’t believe I’m saying these things.


His eyes lighting up, he suddenly blurted, “Will you show me?” Aww hell, things have gone upside down crazy now!

“Show you?” Stepping towards me, his eyes intense, he casually moved his hand over his groin. The little sex freak’s hard! And he’s readjusting his solid growth! More uncomfortable than ever, I almost stepped back.

“Yeah, you can do it and I’ll watch and then I can see what you’re talking about.”

“Aww, no... I don’t think...”




The mentor every kid needs, will Troy lend a 'helping hand'?


My dick hardening, I remembered how hard Malik’s bat got. Emboldened, I heard myself say,

“Just take it out.” He blinked, a blank stare on his face. Guess I’d caught him off guard. After a few awkward moments he sat his drink down, his hands shaky as he fished inside his shorts. He’s actually doing it, I thought, rather surprised. Looking around, I spied the opened window.

“Wait!” He froze, his hand inside his shorts. Looking up, he watched as I walked to the window, closing the blinds. His hand still inside his shorts, he chuckled.

“You’re like an exhibitionist or something,” I chided, sitting once more.

“Not really,” He said, pulling his lengthening boy tool out. Laying it atop his shorts, he explained, “I just be forgetting it.”  

My attention focused on his growing dick, I hardly heard what he was saying. What was it about this kid’s flagpole that pulled me so? By the time he’d grown fully erect, I too had a bulge in my pants. Staring at it, I hadn’t planned on my next move...



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