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Shooting For Accuracy
When young Malik can't quite hit the mark, he enlists the "helping hand" of a good neighbor. 

All Yours! 

A coach's journey to his favorite "cruise" spot ends in an encounter he'd never expected.

A Heart That Can't Forget

A night like no other, it brimmed with possibilities, my heart ensnared. But did it happen? You'll have to read it and decide.

Best Movie Ever!

A visit to the movies hold much more in store than good entertainment! 

Freaky Phone Number

Thereís this number. You call it and youíre supposed to get a blow job. Thatís the story that was going around...

Sweet Smell Of Success

On a photographer's journey into the surreal the lines of reality are blurred as he seeks out true satisfaction! 

Keep This On The Low Low

It's a request that Jamir insists must be kept, but why? "Hey, you'll find out, but keep it on the low-low, son, a'ight?"

Idle Minds, Busy Hands   

When Jason is charged with buying underwear for a friend's son, his idle time becomes filled with the very thing he'd been trying to avoid - teen sex!

All Got Our Demons

When street toughened brotha Tobias gets meets Naije, it seems like a formula for disaster. Both youths stubborn and brash, find out what truths are revealed, once these fellas butt heads.

The Call

You've got it, I've got it, we've all got it... That call, be it night (the best) or day that sends you running to answer. The Call is waiting, pick it up! 

You Got Played

Ok, so you're in debt and you need money and need it fast? What would you do?  

Your Place Or Mine?

An audible voyeur's dream come true, this guy's apartment can't hold anything. As the sounds escalate, one wonders, are the walls thin or is he just nosey?

Winner Takes All

Faced with a persistent little salesman who just won't take no for an answer, our protagonist does what comes naturally. 

Stake My Life On It

Would you pin all your hopes... your very desires on a hunch? A glance? How about your life?... 

Academy Award Performance

In the heady, bohemian days of the seventies, sex was abundant and rampant. Celebrate those days of unbridled freedom with this story about a night of wanton sex with two unlikely participants.

Boy Of My Own

Adored from afar, Amiel is a vision of loveliness that captures then enraptures Cody's heart

Is Rhylonda Home?

A frequent visitor  tries a reluctant father's patience and resolve.


Raw Dickin It
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Circle Jerk 
A trio of good friends with a bit too much time on their hands begin an innocent round of "circle jerking" which leads to some interesting experimenting
Just Homies 
Jabari's just a teen who does what comes naturally. That is until his little homie Marquise catches him in the act! Boy's being boys, one things lead to another
The Sexxx Tape
Chandler's got dreams of fame and Tyler's just the man to "hook him up"! Want a peek at what boys will do when left to their own imaginations? A must read!


A normal, red-blooded youth, Carter thought little of his developing "curiosity". Presented with an opportunity like no other, he suddenly comes face to face with his latent desires. 

Book By It's Cover

Ever wondered what a virgin, same sex attracted youth's most intimate thoughts and desire might sound like? Take a peek at young Marlon's writings for a clue!


Wind, air, ascending high. Kite flying friends find new sexual heights.

Keep This On The Low Low     

It's a request that Jamir insists must be kept, but why? "Hey, you'll find out, but keep it on the low-low, son, a'ight?"

I Dare You!    
When a simple game of dare gets out of hand, these boys get into things they'd never imagined. 
My Turn!
Tiring of constant losses to his best friend Trey, Marcel decides to change the rules a bit. With a lot on the line, the stakes are high...

Who's first?

Nothing You'd Be Interested In

Never say what you won't do... you may have to eat those words! When teen friends began experimenting, you never know who's down, making for strange bedfellows. Who's in and who's out? Who knows? 

Friday Study Group

Plumbing the very depths of academia, this is the "study" group we wished we'd all had! 

Things I Do

The erotic memoirs of an admitted sex addict, this is the "cumming of age" story we wish we'd all lived.

Pool Politics

From the Archives, we meet Sonny, a promiscuous boy who finds ingeniously new ways to use his back yard pool.



Bareback Hole Hunters
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The Other Sponsorship  

When entrepreneur Colin Jiles meets the boy of his dreams, he enters a world he's unaccustomed with. Do opposites truly attract? 

Bowling Doubles 

An impassioned athlete, Byron hopes to make it big as a bowler. His prayers seemingly answered, he meets Travis, a scout from a prestigious firm and things take off. A master manipulator, Travis will thrill you with the things he puts Byron through!

The Way To His Heart  

Vincent's new housekeeper comes with a twist! Her adorable grandson the thing he'd never anticipated, they're tumultuous relationship develops over many hapless events!

  The Boy over the Hedges  

Phil's new neighbor is fun loving and curious. Curiosity taking over, a wonderful journey of passion and discovery develops! 

I'll Take Your Boy 

Justin's mom is behind on her rent and there's hell to pay. Determined to get his just due, the manager strikes a deal with her. Guess what's on the table? 

The Fickle Finger of Fate 

Quiet and a bit peculiar, Jerrell is like no boy Martin has ever seen. Who is this weird boy and why does Martin find himself drawn to him so? 

But...The Camera's On!

When Glen runs into the boy of his dreams at his local burger joint his order includes more than a side of fries and soda! A dashing and daring youth, Dominic is more than Glen could ever wish for and he's in for more than he ever imagined!

That Punch

Devyn's got plans to make it big on his new friend Bryan, but there's an unexpected twist that costs him much. 

Your Turn

Highly competitive Rodney and Brice challenge themselves into places unknown, even as they constantly question their actions. Who's first and how far will they go? 

Brave Little Soldiers

A kindly old grouch who lives across the street, Russell's life will change the day he meets young Damion. Cute as a button, the precocious boy finds himself in stiff competition for the old man's love. Of all the brave little soldiers, who will Russell choose?


When young Erik takes a job at a local bookstore, he never anticipated the daily invasion of cute boys every day at 3:30. But what's in store for him will surprise you as he comes to knows the boys and the unusual developments beneath the surface.

Jordan's Summer Adventure

When  young Jordan meets his pool man at a local coffee shop, they have no idea the adventure that's in store for them. 

The Bribe

Young Coy's got a new friend. A friend with money and the money's presenting a lot of problems for the gullible teen. Follow young Coy's journey from innocence to exposure in The Bribe.

My Sheltered Life II

When young Kyle's temptations mount, he seeks council in his religion which takes him places he'd never anticipated. Read the preview now!

  My Sheltered Life

What do you get when you mix a shy church boy with a sullen, streetwise teen? Sex, of course!  

  Butt Dialing

When young Kaliq's phone does some dialing of its own, it gets him into a world of trouble. Find out what consequences await his moment of indiscretion! 

Gonna Cost Ya

Rayshon's teen body is on fire and he needs to get off fast! What he doesn't know is that he's being watched!

An Urban Odyssey 

Through the exploits of an inner city boy named Rashod, we'll follow him through discovery, adventure, pain, passion and eventually, love. 

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  This Strange Boy

On a  routine shopping trip a man is captivated by a mysterious boy, changing his life in ways he'd never anticipated

     My First Time

A new series starts, all about that first time.

Blame It On The Window

Young LaRon is conflicted, his mind insisting he must resist while his body keeps pulling him back to that damn window

     Cherry Poppin

Sweet summer cherries, mmmm, nothing like 'em! Go on a poppin' spree and learn all about poppin' cherries with this hot tale of sweet tail. 

In The Closet

A new story about sex on the down low. Features a choice between Thug Luv and Young Luvin'.
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Freak born, every minute

His world all about freaks, a successful entrepreneur meets his match in a young, independent and confident teen named Amir. 


The boys have changed the rules and this sleepover's gone freaky!! 


A delightful "cumming of age" story about boys exploring the glories of a well delivered Handjob.

Pt. I

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The Way I Like It

A study in what happens when a boy with too much time on his hands and an unrestrained curiosity is left to his own lewd imaginations.
A complete, comprehensive study in eight chapters! Join now to read it in its entirety! 

   Off The Clock

A new section for random musings and recollections, Chris is off the clock and letting the story go where it may.


   Confessions Of A Footluver

This sensuous account of a footluver's many escapades is for all my footluver members. Enjoy!

Boys, Girls and Toys

Willie wants Kalanie. Kalanie wants Tamika and Tamika's a freak. Makes for strange bedfellows with a hot twist!  

The Boy Was Foine

Snarled in dense L.A. traffic, Mark exits the freeway and meets the boy of his dreams! Only problem, the boy needs a little convincing. 


Big Apple Cherry Pop
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