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The Way I Like It


By Chris Carr

Copyright © May, 2003


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Fascinated, Karsi stared at the spectacle for some time, though he was unaware of it. He did that often, time elapsing like a dream until, before he knew it, sometimes hours had passed. Like when he’d read his comic books, or sat hunched over his drawing book, happily sketching.

Snoring peacefully, Cedric lay on his side, a half smile on his face. Turning on his side also, Karsi perched on his elbow, entranced. Outside his window, the slight movement and then distinct purr of a kitten registered somewhere in his subconscious but he didn’t place it. Extending his hand, he grazed it gingerly across the protrusion’s underside, invoking a small spasm about its length. Cedric’s snoring stopped for a second then resumed. Stirring, he turned more towards him.


With each beat of his heart, his tumescence throbbed, swaying in midair. Karsi watched, amused, Cedric’s erection so amazingly hard, he fully expected it to lurch any second, hurling great plumes of wet potency through the air. "Cedric," he whispered. "Cedric."

Cedric snorted, rubbing his nose then returned to his snoring, his chest rising and falling with every roar. With wide eyed wonder, Karsi fingered it, sensing its rigidity. Clasping it gently in his hand, he felt it distend, then relax. His fingers softly grazing up Cedric’s tender column, he tentatively stroked. When they neared the swollen head, Cedric quivered his body noticeably tensing. Karsi paused, then slipped his hand up Cedric’s pulsing joystick again.


Wringing a small pearl drop of clear, stickiness from the boy’s helplessly hard post, he ringed it around the knobbed head, mesmerized. Why did his shit get so hard at night and how was it, it never blew? And does everybody’s shit get like that when they sleep?

His issue glittering in the night light, Karsi played it around Cedric’s shaft, spreading a thin coat about. Cedric shuddered, his hardness swelling again, then, his snoring stopped. Freezing, Karsi debated snatching his hand away or letting it remain. Glancing up, he searched Cedric’s face, the boy’s snores eventually resuming. Engrossed, he continued, time forgotten as he dawdled, fingering and touching way into the night…





The summer heat relentless, Karsi swayed back and forth. Dabbing his feet in the sand, he squished it between his toes, lulling idly on the old swing set, a relic from his childhood. The color faded, it was nothing like the bright red set his father had originally erected. Staring at the ground, he clutched the oxidized chains, idly swinging and twirling.


Though he’d initially anticipated the carefree days of his summer vacation, like all the summers before, the fun had eroded, abandoning him to his present monotony. Running through several possibilities to break the boredom, he’d come up with nothing of interest. And Cedric was no help, quietly swaying on the swing next to him.


Friends for some time now, Karsi had first noticed the boy about campus, loping around, not a care in the world, that silly smirk always on his face. He was drawn to him, nonetheless, intrigued with his complacency. Though seldom seen with friends, it didn’t seem to phase him. In fact, he seemed so content in his solitude, he almost made not having friends look cool.

When he eventually introduced himself to the boy, it felt as if he was interrupting him. Which only served to pique Karsi’s curiosity. They became a pair, Cedric readily acquiescing to Karsi’s impudence. "Get this… go here… do that." He took it all in stride, casually following him wherever he went until he was practically a permanent fixture around Karsi’s house, spending the night most times. Which suited Cedric fine, his small apartment overrun with several siblings.




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Lulling the rest of the day away, he and Cedric almost welcomed the evening, his mother’s arrival at least offering a change in pace. Late that night, he found himself locked in the same pattern. Cedric’s loud snoring awakening him once again, he stared at the bobbling wonder, captivated. Unable to resist his baser instincts, he surrendered, toying with it again.

The next night was the same as was the next until, his advances becoming more reckless, he didn’t care if Cedric knew what he was doing or not. In fact, he started to wonder if Cedric wasn’t doing it on purpose because, nobody gets that hard, that much, he reasoned. Stroking it lazily by the cool moonlight, Karsi’s obsession grew until he couldn’t take it anymore. Without considering the implications, he openly stroked Cedric’s wand, determined to make it respond...




...On his way to the bathroom the next morning, Karsi glanced over at Cedric. Struggling to pee, his piss-hard refused to relent. His stream spraying everywhere, he finally managed to guide it in the bowl, sighing. He glanced at Cedric on his way out, resisting the urge to make him get up. Curled in a ball before the TV, it was difficult to determine if he was hard or not.

Trudging into the kitchen, he opened a box of cereal, pouring some in a bowl. He’d finished eating and was watching a judge show before Cedric joined him. Quietly settling on the couch, he tucked his knee beneath his chin, staring blankly at the screen.


For some time, they watched in awkward silence, Karsi doodling in his art book. He particularly liked drawing the male body, his art usually gravitating toward the erotic. Moving his pen about the page, he idly sketched.

"Get me a drink?" He imposed, a bit thirsty. Cedric waited for the next commercial break, sauntering to the kitchen. Flipping to a fresh page, Karsi started in on another muscular form.

As he casually detailed the man’s upper torso and stout legs, he focused on a huge appendage between his legs. Working his pen around the flared head, he was totally absorbed, adding the finishing touches when something dawned on him. The knob-like head, with its deeply grooved piss slit, the stiff shaft…

                    He was drawing Cedric’s long, hard dick! 


His hand freezing, he glanced up, catching Cedric staring. Cedric looked away, returning to the TV but there was a noticeable bulge in his boxers...

...His cocoa brown legs exposed, they were seductively boy smooth, as was the rest of his lean build. Glimpsing a sliver of brown skin through his sagging boxers, Karsi blurted,

"What you be thinkin’?"

Cedric looked at him, confused.

"When it happen?"

Stressed, Cedric looked down at his feet. A commercial came on, the rude announcer babbling loudly about car insurance. The boys glanced momentarily at the TV. Karsi looked back at Cedric, his eyes darting at Cedric’s groin again.

Cedric stared at the floor, agitated. What his body did at night, he had no control over. To talk about it only troubled him more. Karsi’s eyes roved over the boy’s scantily clad body his fervor increasing. Laying his art book aside he moved closer.

"Lemme see it."

Cedric hedged, anxiously darting his eyes up, then down.

"Stand up," Karsi coerced, his heart pounding. Pulling on the reluctant boy’s hand he pressured, "Com’on, stand up," then pulled him to his feet.

"Do it," He decreed, staring lewdly at his groin.


A group of boys passed the house, their animated banter flowing through the security screen. Anxious, Cedric stood in front of Karsi, glancing idly at them, his heart pounding. Long after they’d passed, he was still staring out the metal door.

“You liked it?”

Cedric glanced at Karsi, leering up at him, then out the door.

“Felt good?” Karsi prodded. “You wasn’t sleep, huh?” A warm breeze wafted through the door, the sun’s heat increasing. His armpits moist, Cedric felt his temperature rise. 

“Should see it.” Shifting his weight, Cedric wavered slightly, sweat trickling from his armpits now. A strange sensation possessing him, he fought to maintain control but Karsi’s power of persuasion was strong. “Be stickin’ straight up,” he taunted, “And the head get all…” 

Astonished, Karsi watched as Cedric’s pole suddenly responded. Quickly rising between his legs, it poked out his boxers, on its way up, filling until it pointed at the ceiling. Entranced, he sat forward, studying Cedric’s throbbing length. “Daaannngg,” He exhaled, mystified...


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Still trapped in their uneventful summer vacation, he and Cedric were lounging on the sofa, Cedric flipping through TV channels. Returning to his art book, Karsi added detail to another, muscular male physique.

The threat from neighborhood thugs always looming, they’d sort of settled into a self imposed confinement, rarely venturing out. Rather than face the possible hostility of some self appointed tyrant, they stayed mostly around the house, affording Karsi more time for mischief.

Perpetually fascinated with Cedric’s anatomy, he couldn’t keep his hands off of him. The smoothness of his hairless, chocolate brown skin and his boy like figure which, as of yet, had not fully developed the contours of the man he was to become. His slender physique and sinewy legs and that curious little birthmark, just below his last left rib.

With each passing day, he became more creative, Cedric’s easily stimulated libido too much a temptation to avoid. Drawing in his art books through the morning, he detailed increasingly lewd fantasies, all stoking the fires for later. Each series featuring a lithe, street hard character, he’d have his way with him, stripping the youth in panel after seductive panel. From there it could go anywhere, from embarrassing exhibition to brutal bondage, the poor individual suspended and spread, his dick thrusting mightily upwards, until finally, he’d seek Cedric out.

At night, Cedric’s unruly dick still taunted him, hardening without failure. Captivated, he’d pull the boy’s skittish hardness through his stroking fist, sometimes until Cedric quivered upon a gushing release; on other occasions merely fondling it, hours passing before he finally drifted to sleep.

Knowing where Karsi’s fantasies would lead, Cedric began spending less time in the front room with him, lingering in the bedroom instead. His attempts to evade his advances proved futile, however, there was no refusing Karsi, the impish youth incessant.


His appetite escalating, he required more and more as time passed. Just manipulating Cedric’s release no longer seemed sufficient. Like the time he talked the boy into wearing a pair of his mother’s panties. It wasn’t enough to have him put them on, he insisted the boy walk around the house in them, his urgent dick straining and dripping through the sheer fabric.

Then he pressured him into a pair of stockings...




One particularly hot summer day, they were lazing around the backyard, when Karsi got that look. It always started with a prolonged silence, Karsi’s animated prattling noticeably diminishing, followed by stealthy glances, some at his person, others at Cedric’s groin. All signs that Cedric eventually came to anticipate, his heart thundering as he battled conflicting emotions.

Looking around, Karsi scanned the yard as if sizing it up. The house was an older dwelling, built before the advent of track housing. The small back yard shared space with an oddly placed garage that terminated a long driveway, paralleling the house. Bounded on the north by that garage and brick walled driveway, the yard was secure to that side. The opposite side, however, had a mere chain link fence. There was a sufficient growth of ivy about it, small holes scattered about in various places enough to occlude the casual observer’s view. Likewise, the fence near the back was the same and faced an old alleyway.

Glancing around the yard again, Karsi inquired, "What you got on?" Cedric was rather absorbed with a sports magazine and didn’t hear him.

"C? What you got on? What you got on?" he repeated with a suggestive glance at his groin.

Confused, Cedric glanced at his groin.

"You got those jockeys on?"

Cedric shook his head no.

"Go get ‘em."


Following a prolonged hesitation, Cedric arose, shuffling his lank frame into the house, returning with the unopened package. Tearing the plastic open, Karsi extracted a fresh pair, holding them up.

"Put ‘em on…. You’ll see, just put ‘em on."

Cedric glanced around the yard, resistant. Offering a mild protest, he was met with Karsi’s insistence he "go along." His body racing ahead of his reticence, he struggled with his uninvited anticipation. Taking the briefs, he stood, paralyzed, the battle still raging.

"Go ahead," Karsi coerced, seductively caressing his bare leg.

Relenting, he headed for the house. "No. Here," Karsi pressured, holding him. Cedric gazed at him, tensed, the boy’s caressing hand on his bare calf hypnotic.

"Just take these off," Karsi prompted, untying his tennis. In a daze, Cedric lifted first one foot, then the next as Karsi pulled his shoes off.

"And drop these," he taunted, tugging at his sagging basketball shorts. Cedric yanked them back up, glancing apprehensively around the yard again but Karsi kept applying pressure until they fell at his feet.

"Now. Come over here."

Leading him over to the back fence, he paused, standing temptingly close behind him. Cedric waited, Karsi’s body heat warming his back as he stared at the shrubbery lined fence. Refusing to touch him, Karsi bode his time, holding his position inches behind him. A torturously long period passing, Karsi peered around him, beholding Cedric’s raring erection, tenting his boxers. Gently running his velvet soft hand across it, he watched as Cedric shuddered, his dick writhing beneath the cloth.

A car passed in the alley, it’s aqua-marine exterior interspersed between the small gaps as Karsi guided his stiffness out the slit in his boxers...



Naked from the waist down, Karsi left him like that, refusing to put the jockeys on. Instead, he led him back a few paces, between the swings, raising his hands to grip the overhead suspension. “You can’t let go,” Karsi instructed.

Hanging precariously onto the apparatus, he stared frantically at the fence, cursing his damn fickleness. Smirking devilishly, Karsi lifted Cedric’s shirt...


“They can see you,” Karsi whispered, looking at the back fence. “Your ass is naked and hard in the back yard and they can see you. Probably somebody looking out they window right now, watchin’. Dick all hard and drippin’.

Spread your legs. You close?”

Cedric nodded.

“Got to wait.” Holding his dick away from his quivering tummy, Karsi looked at the fence again.

“Soon as a boy cums by, you can cum,” he taunted. “You like it…. Yes you do. You like me doin’ this freaky shit to you. Don’t you?”

Cedric shook his head no.

“Why you hard then?”

Thrusting his hips forward, he whimpered as Karsi fingered the nerves beneath his slit, smearing his juices around it. Eyeing the fence Karsi cautioned,




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