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Things I Do

By Chris Carr

Copyright Sept, 2003


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Stevie was spreading mayonnaise on his sandwich but I didn’t want any. Can’t stand mayonnaise, or anything with mayonnaise in it like Thousand Island or Tuna. Stevie wasn’t really interested in mayonnaise or sandwiches, for that matter, but he continued, his fingers trembling. There was a palpable tension in the room, just the nearness of our bodies colliding off each other, creating heat. Ever so often he’d look up at me and cast me a lopsided grin, but we hadn’t said anything since we’d entered the house. I’d brought my lunch but wasn’t hungry, we were just stalling and we both knew it.

He took a couple of bites of his sandwich, a dollop of mayonnaise hanging on the corner of his mouth. Standing at the counter, we idly nibbled, occasionally casting glances at each other. I’d asked him to lunch so I suppose it was up to me to do something. Lord knows Stevie wasn’t going to do anything.

I reached past him for my sandwich bag, making sure to graze my hand across his groin, my eyes focused on the bag. He said nothing, his fingers trembling again as he strove to take another bite of his sandwich. He was so cute, his toffee brown skin so smooth and alluring and that slender honker of his for some reason attractive to me. He kept snatching glances at me, determined to continue his lunch but I was sporting an obvious bulge and he was too.

Casting caution to the wind, I lay my sandwich down and edged closer. He gazed at me, a deer caught in the headlights, his hand reaching for the counter to lay his sandwich down but never really finding it.

"You didn’t show me your room," I said, referring to his previously brief tour...




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Pawing at each other like rabid dogs, we ripped our clothes off between embraces. Stevie’s smooth body fired my desire, setting it ablaze. My legs astride his, we humped each other madly, like rutting pigs. Stevie tossed his head about, his hips rising lewdly to meet mine, whimpers and groans escaping him. His small bed creaked beneath our gyrations, singing loudly my wrong.

We tossed and rolled, caught in a combat of lust, until Stevie lay atop me. With great powerful thrusts, he dragged his leaking joy stick atop mine. Whipped into a frenzy of desire, I grabbed at him, yanking at his hair, then pulling him to me by his ears. We panted and gasped, kissing each other like ravenous animals and then I felt the first signals of an impending blast to end all blasts.

I pawed his back, moving further down until my hands found his sumptuously round, ferociously humping cheeks. Grabbing a healthy handful of smooth pliant flesh, I kneaded his ass. We were still kissing, something I rarely do with a guy, and we both let out tiny shrieks of surprised ecstasy. This was more passionate than I’d ever hoped for and thirty minutes was entirely too short to enjoy it.

My fingers slipping between his splayed cheeks, they found his warm, moist hole. Stevie let out a loud squeal when I diddled it, his voice resonating about my opened mouth. His hips were rising and falling like a mad piston now, drawing me closer and closer to a powerful release.

We finally broke our kiss, our gyrations so forceful we were starved for air. Gasping and panting in each other’s ear we exchanged bear hugs as I rolled over on top. I’d never been so stimulated in my life...



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The old warehouse always hired kids from the neighborhood during the summer. A sweltering confine of women’s garments and packed boxes, I soon found it was a breeding ground for forbidden sex.

Besides Stevie, there was William’s brother, Freddy, who’d just recently done time at a correctional facility. William fancy’s himself a ladies man and always sports the latest fashions. A loudmouth, he’s always bragging about his many exploits. If a woman is within three miles of William’s mouth they’ll either hear him going on about himself or find him inches from their ear, getting his rap on.

One time I was taking the trash bin out the back door when he suddenly appeared, those beady eyes of his darting about. Dropping a box of garments into the bin he motioned at me to proceed with the bin.

I had enough on my plate, praying to God about my same sex attraction so I wasn’t about to add theft to my sin card. We stared at each other over the bin, then I just walked away. Boy, you should’ve seen the look on William’s face.

I believe William would’ve been more shocked had he known how freaky his little brother was...



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"Check," He whispered, his voice husky with lust, "if somebody comes in, just walk to the toilet and I’ll go to the sink."

His plan seemed flawless, considering the layout of our bathroom and I readily agreed. To my surprise, Freddy squatted in front of the door, placing his mouth right at the perfect, dick sucking level and I stepped in front of him.


Damn! Freddy’s mouth was like velvet, his lips and tongue finding every sensuous spot on my quivering dick. Holding it by the base, he swerved his talented mouth up and down my length, rocketing me towards a rip roaring release. I was going up on my toes when we heard the outer door opening...


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