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The Truth Will Set You Free

By Chris Carr

Copyright © 03/31/2014








When my lady first made mention of dude, it felt like trouble. Having a guy checking you out at the bar is bad enough but damn, what was she thinking?

"He’s been checkin you out for the last ten minutes," Ronnette explains.


She wrinkled her nose and smiled all seductively then, before I could say anything, she say’s "wait right here" and walks off to talk with the dude. Now, I’ve got my freaky side, don’t get me wrong. Ain’t nothin’ like seeing two women bumpin' pussies, feel me? But come on, what was she thinking?

Here they come walking back, Ronnette looking like the ‘cat who stole the canary’ and homey’s grinning like a boy in a toy store.

"Tai, this is Deon," Ronnette says, smiling, "Deon, Tai..."


We’re riding home in the Escalade and she’s rubbing my leg and inside my thigh and throwing me lewd smiles. Every once in a while, she looks back at the pillow-biter and he just stares at me in the rear view mirror. At me, y’all. That’s all that nigga was there for and it kinda creeped me out.

We get to the pad and Ronnette ushers him to the couch while she pours me a drink. We’re in the kitchen, arguing about how stupid this plan is and what I’m not going to do with a dude and she starts feeling on my stuff and kissing on my neck and I can’t focus.

"Naw, Ronny," I’m saying, shaking my head and shit but she’s on my hot spot now, nibbling on my ear and licking her tongue across it.

I’m downing shots of Tequila, wishing this was all a dream but it ain’t and she starts pulling me into the living where freaky-deaky is. She’s still palming my package and nibbling on my neck and my ear so I can’t really get my bearings, then she beckons that punk with her finger and he hops up to join us.

Ronnette’s on one side, working me for all she’s worth and I feel homeboy wrestling with my belt, trying to open it. Just as a side note, I guess a lot of women would say he was quite a looker. Sort of young looking, smooth skin with some pretty decent features, mustache, gootee, bedroom eyes and some lips that won’t quit. I saw him looking at me at the club and, to be honest, I was kinda flattered.




Me? I’m a sort of beefed up, light brown, dreads (I’m still growing them), body, the smoldering eyes. Ronnette’s got it going on too with those long legs, cream colored complexion, soft features and sexy eyes. She wears her hair up at the office but when she lets it down, like she did that night, she looks hella fine.

I kept looking at her then I feel homey’s lips on my dick and the whole game just took on another flavor. Check, ol’ boy had a wicked mouth and, before I knew it, I was pushing my hips forward, meeting his down thrusts.

You know, I’d been told a dude will suck your dick like no woman can but I had my doubts. I mean, what I like about a woman is how soft and sensuous she is. I’ve had a couple that have learned to go down on it some and they do pretty good but I still like the soft kisses and licks, like Ronnette does when she’s getting it wet.

Even so, Ronnette couldn’t hold a candle to homey. Deon was swallowing the shit and deep throating it. All the while his head is turning this way and that and he’s swirling on it and shit. Ma’ boy had skills, trust. And coming from me, that’s saying a lot.

Had me quivering and moaning, which I guess just made Ronnette hotter because she started coming out of her clothes… and watching. Yeah, while she’s pulling her skirt and blouse off, she stopped working on me and she’s looking at Deon skulling my dick.

This fool was getting them big assed lips all the way down on my shit. Couple of times, they were parked against my pubic hairs and that shit felt jooood.

It was coming at me from all sides and, while I should’ve been worried that a man’s mouth felt that good, all I could do was shake and moan.

"Damn baby, you look so hot," Ronnette whispers, rubbing her breasts against me and cooing in my ear. Her eyes were locked on Deon now, as she nibbled on my neck once more. "He can really go, huh?" She says, her mouth right at my ear.

Something told me I couldn’t be acknowledging the shit felt good, especially not to my lady but I don’t think I was hiding it too well. I just kept my eyes closed and played with that cute ass of hers, trying to keep my mind off of homeboy.

Well, I tried to, but Deon wasn’t going to let me off that easy. He’d locked his hand around the base of my dick and was twisting his mouth around the head like a windmill. That wicked tongue of his was flicking at the underside of my dick and I knew I wouldn’t last long with that.

I pushed him off of my shit and kind of staggered back, trying to get a handle on things. Like I said, it was coming at me so fast and I needed a moment to think...





Three days later, I was coming home from a night of bar hopping and I notice this strange car parked in front of the pad. I’d been drinking hard, sulking over me and Ronnette and I didn’t feel like any drama. I parked the Escalade in the garage and walked out to the car to confront this lurker. To my surprise, it was Deon.

"What are you doing?" I say, incredulous.

"Tai, I’m sorry but… ever since that night, I can’t get you off my mind," He explains with puppy dog eyes.

"How long you been here?" I ask, thinking about my neighbors.

"Not long. I just had to see you…"

"Shut up." I spat, upset. Maybe it was the drinks talking or maybe it was how bad I wanted back with Ronnette but I wasn’t feeling dude. He snapped it closed, his eyes wide at my exclamation and I stood there thinking.

For a dude, Deon was looking rather good that night. No doubt, he’d spent a great deal of time, putting his hookup together and it was paying off. Flashes of that punk in the exercise room flickering about my drunk assed head, I fought the feelings.

Deon waited patiently, no doubt aware I was struggling. Ronnette was still smarting over our little ordeal and part of me wanted to blame Deon. I knew that wouldn’t remedy that empty bed waiting for me though so I didn’t go down that path.

"What the fuck you want?" I accosted.

"You baby," He said, licking those plump lips.

I looked at him a few more then staggered for the house. Half way to the door I turned around and called "You coming?" Should’ve seen him running.

I made us a couple of drinks and he sat there licking me up with his eyes while I downed mine. Good thing about Deon though was, he didn’t crowd me. Homey had the patience of Job.

"So what all you do?" I finally asked, pouring us another drink. He hunched his shoulders and with a sheepish grin said,

"Whatever you like."

Taking a couple more swallows, I looked at him, trying to figure out what I was doing. "Tell me something," I said. "How long you been doin’ this?"

"Since I was about 12, 13," He says. Something’s making me like this dude so I just nodded....


He moved closer to me and I felt the hair on the back of my head stand up. "Don’t worry," He smiled, "I don’t bite."

He leans over and starts nibbling on my ear. This nigga learns fast, I think, supposing he’d noticed the way I’d squirmed when Ronnette played with my ear. Good as it felt, it wasn’t the same though, so I finally pushed him away.

Deon didn’t miss a beat, just waited a tick, then dove between my legs. I almost spilled that drink on him, shocked at his boldness. In a flash he’d opened my slacks and was reaching inside my pants for the prize...





Ass, y’all. For the second time in my life, I was looking at a nigga’s ass. Deon had a plump, round and fuckable ass . 

He’d got down on the floor between my legs and was going to town on my shit. But I kept checking out that ass, bouncing back at me in the darkened TV. You know how most niggas blame their moment of indiscretion on the liquor or that they were high? I’m not going to lie y’all, I knew exactly what I was doing and it just about scared the hell out of me. All this ‘on the DL’ shit is cool but I wasn’t looking to join the fraternity, feel me?

In spite of all that though, I kept looking and some of the freakiest thoughts started popping into my head. What was it he’d said? I pondered, staring at that ass. Whatever I like?

I wasn’t getting any pussy, hadn’t had any in some time, so that was fucking with me. What’s more, I wouldn’t have never met homey if Ronnette hadn’t acted a fool, I reasoned. I couldn’t deal with what I was trying to justify so I stopped thinking and just acted...




Smacked that shit y’all and it just jiggled, like a bowl of Jell-o. Deon moans like a bitch in heat and pushes that ass up higher. I had to smack that shit again. Couldn’t help it, he was begging for it. Deon whines all loud and he wiggles that ass.

I grabbed my dick and whacked it across them curvaceous cheeks a few times. My juice is flowing and it’s making wicked tracks on his smooth ass and I’m ready to do some damage but I had to do one more thing.

That ass was so tasty looking, (damn, can’t believe I’m writing this) I had to sample it. At first I’m just rubbing my cheeks against it, feeling how that softness feels against the stubble on my face, then I had to just taste it. (Can you believe a nigga is hard writing this?)

Sticks my tongue way out and just sort of dabbled one of his cheeks with it...

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