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What Have I Gotten Myself Into Now?

By Chris Carr

Copyright © November, 2011






Akili's impulses are always landing him in trouble. A cocky teen driven by his impulses, he finds himself in one inexplicable circumstance after another. Now he's in deeper than ever and he'll have to pay the price.




It wasnít his intention to end up in this predicament. His feet going over his head, he watched the man position between his legs, his heart thundering in his scant chest. His first impulse to fight, he opted against it, remembering his impulsive behavior being the reason he was in this anyway.

Impulses, theyíd gotten him into plenty of trouble. From his recent arrest to his overwhelming impulse to do the very things he knew would get him in trouble, his life was ruled by his them. It was times like this he wished he had a father. Even a father figure, like his uncleís friend Lorenzo. What he wouldnít give to be in his arms right now.


"Whoa, whatís up Cordell?" He protested. Raising his legs higher, Cordell seemed possessed his eyes not even looking at the boy, instead locked on his tight boy hole.

"But I thought we had a deal?" Akili protested, pushing against the man.

"Not if you donít want your little ass busted in Juvi," Cordell countered, glaring at the confused boy.

"But you tryna bust it!" Akili charged, his upturned ass facing the manís excited hardnessÖ.








"You canít miss any appointments," Cordell had charged at their first meeting. Making a solemn promise to never miss an appointment, Akili felt a little like Lindsay Lohan when he missed not one but two appointments. The first one wasnít his fault, however, his dumb assed friendís car breaking down on the other side of town. He knew he shouldíve called Cordell to tell him what was up but he didnít want to fuck up his high. Besides, what was the big deal about making every meeting with his parole officer?

When his most recent appointment rolled around, he was not only coming down from a serious high but hung over too. By the time he checked his watch he was already two hours late.

Cordell was filling out the papers for his assignment to a juvenile detention center when he finally stumbled into his office. A smug but clueless teen, his smooth features made him look a lot younger than he was. His mother a hard working woman, she was completely blindsided by her presumptuous sonís arrest. It was the last thing she needed, the time away from work for his court dates taking precious hours from her meager check....




"Thereís no excuse," Cordell had blasted, that fateful day. Akili arriving over three hours late to his appointment, Cordell was fed up. Shuffling papers, he was busy filling Akiliís name in the assigned boxes, the boyís freedom all but a thing of the past.

"My bad," Akili intoned, taking a seat next to Cordellís cluttered desk. "Yo, what can I do to work this out?"

Shuffling another stack of papers, Cordell never looked up. Realizing the seriousness of his situation, Akili felt fear creeping around the edges of his complacent attitude.

"I knowÖ I fucked up," He mumbled, pulling at a loose thread on his jeans.


Regarding him for the first time, Cordell stopped filling out papers. "Damn skippy, Akili. I donít have time for your trifling excuses boy."

"I know," Akili sincerely acknowledged. "But hey, Iím cool on anything man."

"Anything? ANYTHING? Your little ass cool on Juvenile Hall? You cool on being locked up? Cool on not seeing your mom or your house for about a year?!"


Tears welling in his eyes, Akili sullenly shook his head. "Then why your dumb ass keep pushing me Akili?" Cordell blasted, his nostrils flaring. Speechless, Akili wiped a reluctant tear from his cheek.

"Cool on anything," Cordell mocked, shaking his head. "I oughta put your liíl dumb ass to the test and SEE how cool you are on anything." Returning to his papers, Cordell continued filling out the necessary forms to send Akili away.


His heart thumping in his chest, Akili considered the manís words. Was there a chance heíd consider something other than referring him to the detention center? And what did anything mean to him?


"Well what?" Cordell spat, looking up.

"Put me to the test." Huffing, Cordell shook his head, picking up another form......







ImpulsesÖ Akili couldíve taught a class on them yet, he still didnít understand them. Still didnít have a clue, even when he went to Cordellís house. Not until the man started undressing did it dawn on him, he was in deep shit.

"Whatís up Cordell?" He inquired, his face a question mark. Catching glimpse of his alarmed face, Cordell stopped undressing.

"Thought you was down?"

"But what we gonna do? And why you gotta get out your clothes?"

"Need you to get out yours too." His eyes bugging, Akili tried imagining what the man had in mind. What had he gotten himself into now?

"Look, weíre just going to have some fun," Cordell finally informed, rubbing his head. Removing his socks and shoes, then pants he stood in his underwear, an obvious growth developing in his briefs.

"But no Gay shit?"

"Iím not Gay," Cordell said, approaching him, "You Gay?"

Shaking his head, Akili felt his heart pounding as Cordell started to undress him....




Enduring the weeks of Cordellís insatiable appetite, when he proposed, " wanna try putting it in?" Akili was so outdone, he couldnít speak.

"But, that wasnít part of the deal," He finally returned, his dick wilting.

"Did we actually set terms?" Cordell countered, his hand caressing the boyís taut balls. With a sly smirk, he didnít wait for Akiliís answer, instead moving between his legs. With all his fuckups, heís all but asked for it anyway, he reasoned, lifting the boyís legs. A look of consternation on his face, Akili watched in horror as Cordell aimed his hard dick at his tight hole.

"Whoa, whatís up Cordell?" He protested, raising up. Ignoring him, Cordell seemed possessed his eyes not even looking at the boy, instead locked on his tight boy hole.

"All this time I been coming, ainít we through?" Akili petitioned, pushing against the man.

"Not if you donít want your little ass busted in Juvi," Cordell countered, glaring at the confused boy.

"But you tryna bust it!" Akili charged, his upturned ass facing the manís excited hardness.





...Holding his slim legs high, Cordell started his swollen knob inside the boy. Unyielding at first, both Cordell and Akili thought it wouldnít give. Pulling momentarily back, Cordell oiled his dick with more lube, attempting a second try.

His eyes closed, Akili felt the pressure of the manís hardness knocking at his door, his tight hole unrelenting until, with a sudden jerk, the head popped in. His eyes squeezing tight, Akili let out a surprised yelp...



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